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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, after a long time I present you my latest kit from my 3D forge. The whole development took almost 2 years because I kept coming up with new things here and there. All the parts were then redesigned and so on. But here are a few pictures of the parts printed so far. I have to change some parts again and have them reprinted. I hope I can inspire some of you with them. PS: If you're wondering why there's an audio extension for the interior, it's because I want to recreate my Scirocco as I drove it for a long time and had a lot of fun.
  2. Thought I should post something regarding the '30 coupe 3D model I have been working on. Back in 2010-11 I modeled a '30 as a modification ("mod") for the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. It was a lot of fun, but after a while I realized the model was sitting around on my hard drive, effectively abandoned. I dragged it back out to try and convert it for 3D printing, after noticing that apparently the large-scale market lacks a '30 coupe option. During that process I discovered lots of things that needed tweaking. My skills are limited, but I've done my best to get 'er fixed up. The body is currently up on Shapeways in 1/8 and 1/16. My pockets aren't deep enough to order one myself, but maybe someone else will take the plunge. Comments and feedback are welcome
  3. So, I lurk here... a lot. I've been busy creating CAD files over the past year to create this 1/10th scale lakes modified roadster. You might ask why 1/10th scale...well, the math to scale is really easy. Take a 1:1 measurement and divide by 10...WAY easier than figuring 1/8 scale...LOL. Anyway, I know to finish the parts would take a ton of sanding, but the idea is just to create an "art" style piece, embracing the bobbles resulting from printing. Think pixel art... the dots make the overall picture. I've had fun creating it so far... I'm working on the suspension parts now and a "full race" 4 banger is in the works. I welcome feedback! And if PLA in a STYRENE forum is wrong, let me know. Whatcha think???
  4. Hello everyone, today I got an email from shapeways with the following content included. Quote: "Dear Shop Owner, On Monday, April 29, 2019, we will be releasing a new pricing formula for our Smooth and Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic materials. Below is a set of FAQs to help prepare you for the update. " ... "What are the pricing components in the new formula? The pricing formula is based on the following components, all of which add up to create a custom price for your model: Material Volume – the amount of material needed to 3D print your product Support Volume – the amount of support material required to 3D print your product Number of parts – a part is a piece of a model that can be separated from other pieces of the model Production – associated production costs including labor, quality control, machine maintenance, general utilities, and other supporting services required to 3D print your product With this update, models will need to meet the following minimums: Minimum price per model $7.50 for Smooth Fine Detail Plastic $10 for Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic Minimum price for Parts Bounds Volume* $0.35 per cm3 for Smooth Fine Detail Plastic $0.58 per cm3 for Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic *Parts Bounds Volume is the bounding box volume for each part of a model added together. Models must meet this minimum, which is calculated by multiplying the Parts Bounds Volume by the rate listed above. Why did you make this change? We are sensitive to adjusting prices and are aware that this is never easy on customers. However, we do need to make sure that our prices reflect the true cost of doing business and allow us to further invest and innovate in our business." As you can see there are then minimum prices per model (item) you buy. This most of all affects the smaller parts like hubcaps, etc. I only wanted to let you all know about that because there are several parts I offer at my store which will be affected by this price changes beginning next monday. I´m already working on a solution to minimize the increase of the prices for my parts. Thank you all for your support. Rico .
  5. I just wanted to show some pieces I designed using DesignSpark Mecanical (a free CAD-liked software for 3D design). Then exported to CraftWare (a free 3D slicer software). Then printed on my Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D printer, which I recently purchased. It’s my first time using a 3D printer and any of these softwares. I actually created a profile on Thingiverse (a site with lots of free downloadable 3D objects) and have been uploading my designs (my profile name is QbanFam). They are free to download. I really put a lot of effort into this, since I’m a novice. All designs I researched and drafted to scale. Please, give some feedback. Keep in mind I haven’t really played much with the settings for optimal quality. It’s a filament printer, so th details might not be as sharp as a resin 3D printer. Note: These pieces have not been primed and painted yet. The red is the color of the filament, except the last dual drain.
  6. Hey guys, I know that there are so much of you who bought parts from my shop. Thank you all for that and for your patience in waiting for other parts that are on my workbench yet. You also may know that I use the parts for myself too. I tried many different ways to clean the parts but nothing really works yet. Today I tried a new thing. I rubbed the parts only a little bit with a cotton swap and nail polish remover. I could see the wax floating away. After that I was holding the parts under floating water to wash away the nail polish remover. Now the parts are nearly as clear resin. Even the headlight lenses from my ´68 GTX grille are now possible to use. Here´s a pic of how the parts look now. Hope this helps, Rico
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