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  1. FuturA Attractions- Very nice stuff. I've never ordered anything online but I have seen and purchased their products in person.
  2. First I would take a protractor and make the angled reference lines from top to bottom so you have something to align your pleats to. You don't need to fill up the panel with lines or worry about spacing, you just need 2-3 lines as reference to help you eyeball the pleats as you install them. It will also allow you to make sure the pleats line up visually from the top of the panel to the bottom. Next cut your flat center section out of sheet Evergreen, in whatever thickness matches the thickness of the 1/2 round you are going to use. Glue that to your panel Start installing your pleats from one end, working towards the other. i only use thick super glue for tuck and roll because if you use plastic glue it will probably loosen up your previous work. Install one pleat at a time and allow a few minutes to dry between each piece. It takes a little while but is worth it.
  3. Grills are essentially the same. I fit a first issue roadster (25 years old now 😵) grill into the new shell, but I did have to make a swipe down each side with my sanding stick. Removing the chrome was enough to allow it to snuggle into the new shell. So that would mean the old shells are fractionally larger, which would allow a grill designed to fit the new shell to easily fit the old shells. If you need a new shell and/or old shell for scanning or whatever let me know.
  4. I don't appear to be having the issue anymore
  5. I know when we do new product launch (office furniture industry) we have a pre determined period of time that we have to perform 100% inspection of product going out the door. It used to be a step down process as production ramped up as long as they passed at a certain rate. But now they have to stay above a passing threshold for a certain number of consecutive weeks, and once they do the full inspection is removed. However, we are open to legal issues if there is anything wrong with our products because someone could get hurt using them if not built correctly. We do deal with the plastic industry quite a bit, and perform 100% incoming inspection on parts before they are used for production for a certain number of shipments.
  6. This tooling actually started out as this in the early 60's It went through a couple renditions before Monogram made the savvy move of capitalizing on ZZ Tops resurgence in the early 80's by almost completely altering the tooling. Even though the engne is supposed to be a SBC you can still see the vestiges of the Pontiac black from the original kit. I built the ZZ car back when it was new, but i was still a brush painting, gluey fingered kid, so my recollection of how good the kit was is not really valid. i have however seen this kit turned into some pretty great street and hot rods over the years. I really need to pick up the new version of the ZZ car to try to build a replica of the 1:1
  7. It's been released within the last 10 years, so the tooling is probably permanently stuck in China. Before the version Dave shared was released many were holding out hope that the previous owners of Revell would backdate the tooling to the Little T configuration like they did with the Blue Bandito (former Blue Beetle) but it's doubtful that will happen now, even though they sold out both runs of the Blue Bandito
  8. Sure can, the bed dividers between the wood slats are Evergreen .060 x .040, but it could probably handle up to .100 thick.
  9. I love this kit, built both the Lincoln and the T-Bird. The Lincoln ended up with one my first decent spray paint job, and it still sits on my shelf all these years later. The 'bird got torn apart for the pro street goodies. Your color combo is looking sharp. Here's a pic of the Matt Hay 'bird to show why the distributor is at a right angle. It wants to live right where the intake tubes from the blowers go.
  10. The Rat Roaster (on which the new roadster is a modified reissue) was an all new tool when it came out. Designed to be compatible with the previous Revell 32 series kits, but some things were changed. 99% sure the grill parts should be the same dimensionally, but I want to confirm that for you first.
  11. Never seen these before, but where is the scale listed?
  12. I thought the point of this thread was to specifically discuss the "completely recreated tooling" kit that Round2 strongly hinted at? Your thread, your rules. But to this point 20 pages filled with speculation around this one release from Round2, now about to be opened to a free for all? 😵 Like I said, your thread, your rules. I'm just going by your very first post 20 pages ago.
  13. Had to scroll up and refresh my memory to what you had going on. Glad to see this one back.
  14. Hard to go wrong with a black 32 Ford. You're off to a good start. There are a few intake options for the small block Ford from the kit just in the 32 series alone, let alone all the 1st gen Mustang kits out there to steal from. Of course, a Y block would be cool.
  15. Is the 5W still in the Revell catalog? I was thinking of fitting it to the about-to-hit-the-shelves 32 roadster out in Europe already). I'm assuming the 5-window grille (and all Revell tools before it since they are all the same tool) and the new roadster grille would be the same size, but I will verify that first. Hate to have to do two different versions, but if they are in fact different that would be your call. I'll try to get a comparison made tonight and let you know.
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