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Found 18 results

  1. Looks like the 1/16 scale MPC '79 Pontiac Firebird kit is being reissued as kit #862. Hopefully it's the "Turbo Blackbird" version and not the 10th Anniversary T/A version.
  2. Happy spring to all,,just finished this up,,its actually 3 large scale Revell kits in one. Started with glue blob 1/2 assembled bag of parts from the swap meets. The Revell large scale police bike,circa mid to late 70's for the motor and frame,back wheel. And then I used some leftover parts from the large scale Triumph chopper kits for drive box,,rear fender + oil + battery box,, And drag style seat. Front springer ++ handlebars are from the large scale snap harley kit from the 1990's. Front wheel is from one of the ol Revell drag bike kits as is the speedometer+light. Scratch built the rear grab bar + and plate/rear light setup. Sprayed rattlecan testors orange,,hand painted everything else. Decent results from glueblob bag for 5 $ Thnx for lookin.
  3. Here are content pics of the 1/16 Revell Movin' Out "Big Rig" styled custom Chevy Van, released in 1977: https://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/1627/revell-movin-out-styled-chevy All the requisite custom van touches are present in the van's interior, from the reel-to-reel tape deck, the wood paneling and spindle detail on the pass-through, and the diamond tufted interior panels. Outside, it's a little Peterbilt or Kenworth wannabe, with dual vertical exhaust stacks, air horns, exterior mounted air cleaners, and big-rig style grille and headlights. Yeah, it was a thing back then. 😁
  4. I just picked up one of the 1/16 Revell 34 Ford Street Rod kits (quite hard to find lately), and really want to build it in the billet rod fashion of the 80's/90's (the kit is a good start already). I'm going to build it mostly box stock, with the exception of different wheels, changing it to a manual, and changing the intake to a Camaro TPI intake (feels more indicative of that time period versus the intake offered in the kit). I'm sure there will be some other changes here and there as I go along. Speaking of wheels, here are the ones I've designed to fit the kit tires. They are meant to resemble Boyds Sport 6 wheels, and are a staggered 14"/15" combo. I've also chosen the main color, a very 90s teal courtesy of the Geo Tracker. I am going to complement it with some yellow and magenta as well.
  5. Finished this up today, second of these kits I've built, probably the last. Very fiddly construction, not many positive attachment points, vague instructions. For bikes I think I'll go with a bit larger scales from now on. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  6. I too am working on the Revell of Germany 1/16 356B coupe. I haven't built a Porsche since the original Revell 914 in what, 1971? Also don't build larger scales, but I liked the way HPIGuy's build looked. My LHS didn't have it (now they do), and the mail order giants were out of stock as well. Got mine on eBay from Burbank's House of Hobbies in SoCal. Great seller BTW, and I like that I am supporting an LHS, even if they aren't my LHS. As drodg said, the engine is a bit blobular. I don't think I am going to go too far to change that. I still have to detail paint the engine tin and install it with the generator and air cleaners. The model sits a tiny bit low in the front which restricts the movement of the steerable wheels. The tires rub on the inner wheelhouses. Mine is all painted which causes issues with the snap together aspect, but it's easy enough to clean out the joining areas. A bit of mine is glued because it is more solid that way. Color is Testor's Italian Red over Tamiya pink primer with wet look clear. That is pretty much the same as the molded red color. I have been having trouble with roughness in the red and clear, and wound up stripping the bumpers. I need to do a little color sanding and polishing of the body. My research showed that the 356B coupe circa 1960 could have a red, black, or grey interior with red paint. Not 100% sure if that is true, but I decided to go with grey. Tamiya AS28 and TS48. Used different blacks and metallics on other parts. Was fairly happy with Metalizer aluminum on the transaxle, and Magnesium on the engine. After it dried, the engine got a wash of The Detailer to make the cooling fins stand out. Some sadistic person at R.O.G. though it was necessary to have a Porsche crest on the shift knob. I managed to get the decal in place fairly easily, but was sweating the whole time. Wish I had better pictures, but the sun is so low in the sky it makes long shadows any time of the day now. Someday I will make a photo booth.
  7. This may have been the most difficult kit I've ever attempted. Lots of small delicate parts, several of them broken and needing repairs. Decals were trash but I tried to save the logos best I could. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  8. I was looking at this thread: I don't know where the dead link above led to, but, here's the story of the Aurora Racing Scenes in Tom West's own words. I formerly published it on the old StraightLineModeler website. He was gracious enough to write this piece, and email me a bunch of his design drawings for the series. Tom is missed. He had a great love of drag racing, and had a ton of stories, as well. He was a great guy. I hope you enjoy it!
