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Found 19 results

  1. Hi guys, Sharing with you today an old built, made by Modelhaus. This is the '61 Cadillac Coupe series 62. It's now very very rare and I regret I haven't buy more than one at the time, to make a convertible or an Eldorado from it. I built it around 10 years ago, not pristine but presentable, IMHO. I also regret, (and I am sure I'm not the only one here), that Modelhaus is not around anymore....the quality was excellent. I am glad that they made amazing hubcaps for that model, way better that what Jo-Han's made for its 1961 Fleetwood. Enjoy !
  2. Just finished this '32 Ford 3-Window Coupe kit made by Revell Monogram. The white fenders were a little nod to the Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech, with an orange body instead of gold. Enjoy!
  3. Thought I should post something regarding the '30 coupe 3D model I have been working on. Back in 2010-11 I modeled a '30 as a modification ("mod") for the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. It was a lot of fun, but after a while I realized the model was sitting around on my hard drive, effectively abandoned. I dragged it back out to try and convert it for 3D printing, after noticing that apparently the large-scale market lacks a '30 coupe option. During that process I discovered lots of things that needed tweaking. My skills are limited, but I've done my best to get 'er fixed up. The body is
  4. First model finished in 2018, but before I weather it. This was a Fujimi MINI ONE RS-42 kit, 1:24 scale, think it was never marketed in the USA because it's right hand drive (RHD). I wonder if Fujimi produced a left hand drive kit, because the body had indents for the wipers to be either side.I shortened it 8" (full scale), tilted back the windshield, used a Porsche 911 windshield for the back, which determined how much it was chopped. I intended the roof to slope down like the Land Rover Evoque (MINI Countryman is similar), it needed sectioning at the rear, shortened 16", and I sloped the lea
  5. This one has a few little issues to be taken care of (radiator cap, black paint on ends of rear axles where they're exposed, mis-alignment of driver's side interior panel(doh!), but it's pretty much done. The build began in September 2011, and it's progressed in fits and starts since then. Thanks to Acecargarageguy for transmission advice (way back when), and Eric Macleod for trading me a box of old Monogram and MPC tires. They worked out very nicely. A few notes on the build and parts: -Monogram '30 coupe, chopped, wheel wells/bead detail added, Revell '32 5w louvered trunk modified to fi
  6. In mid-March, I will be leaving Minnesota after almost 14 years, and returning home to Colorado. As my time here dwindles, I picked up Revell's '34 coupe snapper, determined to finish something...anything, before I go. Just a few of the modifications I've made include a scratchbuilt rear spring, a front axle from Revell's old Model A Pickup kit, aluminum door panels, firewall, dash and seat made from .005" aluminum flashing (GREAT stuff! Especially after its been sanded free of its plastic coating, and annealed.). The spindles are scratched from Evergreen channel, strip and rod. Front wheels a
  7. I started out with one of Flintstone's bodies on this one. Cut the hood and the track nose off of it. Track nose will be going back on.... however I'm sitting at a cross road and am stumped!!!! Any ideas or criticism would be of help right now.... to get the front suspension under the frame is going to require bringing it up. My thought was cutting the rails back at the firewall and pinching them in a bit and cutting/narrowing the rails all the way to the nose and pulling everything inside the hood sides. That and raising the front cross member up to mount under it and chopping off the front f
  8. This is my American Graffiti 2003 AMT deuce coupe model. It took over a month to build. I added plug wires, radiator hose, sanded the tires, painted the gauges, washed the rims, etc. I even added real metal bars above the motor from my Snake Bite monster truck. This kits has a lot of flaws, and many areas that needed a bunch of work. If you go the extra mile, and finish this model. It will turn out to be a nice kit. It just takes a boatload of patience though. This kit is a Skill 2 but felt like it was more like Skill 666.
