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  1. i imagine they would block off the grille like this. I also like the color. I've never built this kit. Can anything be done to narrow the front wheel track?
  2. looks well done. definitely has a boy racer look.
  3. sounds like a nightmare. you made it look good tho. like the stance.
  4. I think this is the first one of these i've seen build. nice job. looks fast.
  5. ok, it's a crazy hat for your convertible jag. very odd.
  6. odd color choice, but you made it work. looks fabulous.
  7. AMT did the Viper prototype, not the production version. Nice build, Bart. looks good
  8. i watched the build. it came out beautiful
  9. 10 years later...Paul Payne arrives. check the date before posting, 😋 i hope Jeff is still active here.
  10. It's nice on it's own, but makes it that little bit special as a set.
  11. beautiful paint. love the stance
  12. batmobile looks spot on and that Futura is awesome.
  13. I certainly thought about wheels ...before finishing it off as Anakin's Pod Racer
  14. dang, that's a mega transformation
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