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Found 17 results

  1. About a month ago I posted 4 pictures of 4 model kits on my FB page and let my friends pick one for me to build. They chose the Foose kit. I built it box stock. It is painted in Splash Paints Audi Autumn Shimmer. I have found that this model is hard to photograph. I can either get the beautiful deep color or I can get the glossy shine/reflection but I am unable to get both at the same time. I went with the deep color. I hope everyone likes it.
  2. There seems to be no shortage of interest in the Foose Ford FD-100 pickup here lately. I commented on James Paramore's, (bluestringer), build of this pickup on Feb. 7th that I started mine when he did. He did a beautiful job on his and had it done before I was even done with the body prep on mine 😂. I am hoping mine turns out as nice as James' example did. I did something that was new to me and kinda fun. I posted on my Facebook page 4 pictures and labeled them 1 through 4. There were 3 racecars and this pickup. I asked my friends to choose which one I should build next. By a margin of 2:1 the Foose pickup was the clear winner. More women than men voted. More non-model builders voted than model builders. As is almost always the case with me, I am way further along in the build than my posts show. To be honest I hope to have mine finished up this week. I post WIPs in the hope that it may help someone else down the road. I will put a caption above/before each picture if needed. Here is the kit: The kit contents: I usually shoot a spoon with a new color to have an idea what it will look like. We all know that the base will affect the final color. I primed some spoons with Tamiya white primer. I then masked it and shot it with Tamiya Gloss Aluminum. I then shot the three colors you see. I had bought the Splash Paint's Audi Autumn Shimmer a long time ago with this pick up in mind and in the end that is the one I picked. The Dark Cherry was a close second. On to body prep. I have looked at a lot of built Foose pickups and watched a number of videos. There is a very nasty "'step" on the passenger front fender right above the headlight. I did some test fitting with the hood. It looks like I can sand out the step without, (or instead of), adding putty. I use a black Sharpie to highlight mold lines. This is a very, very nice kit from Revell but it is not perfect. The roof is a separate part that fits on the molded on roof. If I got it to sit correctly in the front, it would sit high in the back and visa-versa. Nothing a little glue and a few clamps wouldn't fix! With all of the body prep completed, including rescribing door panels and scribing around the windshield and back window, (to facilitate applying BMF), she was ready for primer and paint. I airbrushed Gravity Colors - Spain - dark surface primer. I then laid down the Splash Paint Audi Autumn Shimmer. BTW, this was my first time using Splash. Next update I'll be clear coating it and starting on the drivetrain. Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!
  3. Found this on the Revell store site. Dec 2013 ? Release Merry Christmas LOL
  4. Hi everyone Ive recently started work on Revell’s Foose FD-100 pick up . I’m just doing a oob build no aftermarket parts just a simple build
  5. Sorry for the blank post earlier. The site seemed to be having technical issues and I couldn't get a post in. Anyway... When we promoted the model car show at the LA Roadster Show this past June, we had a Foose class with the winning build chosen by Chip Foose himself. When we found out this was going to happen, I felt like I should probably build a Foose model since I was asking our builders to build one too, although it would be display only and not eligible for the contest. So I decided to build the popular Ford FD 100 truck since I had heard so many good things about the kit. I stayed fairly true to the original truck, but with a few changes. I went with a Black Cherry House of Kolor mix over a HOK black base coat, so it looks black in low light, but in the light pops a cherry red metallic. I stumbled on some Foose Shelby wheels on Shapeways, designed by Ron Olsen (store name is 3D Model Specialties) that I thought would go great on this build, and add a different look to it. I also replaced the plastic bed with real bass wood strips, stained with black cherry stain and clear coated. I did a few other things too, like modifying the rear shocks, deleting the front metal axle and adding front shocks, and machining some new filler caps for the valve covers and radiator. The valve cover breather and wire looks are Pro Tech, and the pre-wired distributor is an MAD unit, all available at www.scaleproshop.com. Unfortunately, I didn't finish the build in in time for the LA Roadster Show, but I mocked it up so Chip could see it. He told me unsolicited and not knowing it was mine that he liked it, which made my day. Not surprisingly, he selected for the winner a box stock FD 100 built by John Teresi, which, of course, was one gorgeous build.
