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  1. 22 minutes ago, Casey said:

    Is it correct on the model? Is that piece represented on the A-pillar?

    Its not. I was wondering if mpc modified a mold for something else way back in the day 

    This was from the last issue from around 8 years ago. I just painted the whole pillar chrome. I'm sure the new one will be same especially due to the box art. 


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  2. 8 hours ago, Beans said:

    Your glass problem is the wing windows.  They don't fit well with the interior tub.  It's been a little bit since I built this one, but as I recall, the tub cuts in around the windows but not nearly enough.  I had to thin the wall on the interior and cut down the wing window slightly to get them to fit together.  

    Had to do the same thing as you with the back side of the interior.  I opened the trunk so I had the hinge bracket I made to attach the rear of the interior to.  But overall yes, it is a struggle to get the interior to fit where it should.  

    Yeah I bent and filed a lot, lucky my build was patina so it wasn't an issue peeling off the body multiple times. I had to superglue the chassis so the car wouldn't sit so high. I didn't have nearly this much trouble building the 67 coupe in high school. I wouldve figured the front half is same

  3. I'm working on one now, and what an awful kit. I clearanced the rear of the interior tub to let the chassis settle in better, and made tabs so the back of the chassis would have somewhere to locate, but when I assembled the interior and glass, there was more interference! When I set the rear of the chassis, the front comes out, when I set the front, the rear comes out.. Anyone ever figure out what to modify to make this car buildable? You'd never think that these are the same people that make the 63 nova wagon 

  4. 10 minutes ago, Ron57 said:

    I've ordered some chrome paint pens for this build. I've never used them before but I'm homing they work better than foil.


    We shall see......

    I like to use molotow chrome pens, kinda scared of foil haha.. that color looks great, Im always looking for 60s 70s style rattle can colors 

  5. On 9/15/2021 at 5:41 AM, CabDriver said:

    What were you expecting to be disappointing about it? 


    Unrelated, and maybe covered already, but spotted that Atlantis is selling their 1/16th drag tires as stand-alone parts, for those of you who have reason to stock up on those...


    They've also got some individual glass sets for some of their kits available - would be cool if they started offering some of their most desirable parts individually!


    I mostly worry about ugly/ incorrect style tires, since I've heard some complaints about the 1/16 vega ones 

  6. 35 minutes ago, Foghorn Leghorn said:

    I'm intrigued by that clear coat.

    I wanna try some, spray a few coats, then wet-sand with some really fine paper to smooth it out. Then blow on one last coat or two. If it behaves like lacquer, it can be fine-sanded & compounded.

    This is one of those clears that you gotta do everything within 2 hours or wait "48" although I think it has to be more

    I do your method with Mr hobby UV clear, however 


  7. 58 minutes ago, Mark said:

    At this point, I'd give up on using Molotow on trim like that.  I've only seen two Molotow-on-all-exterior-trim jobs in person.  One guy in the local IPMS chapter masked off an entire car body and airbrushed all of the trim with it.  It looked great, but to my knowledge he hasn't done it again.  The other was on an unpainted but polished promo body molded in color.

    Why not BMF the Ranchero?  Even if the foil job comes out only half as nice as the paint, it'll still look great...

    I'm afraid of BMF. Ive been using molotow for a while now,, but normally over mr hobby or testors lacquer clear. Maybe one day I'll get fed up and try. Just got back into the hobby last year and been trying to learn and do new things 

  8. 4 hours ago, CabDriver said:

    Has anyone tried this stuff over acrylics?  I’m curious as to how hot it is - that finish looks GREAT!

    Looks like it self levels really nicely!  Anyone had any issues with it crazing styrene or anything like that?

    It doesn't craze styrene.. well, I shot it over a bare / poorly prepped revell body and it looked pretty good


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  9. 49 minutes ago, espo said:

    The Moebius Chevy II and the Ramp Truck look like something I would have to have, did they offer info on anything else ? Pegasus, when are their wheels and tires returning to the open market ? The Atlantis kits look interesting and the '55 and '57 Bel Airs sure look like old Revell kits ? 

    I saw a bunch of their old wire wheels on an Instagram post from modelroundup yesterday 





  10. 20 minutes ago, Casey said:

    I have to wonder if the parts specific to the Street Rat/red version are lost and gone forever, as it's been 20+ years since it's been reissued, and the black version has been seen multiple times in that span.


    Or not. Looks like a mix of parts from both versions, with new BFG tire decals. 

    The chevelle kit does say 2 n 1 🤔

  11. These cars all all shot with nail polish cut about 50% with lacquer thinner. Here in hawaii its harder to get nice colors, just use a good primer. Tamiya or duplicolor primer sealer works good for me 

    Revlon and CVS brand nail polish seems to lay pretty good. Haven't tried OPI and Essie yet





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