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  1. My first vehicle was an 85 GMC Sierra Classic long bed pickup. It had been repainted 90s GM light blue by someone but was originally a brown on beige two tone. I got it when I was 17 and had it for about three years. I moved out of my parents house with it and it was my wife an I's only vehicle when we were first married.
  2. My wife's first car was an 83 Cougar 5.0 and it was a piece too. Her dad finally sold when the electric fuel pump died he didn't want to drop the fuel tank.
  3. Duplicolor also has a color called performance white that's about half way between Wimbledon white and true white.
  4. There is a version of the Massey Ferguson with wider rear tires and headers.
  5. It is believed the farm implement stuff stayed with Ertl when Racing Champions bought AMT and the model side.
  6. I believe you're right Snake, the 4 doors and formal tops had flat trunks while the hard tops with the curved glass had the dip in the trunk.
  7. Each tool has it's own purpose, pens are great for some things, others are better with a brush, sometimes I use a toothpick with a drop of paint on the tip. You just kind of have to experiment and see which tool works best for the task for you.
  8. There are for and others you can get close. The wagons will be the hardest to find. Starting left to right you've got a big Pontiac you could use the 70s Bonneville kit for, I think a 70ish Chevelle might be next, then a Pinto on top, I'm not sure about either wagon up front. The Atlantis reissue of the old Revell Cadillac would work for the one here, the next one might get spendy for a Johan Dodge or Plymouth you can see the rear of and it's sitting on something GM. The free standing one is an early 60s X frame GM something then it looks like an early 60s Galaxie with a 66 Chevelle on top. I'
  9. I agree, once I get my model room finished an airbrush is the next major purchase. It will pay for itself quickly.
  10. I can get 12 Oz cans made locally for $30 so that is looking like the best route at the moment.
  11. I'm looking for somewhere to find correct 60s and 70s green paint colors in spray cans. I'm mainly interested in ivy green and highland green along with the light chevy green. I've tried modern paint and the tone just isn't right but I don't want to spend $30 on a custom mixed can from the paint shop.
  12. It's a shame the cowl and windshield are so flat on these kits, the flared fenders are a neat option.
  13. I ended up finding a cheap one on ebay that had the parts I'm looking for.
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