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  1. Is it the 2 piece plastic sand tires? Is it too much to hope they tooled up a set of one piece "rubber" tires for this release (that could be used elsewhere too?)
  2. If you bought the one that's currently on the market (I think the box art model is blue) Round2 took all the non-stock parts out of this version
  3. The white plastic test shots shared by Mr Metzner at the top of pg 4 means that the tooling has been cut. Not that it can't be changed still, but the tooling has definitely been cut.
  4. Are you still able to edit this, since you found out that it does?
  5. My local HL has Mr Surfacer and Tamiya primers sitting right on the shelf next to each other. And I noticed the masking tape and weathering set on the pegs as well. Could be old stock, or different stores carrying different items.
  6. Cool idea, and it's coming together nicely. Glad you did it with fenders because I don't care for the look of the 1:1 fendeless.
  7. I certainly hope they pick up one of those. Tamiya makes sense because they already have a relationship with Tamiya (they carry their primer, some weathering pigments and some tools). But selfishly i hope it's Revell since I can get the full Tamiya line already at my LHS.
  8. See this post where bluenote pulled the text directly from the Testors Facebook page, and then confirmed via email below that. there are also at least two threads floating around here where the topic is run through. I was skeptical at first too, but then this information came to light, and since then have watched the non-Testors branded items disappear from the shelves.
  9. That's because Rustoleum discontinued the Model Master brand, along with anything Testors other than the main line. Some products may be absorbed into the main Testors line, but most of the products will disappear when current inventory is bought out.
  10. Build it! Here's a couple I built a couple years ago from parts i scrounged together.
  11. I think it is actually dropped further than what comes in the Revell kits(but I could be wrong) The spindles are definitely different
  12. Eagle-eyed member Old Dragger over on Spotlight noticed something, (and others may have too) Look what just happens to be under the 57 Chevy...and what looks like a Frame parts pack tree just to the right? Also see the end of a BADMAN box on the shelf?
  13. Thanks for brining this one up Paul. I miss Steve, as many others do as well. it's great to see one of his builds where it can be appreciated again.
  14. That really cam e out nice. I'm sure many of us have thought of doing something similar in the years since the new tool kit came out. But you actually pulled it off. Kuddos Rear tires look great, BTW 😉
  15. Thanks for the info. I was kinda daydreaming that Round2 had seen fit to offer some blue lines in a kit (even better, a parts pack) but sounds like it really is a dream
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