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  1. The back end is quite nice, but they lost me with the front. Can't say what I would do to improve it myself. Maybe higher, more outboard placement of the headlamps and a lower, wider, shorter grille?
  2. Besides the odd engine parts breakdown, the Bonneville convertible is a highly under-rated kit. The body is very nice, especially all the delicately molded separate side trim. I didn't attempt the photoetch hood hinges, but they sure look like they'd be really nice. The suspension was really well done too. The engine out of the Novas is pretty well done. I adapted it to my 65 malibu custom I agree with most, for the price the commanded at the time, coupled with the inaccuracies kinda doomed them. The ones I have purchased (except the Bonne convertible) were all purchased
  3. This is a screen shot of the above quote. Since khart is apparently no longer a member here his original post is scrubbed, but Larry's response still contains it. Anyway, I want to say, upon further research, R/M didn't simply "graft a three window greenhouse onto the roadster body" The 3 window body they attempted to create to fit the existing roadster kit appears to be all new tooling. Obviously, the roof is different, but all the body lines on the sides of the body are different, the door lines are different, molded in door handles and the opening of the passenger compartment is longer
  4. Nicely done. As a big JB fan I've wanted to get my hands on the MPC kit for awhile. However, starting with the Hasegawa kit may be a better option detail and availability wise. Your excellent conversion work proves that it can be done.
  5. Very nice color combo and execution. I don't recall anyone else having the part issues you called out in your bench session posts with the new version of the kit with the SBC, but I'll have to keep them in mind. Thanks for sharing
  6. Ace, I think it's time for this one to hit the bench again.
  7. The 49er was really manufactured to be a cheap toy with 2 levels of entertainment. One, a puzzle for kids to put together, and then to play with. Note the really robust design of the front spokes and the heavy duty pin used to attach it to the axle. It's meant to be played with. The rest of the tooling is highly simplified, with the engine block, supercharger, scoop, oil pan and "trans" all molded as 2 halves. And the roll bar just connects to the body, there is no frame under the "skin". That being said, the unique parts presented here are opportunities for a really cool build, at many d
  8. Wow, there's a whole lot of misinformation flying around here right now. Hope people take the time to read ALL the posts in this thread to eventually get to the correct info.
  9. Can we move on from the box art debate now? It's just going around in circles. Now, with regards to what is in the box. When Atlantis first started production (within the last couple years) it was stated they were holding off on automotive subjects because they had issues with producing "rubber" tires. Is this true? And if so, was it because they didn't have the (what I'm assuming is) specialized molding equipment for rubber? Or did they not have the tire molds? With the new Green elephant funny car, didn't they have to create new tire molds? The reason I ask all this is, I'd lo
  10. For your first heavy body mods you're doing quite well. You're learning as you go, but yes, trying to do as much with plastic with minimal filler is the way to go. The one part filler you are using may shrink, so be sure to give it ample time to do so before proceeding to paint. In the future I would try using two part filler. Bondo does offer some if you want to stick with that, i use a brand called Dolphin Glaze (I know, weird name) that i bought on eBay For filling minor scratches and imperfections I would use Tamiya grey or white filler. It is very fine and fills those sma
  11. That didn't buy them. They're having a special run produced by Atlantis, who does own the tooling.
  12. Glad to see you brought this one all the way to the finish line. Great color choice, and the wheel/tire package is perfect. As always you signature "Milberry strip" on the windshield is the finishing touch Thanks again on the tip for using the Revell 64-66 chevy frame under these AMT and MPC 68-72 Chevy/GMC kits. I have a couple planned that will end up better off after learning about the ease of this swap.
  13. Love it. Especially love the notched gas tank to fit around the QC and the wheel/tire package
  14. I'm trying to restore a Boss-A-Bone. The body I has bad glue rash and white distortion marks inside and out. I'm trying to do a paintless restoration, so I need the body molded in red. Not to be confused with the Revell body, and its opening doors (pictured in white)
  15. You know i love this thing Dave. Glad you brought it to another forum so i can drool on it 😁
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