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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, Next up, A Modelhaus resin 65 Impala wagon. I’m going to kit bash it with the Foose 65 Impala kit. ( I will need another one of these as I really like the Foose kit) If you have seen my builds, you may have guessed it will be low... yup. Still gathering bits and planning, so it will be a slow start. The resin kit will supply the body, interior tub, (which will need some mods), glass, and rear bumper. Everything else will be from the Foose kit, or parts stash. I played around a bit with the notion of converting it to a two door, but will likely take the easy route on this
  2. Hi! The 69 Camaro is a timeless design, a "one year car" as they say. It's replacement was marketed as the 70 1/2... What if that new grille had debuted on the 69? And some experiments took place? Mix a Revell 69 Z28, ZR-1 Corvette powertrain, radiator and tailights panel, IFS, rolling stock, fuel cell and battery case from the Phantom Vicky, all modified. Nose & hood from AMT's Baldwin Motion 70 Camaro, with hidden headlights (ah... the 60's!) headers from revell's 41 Willys motor, and now let's start cutting... The monocoque frame is totally scratch-built. The front sectio
  3. Hi everyone I've been building and scrapping this build for going on 3 years. This is my first model build I've ever done. I would love to get ideas, help, or any other feedback to help me move this baby along. I have a bunch of ideas I want to incorporate into it from some of my favorite builds. So far I'm going to be making a efi itb dodge NASCAR engine. I made the wide 5 wheels from some wheels off of eBay. I think I definitely need some kind of flares to widen the stance (I think it looks too narrow under the stock fenders). I'll post some quick mock up pics below. Thanks for looking and
  4. I'm building a canyon-carving Pacer wagon, and a live axle with parallel leaf springs just doesn't seem to go with the theme of the rest of the build so far. Does anybody have any suggestions as far as modern, mid-sized independent rear suspensions are concerned? I was thinking perhaps a Revell Challenger or Charger may be a viable donor, or perhaps a Camaro or latest generation Mustang. Has anybody built any of these that can speak as to the quality of these rear suspension sub-assemblies, and how easily they can or cannot be separated from their associated chassis? I'm not looking for
  5. Hi all, Been a while since I posted one of my builds on here. This is the Revell Foose 65 Impala that I finished up a couple of months ago. I used a lot of engine and interior detail parts from Pro Tech Such as all wiring, plumbing, fittings, carb, air cleaner, oil breathers, oil filter, throttle linkage, distributor setup and seatbelt harness. Also a complete Resin and Aluminum Big Block 572 engine, full exhaust and custom racing seats from Sweet Scale detail. The wheels are parts box wheels that I took off of an old Di-cast a few years ago. There is a PE set form The Model Car Garage us
  6. Hello everyone it's been three years since I last posted anything built. Getting back to building again this wagon was my first choice I am a wagon lover built many so I thought this would be my spark! Hope you all like my build. Amt 65 Chevele wagon with two tone paint pure white / Boyds Chezoom teal paint over clear cote. Pegasus big n little wheels with disk brakes lowered suspension. Engine Ross Gibson bb 427fi. Wires and battery plumbed engine painted to match body. Interior in white with matching color accents some details. Used color glass on this kit to go along with body. Chrome foi
  7. Gmp 68 yenko camaro street fighter I picked up at a flea market I shaved the mirrors, door handles, hood pins, turn signal lights off the grill,wipers, and rear spoiler. The the back window is tinted with 35% black window tint, there's few carbon accents still has the billet specialties wheels on it and for paint I'm undecided on. I'll post pics later
  8. Hello - I'm looking for advice on how to build a '69 Chevy Pro Touring scale vehicle. I'm particularly interested in finding a style wheel that will match the 1/25 scale Revell '69 Chevy Nova SS or Yenko kit that I plan to use. I'm familiar with Aoshima and Pegasus but I couldn't find a style that I'm looking for with these. I found some Aoshima that might work, but I'm unfamiliar with what inch wheel and tire size I might need (they were all pictured with imports). I also noticed that these were 1/24 scale. I'm open to resin, aluminum, 3D printed, or maybe even another kit that I could f
  9. So I have this kit from C1 Models, the 67 Camaro widebody. I am trying to decide what to do with it. I was thinking of using the Corvette C5R kit for the chssis/suspension stuff, but I can't decide on an engine. I was thinking either the Grand Sport engine, or the C5R engine. Modern or old school? I dunno.
  10. Hi! This was the kit i started as i register on this forum a year ago. Have had some issues on the way,been putting it away and pulling it back million times. I tried to figure out a theme for it,did not want huge chromed wheels,and make it look bagged,i do like the style sometimes tho. So it is supposed to represent somthing you can drive everyday,haul down the dragstrip or throw around the track. Drivetrain is LS7 with two massive turbos,this linked to an 6speed manual,big brembo brakes,some meaty tires,the wheels are 17". The body is stock besides shaved markers,door locks,the rear win
  11. I haven't posted anything here in ages, because I haven't been building for ages. I recently found some time to resume this wonderful hobby and rather than finish one of my WIP's, I started another project in true Modeler's ADD fashion. This build began with a Bandit Resin 1971 Chevelle. I provided Bandit with the master for this resin kit, including a flat hood and a front bumper and grille that does not have an SS emblem. The body is a repop of the original AMT 1971 Chevelle annual and can use an AMT 1970 or 1972 Chevelle to build. Bandit's offering also includes a rear bumper that is m
  12. Hi everyone. I've just completed my newest build this year. I used an old General Lee kit that I had been given a long time ago. I never thought I would build this but I have to say I had a lot of fun. I can't tell you what year it is but I know that the back window is not like the regular General Lee's that I have seen. Also, I modified the car as I am going against my best friends in a build off! Things that went well include: Paint came out pretty good, my best yet I created the vinyl top using the masking tape (blue tape) method Staggered wheels overall color scheme Well, here it goes.
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