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  1. A great race!!! As far as I am concerned, Le Mans always is. Peugeout tire strategy was questionable. The best Team won, but maybe not the best car? The end was worth getting up at 2am central to watch till the end. I am disappointed that the vettes didn't win 'cause Ron is my boy, plus Johnny O is Cool with a capital C. For me, it is so hard to not root for every team in one way or another. Some of the Peugeout drivers were darn well daring, I like McNish at audi too. It was good to see Jaques Villenueve doing something constructive and not self insulting (ie nascar). And yes, I am narrow minded. I watched nascar until in became cookie cutter ######. Which, despite the good racing, grand-am has become too. Overall, it is nice to know there are others out there.... Later, Greg ps- narrow minded or not, I didn't go to a nascar thread and insult them!
  2. Oh yeah! That is awesome! That being said, what do you think of the kit? Any pitfalls? Did you use any aftermarket? And why did you choose to build it a curbside? So many questions, but I have that kit in the I hope I get to build it this year pile. Thanks again for sharing your build.
  3. ######, that is waaay cool. I would be scared to death (yeah it is a pun) to get in a build off with you. There is love for low rider guys here. I mean in a manly sense, that is. I am not a low rider builder, but they are one of my favorites to see. The artistry is truly, well, artistic. And as for haters, in the 1/1 world, I was coming back from a fire call (I am a fireman) and I got my Lt to pull over to see a car show. A real live DeTomaso Pantera caught my eye, but there were all kinds of low riders, and donks there. My first real donk, I've ever seen! I really enjoyed seeing the pride and variety in the cars. Other than the Pantera owner, we were (mainly me) shunned and even glared at. My first time being around "car guys" that didn't want to talk cars. I guess low rider guys have no love for Fire Engines. So, no hatin' out of me. Cars, no matter the genre, are a great thing, and I would have really missed out if you wouldn't have posted your fantastic build here. So, I thank you for that. Later, Greg
  4. Just us three???? No more? First, I have never been to a model club meeting before. So, it is a clean slate with me. I am ###### sure not a know-it-all, and quite the opposite, well maybe not, 'cause that would mean I am know nothing at all. So, we will have to compare schedules, and find a place to meet. No laughing at my paint jobs! I need a lot of work in that area. Well, get back with me and let me know. Any other takers out there let me/us know too. Later, Greg
  5. Well, well, hello fellas, nice to know that there are others out there! I knew somebody had to be out there buying kits and paint from Hobby Lobby besides me. I am out on the Northwest side/Sea World part of town, but for car comaraderie, I'm willing to drive. My main interests follow my 1/1 tastes. I like F1, sports/endurance racing, and sports cars in general. I do appreciate anything automotive, however. Hmm.... Are there any more of us out there????? Who knows, maybe we can get enough people to start a club. And then we can bombard Alamo Squadron's Model Fiesta with Automobiles! Later, Greg
  6. Oops! Sorry about forgetting about all the awesome strait line stuff out there too! As a mustang guy I am partial to the Fun Ford Weekend, and NMRA stuff, but I know that is just a tip of the iceberg. I have heard a lot of criticism about pinks, but the all-out version shows a lot of weekend warrior types with a ton of diversity. Pretty cool in my book. All in all, cars going fast is a good thing. And building replicas of them (and all things automotive/truck etc) is a great thing. Whether I agree or not with anybody or even everybody on this forum, it is very, very cool in my book to be in a community of car fanatics, 1/1 or 1/24 etc. Thanks for keeping the faith. Later, Greg
  7. Hmm..... Senna taking out Prost anyone? Or a couple of Schumacher vs Hill and vice versa? Anyone? The no launch control launch in France '94? and now, the Mclaren spying last year. Acid bathed body parts by all in the old/real Trans Am series. Smokey Yunick, etc etc... S*it happens. I agree with the SCCA stuff, but NASA has some truly kick a** stuff too. American Iron baby!!!!! Personally (well on TV anyways), in the recent past I have seen some awesome racing. The ALMS Audi/ lmp vs Porsche/ lmp2 stuff, the ugly a** DP's put on a good show too. I really enjoyed Monaco last week. Ferrari is my team, but I don't always like their drivers. Poor Sutil getting taken out by Kimi. The rain really put the focus on strategy, and without traction control, car control. I do miss the Panoz cars in the ALMS though. Some of the stuff that Magnuson did was crazy! That ballsy pass on the corkscrew at Laguna Seca against the mighty Audi R8R! Good stuff is still out there, it just doesn't start with a NAS and end in a CAR. Just my two cents. Later, Greg Ps- it only takes one Mustang to beat a toyota, mine.
