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  1. With work on the tub stalled for lack of paint I started on the engine. It’s a very simple assembly and after some sanding and filling it was primed. Im deviating from the paint scheme a little. Some bits go together easier than others. First time airbrushing on a model! bring some elements together, paint some fine details and the pretty rough quality of the Italeri kit fades a bit.
  2. Joining the upper and lower sections of the tub presented the next issue, how to deal with the seam. It’s just ended up being a case of fill, sand, fill, sand until it looked ok. Then once I’d done that to a point where I was fed up out came the Primer and all the bad bits became visible. Looks good from afar! Just kept on refining the finish. Eventually it paid off to a point where I’m happy to prime it for the silver. Except the paint to do that is lost in a postal system bogged down with COVID.
  3. That’s the one. Obviously there’s scope to adjust things a bit more to suit the lines of the Wolf.
  4. brake and clutch masters nearly done. Just have to paint the lids (I’m doing black lids) and add a little wash to bring out the detail a bit. Testing the rack, steering shaft and instrument fit. Have to make sure the universal joint turns correctly etc. Getting an idea of how the instrument panel fits. Finally bonding the two chassis sections. Then filling the join, then more sanding.
  5. I’m still sanding! After looking at some other peoples builds I think the amount of effort that I’m putting into prep will pay off. having to fill the pedal pads and so on because of the styrene shrinkage is a disappointment.
  6. I’ve decided to work along with the Modelersite guide and assemble the tub halves ASAP before painting the exterior of the tub. However I figured spraying the inside elements would give me a better finish if anyone took a good look down into the cockpit or up the footwell. Tamiya Gloss Aluminium spray works so well. A side effect of spraying the inside was that the overspray on the outside acts as a guide coat for the sanding. The mould line on this side is too bad to sand away and instead the step will need to be filled. It also highlighted some depressions from shrinkage of the plastics. I’ll try to fill these. While I think it’s acceptable for an “alloy” tub to have some waves in it, such a severe dent is definitely not a realistic feature. Putty is a new thing to me (this being the 2nd kit since coming back to the hobby after a 30 year break). I’m getting better at the application. I see sanding in my future. I see a lot of sanding in my future! Built and painted the steering rack. It’s chrome silver, and will be masked up whe I spray the exterior of the tub. I’ll brush paint the steering arms as I add the finer pint details to all the elements on the tub exterior.
  7. I’ll give it a good attempt. It’s all a learning curve for me I am keenly awaiting the re-release of the McLaren MP4/2 - and should really pick up the Mefistofele as it’s F1 of sorts from another era completely! Still this is enough to well and truely convince me that Tamiya really are a benchmark
  8. A few weeks ago I saw this on the Local Hobby Shop shelf and it was a “I’ll have that” moment. It was a spur of a moment that made me start it today, but first the ugly truths. Box art looks great. The build manual is terrible. Very few indicators of colour, it’s a colour print of a third generation copy! So I ponied up the cash and got a guide from Modelersite. It at least gives alternative angles photos and some basis for colours etc. So much stuff is molded as part of the main chassis tub. That would be great if there weren’t some terrible parting lines and mould flash etc to clean up. It’s also going to be a real “challenge” to paint around. When the two halves are brought together the joins are going to need a massive amount of filling. I guess that’s why the Modelersite guide suggests bonding them together before painting, which is exactly my plan now too. Ive glued in all the hard mount points for the front suspension. Hopefully I can blend them well enough. More really difficult things to paint around. I assembled the steering rack, as it has to be built in as part of the assembly. I will start basic paintwork next.
  9. Not much progress on this as I have to try and get final Pearl White coat on the body. Hopefully I have enough paint because we are locked down pretty had at the moment and that means no browsing around for paint.
  10. From unsightly divots, to blobs and back to a smooth surface! I guess this is an example of how through the build I’ve come to learn about building better, and the steps necessary to do so. I made a wash to dull down the brightness of the calipers and make more of the feature details stand out. I’m exceptionally happy with the result. It’s really important to me that I give things I’ve not done before a go, push myself to continuously improve etc. At the rear end I went back to Mr Color Weathering Finish. It also did what I needed and because it’s not based on the same solvents as the paint it’s easier to work with. In any case I’m glad I tried it and will continue to attempt to up my paint game in the next build.
  11. Thanks. Legitimately 30 years maybe 31. Been doing microelectronics/drones, 1:1 car stuff and so on in between and nothing like tapping the skills I’ve had to develop. I actually look at it and still see a lot of room for improvement. I’m a bit short on sanding supplies and tools, and my painting is a bit hit and miss. As winter draws to a close here I’m hoping to do some airbrushing on the next one. Have to invest in some more tools for that though!
  12. Painted up the wheels and mounted the tyres. Built up the front uprights and assembled the brake discs onto them. Last but of structural assembly has commenced (wing mount). I really need to work on my workspace tidiness for my next build. Filling some moulding divots on the inside of the front wing end plates.
  13. had a shock fail on install so bit of a build hiccup there. Calipers and uprights for the front. mock up fit.
  14. Headers were finally attached to the engine this week. Left a lot of time for them to cure into position and started back this past weekend by building up the rear uprights and starting work on the fronts. Prop and glue and lean and prop. The instructions aren’t great at describing how this should be done and at what angle so I eyeballed it and hope it all fits. Both sides done. I’m still pretty happy with my efforts on the build. I’m starting to understand more about when and where to invest prep time and ho much further I need to go with prep. Rear uprights started. Wheels assembled so I can paint them. Attaching all the suspension pickup points to the uprights. Starting to put together all the sud-sections for the front uprights. Haven’t really started to work on fixing up the paint problem on the body yet, but once the weather improves I will have to get into that, then make the mask to paint the blue sections. I think I’ve got 2 or 3 weeks of work left.
  15. Protar/Italeri did a McLaren MP4/2C and Alfa Romeo 179/179C. The Alfa was a recent rerelease (like your Renault) and there are some about. I think the McLaren is a real-soon-now rerelease. I’m hoping to get one of each just to broaden my range of 1/12 F1 kits as Tamiya has a heap of 1970’s stuff and not much of that later period.
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