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Found 11 results

  1. Hey everybody!, just wanted to give you a heads-up that I will be starting this very sought-after Airfix James Bond Aston Martin DB-5. Its going to be a fully detailed build....hope you will stop in to check it out!! -thanks, Dann
  2. Hi! I build this one from an Airfix Quickbuilder snap kit in two days just to get something new to the shelf... Tamiya paints and some scrarchbuild parts and Revell wheels & tyres. I just wanted to see if a kit as simple as this could be converted into a decent looking shelf model..
  3. A bit of a build diary with it not sure if that's breaking the rules of under glass but thought you guys might like to see it. Was a glue bomb from ebay but turned out pretty nice. Because I don't usually build this scale I had to hunt down some parts and found a guy in the states who machined the wheels for me out of alloy plus the nos bottle and a few other parts Hope you like it
  4. Hey folks... Finished two more early this week. First is this rare Airfix kerb-side from 1992. TBH not a great kit, fits where it touches, rides waaaayy too high and generally short of any meaningful detail. That said I only know of one other kit of the stunning 3.5CSL so... Paint is Tamiya TS20 'Metallic Green' over Panzer Grey, decals are by Studio 27 and were fantastic. Three coats of Tamiya Clear followed by a good, long session with the Turtle Wax and it's still not a deep enough shine. Ahhh well it looks great in the cabinet alongside my NASCAR builds. Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment. Ian.
  5. This is a few years old now, but wanted to post it to share some of my previous work. I'm currently trying to get a kind of photo booth sorted to take better photos... The window was sprayed with Future, it didn't go well & had to be sanded & polished out - but I think the decals were saved. The decal colours were not aligned, but they went on like a dream, same the print quality of them is so bad. This model is finished in Tamiya Acrylics inside and out - all airbrushed with lots of masking. The final body gloss is with Future polish.
  6. It's been a 2.5 year dry patch, but finally got one finished, even if it's dinky. Well proud of it! Decals were a bit tough and difficult to conform, even with tonnes of microsol. Comments and criticisms welcome...
  7. open the box on this old airfix kit just yesterday . but there was nearly nothing to it so its already done .. i painted it red and only added a few of the stickers . like if a privateer had owned it istead of a big team . anyway the stratos has always looked good to me and now i have one for the shelf . the wheels are from a Ferrari F40 painted yellow and the rears flipped but the center nut has been reglued to the back now front . well here it is . thats it hope you guys like it . its my second attempt with the airbrush and it turned out pretty good
  8. Hi all, Due to the positive feedback I received for my 3d printed friction dampers, I have made them available via Shapeways for anyone who is interested. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ibdetails They are available as a set of 6, and as a single unit in case anyone breaks one and needs an extra! They are not "handed", instead the mounting nuts and friction adjuster are mounted on pedestals and should be removed with a razor saw, then reattached after the shocks have been mounted. The mounts are not included: either modify the kit ones with .040" (1mm) rod or scratch new ones, the mounting holes are integral to the part. I searched all over for aftermarket parts for this old kit and couldn't find any, so hopefully these will help people out! I hope you like them! Ian
  9. Hi! I hope I can get some advice and tips on this one, as it's a little out of my usual subject range (WWI aircraft in 1:72 scale - about as far away as you can get!). I've had the kit since I was a kid in the mid 70's and put it aside then as I wanted to "do it properly!". I now have most of the references I need although any details of the fuel, oil, electrical, and cooling systems would be most welcome! I've posted some of my progress to date on my usual WWI forum, so I've copied those posts to here to bring you all up to date: Post 1: This will be a long term build, as I intend to finish the 2 that are "in progress" before I get seriously involved in this one, but I will post updates as and when I get anything done. I've spent the last 2 days cleaning up what I'd already done many years ago, and starting to correct the kit parts. I've got a fair bit done, but there are plenty more improvements needed before construction proper can begin, and that will probably wait until my Ilya Muromets is finished. The chassis: I've drilled out the front end, thinning the top and bottom parts of the chassis rails and extending the gap in the U frame further forward to where it should be... (since these pics were taken I've also removed the big doughnut that is supposed to represent the stearing rack mount). The stearing column: The bevel gear end was way too big, so I removed it, cut off the plug on the top and the bevel gear housing, thinned the housing by over 1/2, replaced the shaft with 9/32nd tube, chamfered at one end to blend into the stearing column, and reattached the other bits, blending them in with Mr Dissolved Putty. I think the lower part of the bevel housing that was cut off the original may be a little small, but it'll do. The firewall: I removed the moulded oil lines and the blank over the oil tank hole, the latter was replaced with card. The moulding for the throttle mounting was added from stock rod, glued together to get the right size, then sanded to shape. I added rod to the lower edge of the firewall where it meets the floor, then sanded it to the correct slanted profile to match the slope of the floor. 5 thou sheet has also been added to the rear of the firewall to give the correct smooth surface, and the flange around the edge. I also corrected the small lip on both upper corners which shouldn't be there. The floor: the hashed steel moulding has been removed, and the floor now needs to be narrowed slightly at the front - the sloped part is only between the firewall edges, not running right up to the bodywork. The fuel tank: a start has been made on stripping the moulded detail, wire mesh has been ordered to replace it. There are also some nuts missing on the firewall, I've ordered some and they're on their way! This is turning out to be very enjoyable! Any advice from car model builders will be welcome, it's over 25 years since I built one and it was OOB! Particular help will be needed for sources for wiring/plumbing materials, replacement resin nuts/bolts (I have some plain nuts on order but can't find castle nuts or dome nuts) and any other auto specific parts I may need (carb linkages?) all of course, in 1:12th scale.....
  10. Apologies for those of you who know this already, but it's interesting to us "Classic British Kit" collectors. The very first Airfix kit was a Ferguson tractor. Initially released in 1949 as a built promo for the Ferguson company, it was also released as a kit from 1955-59: It's about 1:20 scale. And now, here come our friends from Heller, almost 70 years later! bestest, M.
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