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Found 20 results

  1. Another one in the books. Not my favorite era of the squarebody, but I'm pretty happy with how this one came out. Enjoy!
  2. Found these listed on Stevens International website today: AMT-1230 - 1/25 Miller Beer GMC Astro 95 Semi Tractor Cab AMT-1238 - 1/24 Ford LTL9000 Semi Tractor Cab
  3. Hi all! I would like to show you my latest build - Kit from Revell GMC Pickup with snow plow but built in civil version. Initial kit is pure on interior details and in engine bay. It required a lot of improvements and parts manufacturing from scratch. Some of the extđÁrior parts were machined from aluminum. Aftermarket was also used. For interior I machined door panels. Wooden finish decals were user from the equal Chevy 4x4 kit. Steering wheel whom Chevy SS kit but restyled to GMC shape. Pedals, gear selector are scratched. Chassis were detailed with wire, bolts and brake lines, steering gear also added. Engine detailed with scratched parts and aftermarket. Body painted in two colors an finished with 2k clear cote. Please have a look on a results and hope you enjoy it..
  4. Well this one is all done! Amt 94 sonoma. Converted it to a 97. Changed the steering wheel, intake manifold, intake and some underhood stuff. Slammed on pegasus wheels with painted centers and painted a factory color for 97-00. I love the way this one turned out. I just need to add rear shocks lol.
  5. Well with round 2 reissuing this kit I figured I could build one of many from my stash lol. I'm building this truck as a 97 with a updated steering wheel and Pewter/gold stripes I'm editing myself. The paint on this build is the actual paint from my 1:1 99 Sonoma, it was only available from 97-00 and isn't very common. My one complaint about round 2 reissuing this kit is the "95" kit has the wrong wheels, this is the original "94" issue and these wheels are the correct ones. Anyways here's my build:
  6. Again try to keep them simple and clean. I really like the stance on this one. Testors Nassau blue met.
  7. I'm looking to make a scaled model of GMC's big block 305 V6 engine and I can't find any specs or actual dimensions or drawings of the engine. If someone already has it modeled in CAD let me know since I want to model the engine in Solidworks to make a GMC version of Revell's Suburban kit and 3D print everything. I just want to have the correct specs to model it properly. If you have the actual engine and you measured it or you know someone with the dimensions of the engine or if you somehow have GMC original blueprints of the engine that would be great.. I won't ask questions lol. I know about the gmcguy6066 website but I couldn't find any drawings with dimensions.
  8. Looks to be a reissue of the Monogram "High Roller" GMC pickup, right down to the (all one direction) Ground Hawg tires. I'm guessing the tan and grey areas will be decals, and you'll need to paint the body an olive color to get the full camo effect. Instructions can be viewed here: http://manuals.hobbico.com/rmx/85-7226.pdf
  9. I am looking to build a replica of my 1984 Chevy 1 ton 4x4 service truck (ex Fire Truck). I plan to scratch built the bed and I am using the AMT Wrecker and the 1984 Chevy(Fall Guy truck) to get the parts needed to look right. However, I need a 454. I have looked at Hobbylinc and I can find several with a 409, and tons with a Small block(ie 350 or 327) but no 454(or 366) Big Blocks. Can anyone suggest a kit that would have a good 454? I don't care if it has a blower, but as close to stock as possible would be nice, however I will work with what I can get. I just don't want a tiny small block in my truck.
  10. This was not the ex-Lindberg 1/20 scale GMC High Rider pickup kit I was expecting: I was thinking it'd be the red, super-polished plastic '94+ version, so this is a mildly pleasant surprise. This appears to be the Baja Racer version (though not the factory first gen S-10 Baja), only stock, not with all the aftermarket parts and decals (maybe those are optional and included?). Mike W, did you build this one?
  11. I felt dirty after getting the Ford Bronco kit. I've always been a GM guy. So, I went out and picked this kit up. I made it to look like the truck I would love to own.
