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  1. the Forum Finds section is a great addition (IMHO).
  2. here's my crown jewel in 1/32 scale, a Pyro kit.
  3. the "mystery carb" has the general shape of a mid-50's to mid-60's Rochester 4bbl, non spread-bore carb. might have been in an Impala or Corvette kit.
  4. I don't know if Mark Jones (Scale Master) has been mentioned yet, I don't know if he's built old hot rods but he's posted photos of his camaro here, I'm envious of the engineering he's done to it. Seeing his scale work here and in person is amazing.
  5. it's nice to see the Desert Scale Classic get some "cover-age". I don't know if they were the first to go to the virtual contest format, but they certainly did it well.
  6. the Aurora Parts pack wire wheels are a real treasure IMHO, and their chrome reverse steels are top notch too. great choice for a custom.
  7. my irk happened 3 days ago, my natural gas water heater stopped working, while the type of failure I had was less traumatic than for most water heaters (it didn't leak or explode)...I still had to replace the water heater due to the thermocouple failing. the safety feature related to this is that if the water heater doesn't sense that the pilot is on, it shuts off gas flow to the burner regulator. I didn't find any info on this being a user serviceable part and the fact that this water heater had given me good service five years past it's six year warranty made my decision to replace
  8. I am so glad this got postponed instead of cancelled...and that I get more time to put off finishing my projects till the last min...err second. 😉
  9. Thanks, here is a rather old WIP thread, I keep for when I get some more bench time with it, being on this forum gave me the impetus to finish it out better than I had before. I have acquired kits to build another, "factory released" version (another backburner project).
  10. Gremlin pickup, currently "in the shop" for a refresh. '78 Ranchero GT, currently "in the shop" for a refresh.
  11. yes, but it's really gutless without the integrated motor assist... which needs the battery to work.
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