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  1. The trailer doesn't have to be a reefer to haul beer, a lot of shipments we used to get at the grocery store came in normal non-refrigerated trailers.
  2. That's the 1/24 kit, this is what I thought the other kit was based on.
  3. Huh, it seemed like another instance of them putting the wrong scale on the box.
  4. Salvinos plating is noticeably different than the other manufacturers but I don't know what causes the difference, whether it's process or materials or both. It doesn't seem to be magnetic though, at least in my kits.
  5. The Revell kit is just the 1/24 Monogram kit, it's not bad though.
  6. Both styles of Rockwell are correct, they make both traditional ring and pinion and top loader axles. The ring and pinion style is usually called by the designation F106. The axles BNL sells are recasts of the MPC monster truck axles.
  7. You have to weigh the potential return versus the potential hassle. Personally, if I am ever in a situation where I need to sell all my stuff my plan is to put my rare/old/valuable stuff on ebay to maximize my returns on that stuff. That's maybe 15-20% of my stuff max. The rest will be sold in a lot or lots and I'll probably take a bath on it but if I'm selling out the situation is pretty dire and I need cash in hand.
  8. I've got a set, do you need any other engine parts?
  9. Some racks have bins with doors for storage and others have exposed metal bars or angle iron to hang things on. As for what is stored, it's mainly chains and binders for securing loads and the metal bars for tightening the straps if the trailer has them. Sometimes you'll find a broom and a shovel back there for cleaning off the deck of the trailer if it's a flat bed or lowboy. Now you can find chain binders from various makers on ebay and very good realistic looking chain from Michael's or Hobby Lobby. For a pickup I would keep chain and recovery straps in there, maybe ratchet straps for
  10. Thank you. The real car has I believe 70s Celica tail lights so I tried to mimic them.
  11. Thank you, built if for the Cannonball build a few years ago. It's based on an extensively modified real car. The wheelbase is stretched about 18 inches and has 2008 Mustang wheel arches.
  12. This kit has a way better chassis than the AMT kits do. I used this chassis and interior under an AMT body with the opening rear hatch to build this.
  13. Yep, I've gotten a few from them in padded envelopes too.
  14. I think it might be foil, you can just barely see some wrinkles on the trunk side of the cover.
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