  9. While I tend to focus mostly on Fords, sometimes I like something a little different. Saw this AMT 1941 Plymouth Four Passenger Coupe on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and decided to take a chance. So here are the first few shots, starting with the engine build. While I'm going with the stock engine, I am making a few mods to it, like spacing the intake and exhaust off of the block slightly and adding the two missing exhaust bits on the manifold. Other scratch parts include the the bracket for the oil sump air filter, the top mounted horn, relocating the generator bracket to the top of the generat
  10. I'm looking to build model cars of the Mustangs my Dad has owned in his life and want to know if they are or have been kitted or cast in resin.... I already have a couple kits that will be used for his so I won't list those, just the ones I need info on... 68 Fastback 71 Mach one 73 Convertible 74 Mustang Ghia coupe 69 fastback 91 LX 5.0 convertible Any help would be appreciated!!!! I'm also looking for the above kits or resin so if they are available anywhere could you please let me know as to where??!! Thank you!!!! Doc...
  11. So, in anticipation of the Revell '30 kit I had saved up some parts to build a highboy with hemi power, but I just wasn't feelin' it once the parts were mocked up. The Revell '30 sort of wants to be either a modern neo-traditional hot rod, the kind of thing you might see competing for the Ridler or America's Most Beautiful trophies, or a rat rod. The custom top insert and chromed suspension components do suggest a third route, however: a late 50s/early 60s show rod. I'd been wanting to build a chrome-laden show car for some time, and have a bunch of kits to rob parts from, so here goes: -Revel
  12. Hi guys, this is my finished Ford 49 Coupe. Thank you.
  13. I may have posted this before but I can't seem to find the topic. My wife's father owned his own local Texaco shop here in Richmond and raced this Ford all along the eastern seaboard. The only reference points I have to build this car are historical pictures from the net (whatever I can find, anyway...), some sketchy memories from his kids who were really young (ages 2~5), and this only pic of his actual car: From my brother-in-law's recollection, the fenders and wheels were black, the body panels are burgundy, and the roof line is white all the way back to the rear bumper (CORRECTION
  14. Hi guys i started my second proyect based on the Ford 49 Coupe by AMT Initially was a challenge i had than consisted in built a box stock model in just 12 hours. I started like 8am and by 2pm i hadnĀ“t painted any part. Lost a lot of time trimming the body, shaving the door handles, and a lot of flash it had. I primed it, then painted in black as the base coat and then i used createx iridium violet as the final color. By 8pm i just painted the body, finished the chassis without weathering, some cabin details and striped the chrome paint
  15. Has any-one built a scale version of this Street Racer's Special ? http://www.carguychronicles.com/2011/09/chevy-427-biscayne-street-racers.html
  16. So heres a project i've been working on for some time. got the kit sometime back and wanted to do something different, so i racked my brain and got to work. Working on the skirts with suff corners and made some F&B bumper guards and new style mouldings.
  17. Good afternoon Guys, Happy new Year! With the rain here in Vancouver (what a surprise!), I decided to start my new kit than I got, Chevy 39 Coupe. I lowered a little bit the back suspension, open trunk and hinges, body has been primed with PlastiKote Sandable primer. I will use One Coat lacquer from Testors,but I do not know which color yet! any idea? the base coat, I am hesitating between gold,silver or even copper! interior I do not know yet as well. here are some pics thank you for watching. Mickael
  18. Pulled this one off the shelf a few days ago.Mocked it up,looking for ideas.Seldom do I build to resemble the box art,but I like how it looks in this case.Going for a late fifties kinda drag look.Nothing too difficult.Will use the AMT Round 2 wide white pie crust slicks on the rear,wide whites on the front and the kit wheels all around although they should be skinnier on the front.I'll see what else I can find.Paint color will be red,maybe candy apple.Spark plug wires and a few minor details should do it. I would like to try my hand at better detailing but I need more skill and patience.A
  19. This is my '58 Impala, mostly by AMT, with a few bits from the Revell kit because I thought they were more cleanly molded. The color is Testors 1 coat lacquer Mythical Maroon over Tamiya white spray primer, no clear coat. Photoetch set from Model Car Garage, pre-wired distributor from Preston's Car Parts. Not the best distributor I've seen, but this was the first engine I've wired (but yes, they are in the correct firing order!) If any of you have a favorite brand of scale distributors, let me know, so I can get one for my next build. I started this car at the beginning of September 2012 and
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