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  1. Here’s my completed revell 69 nova street freak. The colour is SMS paints Jade green and Pearl Apple green. The motor is a 3d printed big block I got off eBay. But that’s all enjoy.
  2. By chance does anyone happen to have an AMT '65 Chevy II Hardtop "Craftsman" kit, and be willing to share some pictures of the contents? With Moebius' upcoming '64/'65 Chevy II Sedans, I thought it might be a good time to look over and discuss the good, bad, and ugly regarding the vintage AMT kit, which is never to return. I appears AMT captured the body shape quite well...: ...but the chassis is promo style, with molded in everything and an engine 'plate' insert:
  3. Finished this Nova the today here’s the link to the wip the colour is duplicolour emerald but anyway I hope you enjoy Regards Brock
  4. I built this Revell kit as a typical muscle car that could be found on the streets in the 70's. I added a lot of detail to make it look realistic, even adding a working pull-down license plate with the gas filler neck and gas cap, which was common back then. Door locks, tire valve stems, drive shaft balance weights and a lot of work in the engine bay, on the engine and chassis. The paint is Model Masters Dark Green Metallic enamel with their enamel High Gloss clear. I made mistakes but pleased with the end result.
  5. Just wrapped up this Revell 1969 Chevy Nova, overall was a fun build and what I needed to build some motivation. My goal was initially to build this mostly box stock (for the most part it is) and have it completed in about a month or so (which it was not). As many modelers do, I have ton of projects going but needed something to build and actually complete, I think the last model I completed was my 36 Ford in 2017/early 2018. This kit built out very nice, only issue I really ran into was the front grill, fit very tight, using automotive clear may have contributed a little but I should have worked that area over a little better. The stance was lowered a little, I stole the redlines and rally's from Revell's 1968 Chevelle kit, the front needed to be worked over quite a bit to get them to clear the inner fenders. Added some engine details, has been years since I used the braided line and could not find my fittings, so I cut down some round tubing. Otherwise, added some ignition wire, fuel line and battery cables. The interior is mostly kit stock, I added charcoal flocking to the floor and package tray. The body is stock, it was scribed then cleaned the seam lines and general mold stuff up, primed it with Tamiya primer, then wet sanded it all with 1500 and 2k grit paper before shooting some House of Kolor Kandy Base Coat down, went with Pagan Gold and covered that with Deltron Clear. Did a little color sanding and polishing but nothing crazy. I'll most likely add an air cleaner and license plates, just looking for some aftermarket stuff I have put away somewhere. Thanks to all that followed the build in the WIP section and hope you enjoy the pics. Now onto the next project!
  6. As a companion piece to both the 69 Chevelle SS396 and 69 Camaro, I decided to build the small block version of Revell's Nova in hugger orange with Testors wet look clear. Thank you for looking, all comments welcomed.
  7. Completed my 1969 Chevy Nova. Was a fun and fairly relaxing build. Only issue I had what with my clear coat. For whatever reason, when Insprayed my Future Clear coat after drying for a few days it started to spider web. Any ideas as to what could have caused it?
  8. The 1/25 AMT "Old Pro" '72 Chevy Nova SS Pro Stock, kit #1142, is coming back:
  9. Hello everyone. Well this isn't really on the work bench yet as my plans are to enter in the model car show in February. But, I do need some help. This wheel be my first time lowering a model car and I would like to keep the realism of it if possible. The rear end I have figured out. The front suspension is another story. A-arm is mounted to the frame and there isn't a lot of room to hack off the spindle. I was thinking of sawing off the A-arm to bring it up some but there ain't a lot of room to do that. So any suggestions, advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  10. I recently started building a Revell '69 Chevy Nova and can't really decide how to build it. I'd like to see some of your Novas. Different wheel and color combinations are welcome.
  11. The original plan was to paint this Tamiya Metallic green, but something happened on the way to the painting station. I decided to paint it Fathom Green Metallic instead. Here's some pics Thanks for looking! All comments welcomed.
  12. Got the frame and engine done on this bad boy. I am using the chambered exhaust from a Revell 69 Camaaro kit along with the headers. I needed to shorting the carb a bit to get the air cleaner to fit below the hood and I need to fix one of the pipes coming out of the mufflers. The chambered exhaust did not fit very well and needed some modifications to get it to fit. Thanks for looking.
  13. Started this a while back hope to finish by the end of the month. Basically it is an out of the box build other than the Crager SS wheels. I decided to go with rally stripes and surprisingly being my first time painting them, I feel pretty good as to how they came out. I used Tamiya White primer as my base then Tamiya Bright White for the first top coat once that dried for a few days I masked off the stripes and sprayed Tamiya Bright Orange for my color coat. And last but not least once that set up, I shot it with a few coats of Testors Wet Coat Clear. After the paint is gassed out a bit I will polish and chrome what I need to. I did do some chrome prior to paint and polished the spots lightly. I also decided to chrome the edges of the fender gills just to break up the area a bit (still needs work). I hope to post more as I go along. if not, I will definetly post when finished.
