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  1. Fascinating! I stocked up on parts pack engines a couple years ago, but it's cool to see them re-surface again.
  2. I'm hoping to make some progress on my 2017 "projects to finish this year" list. Lol.
  3. Great shots! The last one with the tailfins mirroring each others curves actually made me "ooooh" out loud, haha. Nice eye!
  4. I just 3D printed some tires for myself. If I charged for my time to design and prep the files, set up the printer, print the wheels, rinse and post-cure, and clean up the mess, not to mention consumables like resin, filters, paper towel and IPA...I'd have to charge 80 bucks a set, haha.And they still have lines in 'em!
  5. Whooooaaa, this is SO cool! If I had stacks of spare cash sitting around I'd totally buy that Mercury art. Already have the box sitting in my stash, so I guess that'll do!
  6. I'm super impressed at the apparently tight door gaps and lack of the sag I'd expect to see in a vehicle of that age, build style, and condition. Heck, the roof doesn't even look caved in! Very weird, very cool.
  7. I too have been noticing that there seem to be fewer items on Ebay, frequently listed by high-volume flippers of estate-sale junk....and people hoping a sucker will buy their insanely over-priced kits/junk lots. Prices seem to have at least doubled in about 8 years. I'd love to find a way of locating re-builders and gluebombs that doesn't involve Ebay (very high shipping prices) or Paypal (just don't trust 'em). I received an email from Paypal recently asking for "confirmation of identity" and a ream of personal data and documents. I thought it was a spam/phishing message at first, but appar
  8. I see you pronounce the plural for "roof" the same way we do in Canada As opposed to the american "ruhfs". Ed's resin is always immaculate. Those up-tops are sharp!
  9. Spex84

    King "T"

    I love it ! The paint color, pinwall tires, and brass details make it look bang-on for a car show circa 1965 or so. I dig all the very delicate-looking details, the flat fenders, the windshield frame and crank, spindly independent suspension, wide stance...just a neat style that we don't see much any more.
  10. Cool! It's definitely looking better. One thing I wish I'd been early enough to this thread to suggest...would be moving the front wheel "wings" forward a scale 6" or more, so that the front tires are even with the front of the grille, or even projecting a little beyond it. Kit-stock, the wheelbase looks a tad short.
  11. Cool stuff! Those "mystery carbs" seem to look a lot like AMT parts pack Carter WCFBs, but those are part number 118. Maybe a Corvette or 50s Mopar kit?
  12. The $200-300 junk lots of random 70s-90s car and truck pieces and badly painted glue-bombs are blowing my mind. Not a gem to be found in that mess, and they're still hoping for a sucker...I'll give ya 10 bucks.
  13. Just a note on surface texture of 3D prints...there are self-levelling primers that apparently do a bang-up job of filling the very faint stepping on printed parts. The other day someone recommended a primer called Stynylrez to me...I haven't tried it, but it looks pretty good. All the 3D parts I've ever used have needed some cleanup. I consider it a fair part of the admission cost; in exchange I get to have something that doesn't otherwise exist in scale. Mad Mike's stuff looks like it's being printed on a very high-end machine, wow. Cha ching!
  14. Those are some great drawings! Definitely accomplished. I really dig the 50s/60s show cars/styling studies. I used to draw a lot of cars as a kid, haven't really been at it much over the last few years. Oh well, other pastimes intrude sometimes, and that's OK!
  15. I love the way that Phantom Vicky frame looks in red. Wow! Nice work on the hood side panels, roll pan etc...it's all looking tight and neatly packaged. Can't wait to see it sitting up on its tires again!
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