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Found 14 results

  1. 24 Hours of Le Mans Entrants Shifting gears from the thread on the winners, this thread is for any entrant in this famous race in any scale. Show us your completed models and include the year and kit origin please.
  2. Hi mates, I start to build this fantastic car driven by Ken Miles and Denis Hulme at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966 A quick look inside the box: by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr First steps ... by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr
  3. Hello everyone, I assembled the Meng kit to reproduce the Ford GT40 Mk. II driven by Ken Miles and Dennis Hulme at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966 I hope you enjoy it 😉 Click here for the WIP by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr
  4. Hachette has begun selling 1/24th scale models of Le Mans winners. The first 3 appeared on the bay as the 1969 Gulf Ford GT40, the Alpine Renault A442B, and the Matra 1972 670. For those of us who are Le Mans fanatics this is great news.
  5. Hi All, Today i finally finished the Sauber C9. I started this kit about 10 months ago, but took a long break, due to life getting very busy. Anyway, i have linked my WIP thread, if anyone wants to see some of my progress though this build. Going into this build, i wanted it to be the most detailed kit i had ever done, and i think i have completed what i set out to do. I am very pleased with the final outcome of the build. Thanks for looking Nathan
  6. Hi All, 2 weeks ago, I was at a local Hobby swap meet. I came across this little beauty and swooped on it. The kit was 30AUD which is about the asking price for a basic Brand new tamiya kit. I was stoked to get such a rare, complete kit for such a price. This, and the Mazda 787B, are my all time favorite race cars. There is something about the boxy late 80's - 90's styling that i really love. When i got home i went online and bought the Hobby Design PE kit too. The kit is complete, with all parts still inside their plastic bags. Looking at the instructions, you can tell the age of this kit, as the white paper has gone yellow, as have the decals unfortunately. I am hoping that they can still be used. The carrier film has a slight yellow tone to it too. I havent had much luck in finding this livery online, the only one i have found is 50USD. I have some Microscale Liquid decal film, which is meant to restore old decals, so ill give that a shot first, before i go and buy some new decals. I am planning on detailing this kit as much as possible, and will be building it to the #61 car which finished 2nd in the 1989 race (I prefer the bright orange accents, over the yellow which was on the winning #63 car). Thanks for looking, I'll hopefully have some build updates soon Nathan
  7. IJ001

    911 GT2

    Wonderful kit, and yes it did start-out in glossy black plastic !! - Please feel free to criticise, comment and question. Thanks for taking the time to look. Ian.
  8. IJ001

    911 GT1

    Tamiya kit straight from the box. Fell together with very little input from me, Decals were a revelation, was expecting all sorts of problems and some considerable swearing but they went-on without a hitch. Please feel free to make any criticism, comment or ask any questions. Ian.
  9. IJ001