  12. Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce you a modelcar build from Russia. I finished it a year ago. That was a 1/25 scale snap-kit by Revell with quite poor detailization. I just added some details as resin tires, mud flaps from sandpaper, antennas, steel rope on a winch, chain on a front bumper. Also carried some work on the winch itself. Headlights were replaced by new ones. I used decals from the box, but they were cut on my demand. Weathering effects were made using plaster and enamel paints. By the way there's another truck featuring on some photos - GMC plow truck by Revell, 1/24 scale, that was my previous build. Hope you'll enjoy this one! Best regards, Dmitry.
  13. I live in Missouri and in the summer I love to go down to our beautiful streams and canoe on the rivers. The canoe rental company I rent from is Jadwin Canoe rental. Over the winter I thought I'd make a truck that you might see them using to shuttle canoes and people back and forth on the river. I started with the Revell Trucks, GMC Pick Up. The paint is an acrylic artist paint made by Golden and applied through a dual action air brush. It is great stuff. While it may seem expensive, coverage is great and you hardly need to use any. You dont have to thin it, water clean up is a snap, and it covers great. I used the hair spray method to create the rusty paint job. I think the trick to success with this method is to not let the hair spray or the paint dry too long. You really need to do the procedure within 24 hours or the paint dries too hard and you cant get it off. I think you also need to use an acrylic paint. I've never had luck with enamels with this method. I also used Vallejo washes and Mig Pigments for the first time. Both work great! Highly recommended. The rack for the canoes was made from brass square and soldered together. The paddles were hand made from coffee stirs. The canoes were cheap toy canoes bough on line for less than $5.00. The pin stripe decals on them really made them come alive. Skills I was trying to work on with this project were: Painting with an airbrush, hair spray technique, rust through on body panels, soldering, making my own decals, miniaturizing maps and brochures, and general weathering using pastel chalks and washes. I hope you like it. If you have never tried making truck or car look used and beat up, you should. It's a lot of fun and if you screw something up, put a little more rust on it.
  14. Good Day Folks! I am currently using the Revell 1977 Pickup kit to make a camper special. I don't really care for the engine that is included has it lacks detail, so I was wondering what kit or aftermarket engine could I use instead? Thank You in advance for your suggestions, -Steven
  15. I bought this model because I love wreckers of all kind. But when researching this particular model I found little to nothing. So I decided to post this build. I don't wanna keep it stock, so I made a custom 8-10 inch lift kit by using the snow plow mounts from the Gmc snow plow truck 1/24 model. I will keep you guys updated thanks in advance.
  16. This is the Van from the movie "Short Circuit", a cute movie from the 80s about an errant robot that escapes its creators and helps a young woman find love. The Van is a Chevy "Candy Van" kit from AMT with GMC grille and scratchbuilt box cargo area. The decals are exclusive to Pattos Place. Special thanks to Doobie for the GMC grille. The rims and tires are from scene unlimited. You can catch up on the build here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/103932-gmc-box-truck/
  17. It all started with one little story I told Model Brain, here on this forum. Then he gave me a box full with G20 parts and 3 (!!) bodies! It came in earlier, a lot earlier. But I decided it was time to start this project. Jonathan allready did a tremendous job cutting out the windows, their not completly the same, but that will be fixed along the build. I'm happy with this generous gift and will have a blast building it! My plan is to take a old family hauler that has been put away and save it by making it more powerfull and better cornercarving with newer suspension. Any suggestion's on donorkits? This will be a loooong period project because I don't have a lot of money and time. Wheels were leftover from Revell's '69 Corvette and tires are from a C4 diecast wich I tore apart. And the other part of Jon's gift! Hope you guys like to follow it and since this is my first build here I will tell you guys, I not a fast builder. Do you have tips on things I need to pay attention to or donorkits, let me know, I'm still a rookie builder. Jamie
  18. My wife wanted a model to display in her office at LAD (Land Area Development) at Virgnia DOT, so I decided to do up the Revell snow plow kit as a worktruck for her... Light bar from the Chevy Rescue kit... Parts bin air cleaner, carb, and proper intake manifold... Coming along pretty quickly.... More to come.
  19. I (finally) finished this one late last year or early this year. It's the Revell/Monogram GMC Syclone. I suspect the fit issues you see are because of me and not a fault of the kit. Since most Syclones were black on black, I painted my silver.
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