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  1. Thank you guys, I will give it another try...
  2. Hello guys, I know there are many threads in here about hinging doors, hoods and trunk lids. But all of the hinged parts are nearly straight on the hinged side. My problem is that the trunk lid I want to get work isn´t straight. I already tried the tipps out of the forum but nothing worked like I wanted. Any help would be much apprecciated. Thank you all in advance. Rico
  3. #25 - Update... I wasn´t really happy with my first casting so I gave it a second try. This time I´ve choosen the wrong position for the overfloating pipes. But because I placed them on the lower front area of the seats I was able to fix the issues. They won´t be to be seen once assembled. I also tried to cast the Camaros steering wheel. For my second casting ever I´m now pleased with the results. Here are the pics... After fixing the issues at the seats there was time for some color again... (Revell africabrown matt / glossy white mixed 1:1)
  4. Thanks Pat, I always enjoy your builds. Your weathering skills are awesome. I´m still in the learning process.
  5. Hey guys, there are some great projects going on here. It´s nearly two months ago now since my last post. There were a lot of work and family business to do. But at the last two weeks I had some time to get some things done on my "Monte ´pala" 🤣. First of all the stock Impala seats were not sporty enough to me so I searched my kits stash and found something better. These are from the Jada Camaro Concept Kit and will be casted. Then I thought about doing the oil line routing for the first time ever because oil pumps without oil pipes are useless (first try with 0.4 mm wire).
  6. The race goes on... Nice progress here. @pete75: I´m feeling with you. Wish you luck for the second body. @misha: Your Camaro is looking good. Nice details at all. I have done some things too over the last days. Cutted out the trunk lid but on the rear I did a fail 😡 and cutted it above the taillights. Here´s stage 1. Stage 2: corrected it and did the water drip rails... My wife (and me too) wasn´t happy with the Monte Carlo´s roll cage because it would be seen through the rear side windows. So we (I) decided to scratchbuild a new o
  7. Hey guys, nice progress everyone. I did some progress too. It took three attempts to hinge the hood but now I did it. Not 100% accurate but I´m pleased with how it turned out. I also corrected the wheelbase... cutted the front frame off from the main chassis and put 1.2 mm of styrene between both parts... then glued together all the things and it turns out great. Here´s the result... open... and closed. Made the wheels steered in but haven´t corrected the steering linkage yet... (don´t worry they are not glued yet)😇😇😇 Rico
  8. Hey Bruce, thanks for the info about the oil pumps. I´d prefer the steelies on your build. Rico
  9. Thanks Anthony ! Maybe anyone can help me with this... What should the red marked area be? In the second step there is a pulley mounted to it too (green marked) 🤔🤔🤔 Thank you all in advance, Rico
  10. Hi Guys, it´s four weeks now since my entry post here. Had some time to build but no time to post yet. But here is my progress... First: Closed the rear quarter windows to make a wide C-pillar and rescribed all the panel lines... Second: painted the headlights and cut out the hood to make the engine visible... Third: Changed my mind on the wheels ( choosed some self-designed 3dprinted Racing Hart with different offset on front and rear) Fourth: Made the Impala interior fit the Nascar chassis... Fifth: Created a new front end...
  11. Hey Joe, I already noticed your need. You can simply send me a PM here. Rico
  12. Thank you guys. Ideas are always welcome although my spare time is still very limited and many requests are left to fullfil. On the other hand I want to give it a try and take part on the CBR to build and finish at least one model kit this year. It´s been a very long time since my last finished build.
  13. Hey guys, orders have been cancelled. I had to rework the sprues. Did this today and will upload the new models this evening. Rico
  14. Hi guys, after my fail or even non existent participation because of moving to another town in 2019 I would like to take part this year with these. Chevy Impala Police Car body on top of the chassis from the Western Auto Monte Carlo. Will try to put the Aoshima SSR Professor wheels on it. I already found out that I have to lenghten the chassis for correct wheelbase. Greets, Rico
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