  9. Originally a Lindberg (possibly even a Pryo kit first?) kit, now packaged under the MPC label, presumably to mesh with all the previous MPC large scale motorcycle reissues: Older, original Lindberg kit for comparison:
  10. Hello everyone. I found this Entex kit at my local hobby store for $60. I'm a big fan of these old brass era autos. The kit features the 1910 Thomas Flyer Model M 6 - 40. Possibly the best Thomas ever built, it had the companies most powerful 6 cylinder engine (64Hp @ 1500RPM) and highest price tag. Surprised I haven't seen any of these cars built on this forum. I've seen many Mercers (which I eventually want to build) but not these Thomas's Anyways, I started getting the engine assembled. The cylinder heads were put together along with the brass priming cups. Before the heads were mounted to the block, i installed the valve springs. Finally the flywheel was installed. The car on the box art is green but I feel that RED what look good on the car. Along with natural rubber white colored tires
  11. Hi all from Texas, I am what some reference as a obsessed automobile afficianodo. Enjoy all scales .including 1to1. But the model car scene is my favorite. Mostly American muscle in my collection. Work in the materialhandling industry. As a feild tech. Also have a slight obsession with anything with wheels on it. Also enjoy rc surface hobby with friends and family. Thoroughly enjoy seeing other peoples take on their techniques and modeling. I know this sight and the people who are regulars on this site are amazing .
  12. This is a mockup while I smooth out the seams on my 1/16 Karmann Ghia project. There were flat spots in the body casting in the nose, right above the point where the lower apron glues in place, so I'm taking extra time in an effort to build up the proper contour. If it doesn't start coming together soon, it's going to get primer, rust, peeling paint and I'll pass the front end off as old body damage. Engine will be finished off with scratch-built manifolds and linkage for 3D printed Weber IDA's I purchased from Shapeways. I'm also contemplating a more traditional hot rod/low rider wheel and tire combo for the planned super-low ride height. We'll see how it goes, eh?
  13. I have this one started now but it's going rather slow. The cab is a 1/16 Ertl International diecast cab from the 70's. The trailer is a Wyanndott pressed steel trailer for the early 50's. As you can see the cab has been well played with a painted several times. Here is the cab cleaned up and shown with the tailer as found.
  14. Here is a JD tractor that was made by Ertl back in the mid 60's. It is 1/16 die-cast and someone had replaced the front wheels and the rear wheels were broken. As Found Hosted on Fotki Filled in the seams and added a PTO shaft and 3 point hitch brackets Hosted on Fotki Made a custom steering column and added levers. Hosted on Fotki Added 3 point hitch and converted it to a wide front. Plus nice coat of paint. Hosted on Fotki Some duals, some fat front tires, front weights and decals and it's ready for the museum. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Thanks for looking, AzTom
  15. First time I've tried one of these. I've been inspired by Harry and Frank and Skip's builds on here and thought I would try one. I started with this eBay glue bomb, took the better part of 2 weeks in the purple pond to strip the paint, some pretty rugged stuff whatever it was! The rear axle was in 5 pieces, the front in 2. I drilled and pinned the breaks, used super glue. The biggest challenge was (re)attaching the fenders, as most of the supports had been broken off. I reinforced with epoxy to get them to stay on at all. The only thing I didn't fix was the headlight supports, I just glued them onto the body. If I do it over I will drill and bend up some wire for the proper mounts. Not up to the standards of some of you guys, but I had a lot of fun with it and plan to tackle a few more. These brass era cars are very interesting! Thanks for looking, comments welcome!
  16. It's been quite some time since I was here, but it looks like this drag racing forum sure picked up speed! I could remember an echo in here, now there's folks taking and posting 1/16th (my fav) Just a shout out to two incredible time consuming builds by Mooneyz and Vintagedragfan....the Calif. Charger and the Army F/C are UNBELIEVABLE......makes me want to sell a car and buy a lathe, but then I would NEVER come out of the shop. I thought I knew detail, but I don't I was lucky enough to grow up in the golden years of drag racing, and my dad worked with a lot of racers, our home track was Fremont, and I saw ALL the iconic cars of the day....I am also old enough to actually have bought the Revell 1/16th models off the shelf when they first came out. It is SO good to see how many people have found this hobby again.... Anyway, to get to the reason of the post. I have been stockpiling parts and pieces, and am feeling the need to start building again, so I thought I would hollar out to any folks with photos of a few cars. Mike Sullivan's Fiat Fuel Altered (the blue one) Prudhomme's or McEwen's Hot Wheels FED's (Snake - Mongoose - for search purposes) Howard Cam's Rattler (the orange FED that slixx made the 1/16th decal set for) What I have is a good collection of drag cars....all sorts, floppers and rails mostly, name drivers, unique cars, I have some I have taken myself, but most are from years of collecting from the NET.... I also have very high quality digitals of drag boats and a lot from the pits for details if anyone is doing a drag boat model.... anyway, so good to see the hobby going well, and I look forward to watching a few builds take place..... ps.....has anyone done the JT-Graphics 1/16th Hot Wheels Snake or Mongoose build? (that's why I would love some photos of those cars!)
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