    911 GT1

    Saw this on eBay a couple of weeks ago. A business seller back in the UK who I know personally was offering it at a ridiculously cheap price because the box was worn. Even with the postage out here to Middle Earth it was a steal, so after decision making process that could be measured in nano-seconds, I snapped his hand off. It arrived on Tuesday and I started it on Wednesday afternoon. Two sessions in and I'm well into the engine, transmission and mounting sub-assembly. Lots of pre-painting with AK 'Xtreme Metals' (outstanding enamel lacquers, highly recommended) - absolutely loving this already, incredible engineering by Tamiya. Stay tuned folks this is simply flying together at the moment. Ian
  10. Hey folks... Finished two more early this week. First is this rare Airfix kerb-side from 1992. TBH not a great kit, fits where it touches, rides waaaayy too high and generally short of any meaningful detail. That said I only know of one other kit of the stunning 3.5CSL so... Paint is Tamiya TS20 'Metallic Green' over Panzer Grey, decals are by Studio 27 and were fantastic. Three coats of Tamiya Clear followed by a good, long session with the Turtle Wax and it's still not a deep enough shine. Ahhh well it looks great in the cabinet alongside my NASCAR builds. Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment. Ian.
  11. This is the Tamiya Porsche 936 kit. The real-life Porsche 936 won Le Mans in 1976, 1977 and 1981. Curiously, Tamiya chose to kit the 1978 Martini livery version, which was not a winner. I am going to use aftermarket decals to depict the 1981 winner. This kit is so old, it still included a motor! Looks fairly simple,there is only rudimentary engine detail, lets see how it goes...
  12. The 1:1 subject: Was this the real winner of the 1966 24 hours of Le Mans? If so, then this car, Ford GT40 Mk II Chassis 1015, could make a claim to be the most significant American racing car ever. The infamous story started with the dominance of the Ford GT 40s at the 1966 24 hours of Le Man. After several tries at Le Mans the previous two years, Ford finally appeared to have achieved its goal. Three GT40s remained well in the lead as the clock ticked down on the 1966 race. The controversy started after Ford gave orders for a photo finish of the 1-2-3 placeholders to cross the finish line close together. According to Charlie Agapiou, the chief mechanic for chassis 1015 (the car driven by Ken Miles and Dennis Hulme), the team believed they were a lap ahead, and thus did not need to cross the line first. However, the winning team of Chis Amon/Bruce McLaren has claimed to have been well ahead on the final laps, and that they were told to slow down by Ford executives to achieve a photo of all three cars crossing the line together. Their justification for being declared the winner is that had there been an all-out sprint to the finish, they would have easily won had they not been instructed to slow down. A second theory holds that Ford was most interested in claiming a 1-2-3 finish, and wanted to snuff out a possibility of Ken Miles' personal accomplishment of winning Sebring, Daytona, and Le Mans in the same year overshadowing the success of the GT40s at Le Mans. This achievement had never been accomplished, still hasn't, and likely never will be completed. Ken Miles had the best opportunity. Famously, Le Mans officials declared the black and silver No.2 car of Amon/McLaren the winner, citing the fact that since it had started further back in the field at the very beginning of the race, it had technically covered the most ground in the 24 hours (a matter of just about 60 feet overall). After the race, Miles was headed to winner's podium under the impression he had won. After being told by race officials that they had declared the Amon/McLaren car the winner, he was rightly furious. Ken Miles direct quote after the race:"I think I've been f#$%#$." In perhaps a very very thin silver lining, Miles did not have to deal with the insult and ignominy for long. He tragically died a few months later in a terrible accident while testing a Ford prototype at Riverside, California. Miles was a fantastically successful racer (vastly underrated in my opinion) and greatly contributed to the success of the Ford and Shelby racing teams. Today is the 50th anniversary of Ken Miles' death. The Model: This is a Revell rebox of the ubiquitous Fujimi GT 40. It even includes a photo-etched fret that has "FUJIMI" clearly printed on it. The Revell repop depicts the #2 1966 Sebring car driven by Dan Gurney. I have ended up with three copies of this model, the P1075 Gulf 68-69 winner, the black 1966 winner, and this car. The plastic frets are exactly the same in all three. I had been intimidated by my P1075 kit, as it is one of my very favorite racing cars of all time, and I was reluctant to make a mistake. Rest assured, this is a very simple model, and goes together easily. The color is a custom mix of craft store acrylics, mixed to resemble Ford Arcadian blue. I masked off the front red markings to resemble the markings used to differentiate the cars. Decals were custom made and printed onto white decal paper. I soaked the original wheels in bleach to clean off the chrome, primered them in black, and airbrushed them with Tamiya gold. I used Future for clearcoat, purposely avoiding a super glossy finish. This was not my best result, but overall was a fun car to build in honor of Ken Miles.
  13. http://www.autoweek.com/article/24-hours-le-mans/posche-ford-gt-win-24-hours-le-mans Well done to Chip Ganassi and the whole team of engineers and drivers. Couldn't have turned out better for the big anniversary! best, M.
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