  14. The AMT 1966 Chevy Nova built to represent my favourite Australian Touring Car Champion - "Stormin Norman" Norm Beechey. Added a scratch built roll bar, wheels and tyres pinched from another kit, homemade decals, a rattle can exterior and vinyl paint interior. First pic is the real thing which now sits in a large private collection of historic Australian race cars.
  15. This is a project that was in the running for my next “Bring out your Dead” subject. But while I was waiting for voting to close I decided to see if I could knock it out in 3 days. And I did!
  16. The Austin and Impala both got 7 votes The Rallye Olds got 5 Ferraris got 4 and the Deuce 3 Prostreeter69 voted for “the Nova or the Austin” so his vote became the tie breaker!
  17. While waiting for the voting to finish, I got bored and picked up the Nova. Like I said any other post it was pretty close to getting done. Painted in 2008 Decal in 2019! So it was a no brainer! I’ll post more pictures in the under glass section.
  18. The murder nova is one of my previous builds. I also have the crow in the works.
  19. Reading the build process reminds me of kit bashing for some reason. Not Your Average 1,400-Horsepower 1966 Chevy Nova Street Machine
  20. I had no clue as to what color I originally wanted to paint this one since it had been so long since I started it, (2014) but finally decided on Testor's Italian Red. Not too bad. I'll get rid of that finger print! Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  21. From careful web searching I have deduced that AMTs "Old Pro" Nova is a 71 model. I cracked this kit open the other day and was thinking of getting the Revell 69 Nova for it's frame, engine, and interior, and then I thought, "Why?" Let's just put this one together! The drivers side "C" pillar has a weird bulge to it that I managed to sand out a bit, although it is still there. The frame and interior fit into the body loosely, so I'll have to make sure I have them well glued in. Tires are an aftermarket set of white line Goodyears from Modelhaus. A close up of the wheels shows where I painted the aluminum and black vents. After looking as some pictures of the wheels in real life I discovered that AMT made them with too much depth and slant from the outer edge to the center cap. I matched this engine up with one from the Revell 57 kits and I can definitely tell you that the engine block is way too long. It is supposed to be a 350 which is the same outside size as all the other "first generation" (265, 283, 327, 302, 307, 350) small blocks but AMT decided to do this one differently :-) Later on I'll shoot some comparison pictures to show you the difference, as you can see in the picture, the distance between the rear of the intake and the beginning of the transmission is how much longer this engine is. Perhaps an 8th of an inch maybe, which translates into a little over 3 inches difference in a 1:1 scale. I have not put a ruler to it to confirm the gap so it may even be larger! Obviously, this will not be a super detail build, just straight out of the box (with a tire change), some flocking, and paint. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed!
  22. It's been a few years since my last post apocalypse vehicle. I had originally built this model back in the early 90's. It was sitting in a box in my basement for the past 20 years. It's been repurposed into a post apocalypse recon buggy. The engine is from a Cadillac El Dorado kit that was in the same box in the basement. Might as well use it! The engine cover is from a Peterbilt semi. I had 5 wheels and I really wanted the spare to be mounted and visible. It sticks through the hood next to the intake that cools the 50 caliber. The gas tank is behind the passenger seat. I got the 50 caliber guns from Shapeways a few years ago. It came with 2 sets of dual machine guns. This was the 1st time trying to weather seats to look torn. Thanks for looking!
  23. This is a simple pro street nova I did. Nothing too crazy, just a simple little model.
  24. I'm looking for some knowledge/advice on modeling the cars my parents owned during the '70s. They traded the first one the year I was born so I'm not 100% sure I ever rode in it, but photos exist somewhere so I should have references for all of these post Thanksgiving. First: 1970 Chevy Nova (not an SS though). I'm assuming I should start with a Revell or AMT kit. Is one a better option? How hard will it be to "downgrade" it to a non SS model? Next: 1974 Chevy Impala. Does anyone make a model of this and/or is it possible to model with another model year kit? And finally: 1978 Chevy Cheyenne Pickup. I saw this morning Revell is issuing a '78 GMC pickup in December. Would that be the best place to start? All help and comments welcome!
  25. Here's my revell '69 nova SS with a 350 size engine. This was a huge milestone in my building as this was my first paint job to turn out flawlessly. I absolutely loved this build and I put as many drag racing options as I could into it, while still keeping it a street car. If anyone sees anything I could improve upon or do better please say something. I want to get better
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