  6. Chip built me a truck years ago to use for the shop and time and sittin outside took its toll on it
  7. How about a Foose FD 100 with a coyote ? Also any suggestions on how to lower the stance just a hair that doesn't require surgery in the front end ? I just want to drop it just a hair in the front and in the rear ?
  8. Well this should be a super fast moving thread... I had this Foose truck laying around, I had pirated the grill for my bronco build, the engine & chassis look like good pieces for a future build and I wanted to try out this .002 metal flake from TCP global... thus the Golden Foose Custom truck is born. Hopefully this little guy will be done by NNL East. Worked out some minor body modifications.. (shaved handles, fuel filter and wipers, filled bumper holes front and roll panned the rear) I attached the body to the bed, and then separated the running boards, they will be white tuck-n-roll like the tonneau cover. The hub caps and tires are the 1/24th scale items from the 58 t-bird... the slightly oversized tires seem to fill the oversized wheel wells nicely. Grille is from the AMT/blueprinter packs, the headlights came from a parts box. Next up was some testors pure gold as a base coat.... followed by a few coats of .002 gold flake from TCP Global in a carrier clear.. Finally some urethane clear to make it really sparkle.
  9. This coming weekend, June 15th and 16th, we have the LA Roadster Show model car event coming up. If you're in the So Cal area, check out the events here on this site for details. Well, as part of the show, we are having a Foose sanctioned class, where the builds are all based on a Revell Foose kit. Since Friday is likely to be lightly attended, I thought I would build up a Foose FD-100 to add to the table. Although I plan to exclude it from eligibility on Saturday since I am managing the event, this kit still is getting a lot of good reviews, so I am happy to give this one a try. I'm staying mostly stock with it, in the essence of time, but as I got started, there were some things I couldn't resist changing. I'm going to go with a Black Cherry HOK paint, and I found some 3d printed "Foose" Shelby-styled wheels on Shapeways from Ron Olsen. He does some fantastic work, and has some great designs out on Shapeways. Here's the kit you all know. One of the first things I thought to do was go for putting some real wood strips on the bed. So I had to extricate the styrene, and reinforce the bottom. I at first thought I would use some Starbucks stir sticks for the wood, but I opted to get a piece of bass wood from Hobby Lobby. It was smoother to start with, and all I had to do was cut it into strips. Thanks for looking. More to come!
  10. until
    Laski Scale Specialties is proud to present the Third Annual Model Car Event at the LA Roadster Show and Swap! Father’s Day Weekend June 15th & June 16th, 2018! Friday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Saturday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM **NEW DAYS- NO SUNDAY SHOW!!! ** Awards Presentation at 2:00 PM SATURDAY! Fairplex in Pomona 1101 W McKinley Ave Pomona, CA 91768 * In the Vendor Building 4
  11. Like many others, I too found this kit to be a joy to put together. Almost everything fit as it should and I would surmise that the parts that didn't fit well were because of my particular stage of modeling skill. This was my first time experimenting with oil pastels to weather and I hand painted the logo, as the decal I wanted to use didn't cooperate (I don't want to talk about it...). Stock out of the box! Thanks for looking!
  12. Fender skirts are available now for the Foose Cadillac! These are handmade and fit perfectly to the body, however the kit tires and wheels are too wide to use once these are installed. If you're using the normal tall & skinny whitewalls they will fit fine as [url=https://www.ebay.com/itm/Olson-Brothers-Resin-Fender-Skirts-for-Revell-1-25-Foose-Custom-Cadillac-NEW-/253284647786]shown here[/url].
  13. Just in time for Halloween, here is a quick build of the Revell Foose Ford truck. Salt method & Tamiya weathering kit over Krylon paints. Custom ALPS decal Modelhaus tires steelies from the 49 Ford kit. peel & stick veneer for the bed floor distributor from Fat Kidd Hobbies photoetch air cleaner and valve cover ornaments from my Detail Junkees line. Molotow for the chrome trim all else box stock
  14. Looks like the final box art for the forthcoming 1/25 Revell Foose Ford FD-100 Pickup kit has been released:
  15. Picked up a new model last week in Reno. Looking forward to learning from my mistakes on my previous kit 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo. This is the Revell 1965 Chip Foose edition Chevy Impala With Clear
  16. Just got mine today....I've been waiting to build a new version of this car, I've got a few good builds on the old kit but looking forward to a brand new sealed box. No more missing this piece or broken this and that I get when I buy the old kits on eBay.
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