  8. I am probably one of your customers too. I am a firefighter for San Antonio, Texas. I have been for 9 years, before that USMC for 10 1/2 years. Originally from Clearwater, Florida and worked for Subway there! One uniform to another! Later, Greg
  9. Hello there, 'stang is looking good! Any tidbits or quirks that other builders should know about? Hi Curt, thanks for the info on MRRN. During the time it was published, I was in the Marines, so needless to say, my model building was intermittent at best. That magazine has always been a great source of inspiration, and I too, still read through the issues I have. Wouldn't it be great for someone to compile them all and publish it in book form? I think that would be a great help to many builders today. Undoubtedly, the best articles of its kind. Years ago, I let a guy use my AAR cuda issue for reference in building an Swede Savage 1:1 racecar. When your model magazine is good enough to help a guy build a real car, well, what better compliment is there than that?! Thanks again Curt. Take care, Greg
  10. Hey guys, I had to add my two cents to this one. Although NASCAR is a MAINSTREAM moneymaker, I thought niche market networks, were just that, for a target audience, hence a niche. When Fox bought Speedvision, I knew this was going to happen. They want to get as much exposure for their large investment in broadcasting NASCAR. I used to like NASCAR. Now I feel like it is rammed down my throat, and I am not afforded the opportunity to watch the motorsports I like best, ie F1, sportscars of any kind, vintage racing, and programs like that. Remember stuff like "Lap of the gods", and "Victory by Design"? Some of the shows do show craftmanship, so I think that is acceptable, ie Low Life, and no, I am not a lowrider guy, but I can appreciate the talent for the paint! Unique Whips is just a rent a tire for the rich. Stupid! Ooh, I can change a tire, can I get a program? Oh, I miss Speedvision. It was my only escape from the jerkwater of the motorsports world that San Antonio is. So, as a rebel, I am boycotting NASCAR, till they allow some other racing in the USA. Just my view. Later, Greg
  11. That is nice! I love the colors too. The overhaulin concept sounds cool. I am looking forward to it. There was a lincoln like yours on the Low Life on speed. Was it you? Later. Greg
  12. Okay, so I'm no techie. I could only put two of the five pages, and I duplicate the same one! If you want, just PM me with your email address, and I KNOW that I can do that! Anybody else for that matter. The scans are actually pretty good if you magnify them. The detail doesn't show well reduced. Please continue to post, and maybe give us some pointers on that kit too. Oh yeah, I also looked in my copy of Mustang Racecars by Dr John Craft. No detail shots on the GTP. However, it has some good ones of the Roush Trans Am mustangs. Later. Greg
  13. Hello again, I am going to try my technical savy (or lack of) and load some of the pictures of the rhd conversion. Hopefully I don't get sued for this! It is from a now defunct magazine called MRRN/MRN. For motorsports builders, it was, and still is the holy grail! Even though they were small and black and white, they still, in many ways are light years ahead anything (sorry Gregg) available now. I don't know what happened to the guys who made it, and if they are still around, and if they happened to read this: you rock!
  14. Hello, great pick for a build! A great suject for sure. I have one (or two) of these up in my closet, so it will be nice to see one actually built. When the SSP came out, a magazine called MRRN did an article about this kit. In their build, they did the paint scheme on your box. Problem is, their build mainly focused on converting the car to right hand drive (check the "future" pic you posted). That first season car had a different engine. When they changed engines in the next season, the exhaust/turbo, changed sides with the intake. The kit, despite the livery, is of the 2nd season 7-11 car. They (MRRN) cataloged the changes quite well including, in excellent MRRN form, templates to build any changes. I think the Motorcraft engine is the same out of the Miller IMSA Mustang kit. I hope this is helpful. If you don't have the mag, and GREGG doesn't think it is an infringement on that, much missed mag, I could scan it, and email it. It seems to be quite worth it. I also have a book on Mustang racecars that I will take a look at when I get home tomorrow. If their is anything in it, I'll give you a holler. Have a good one, Greg
  15. That is easy, a Ferrari California Spyder. For me, that is nails on a chalk board. But hey, it is plastic,so why not? Do I smell a little payback in the air? Hmm? For the money, one of those psuedo Miami Vice Daytona Spyders should do the trick. You know what they say " do what you want, as long as it isn't my daughter". If you do make a cringe-mobile, that I gotta see. Why not, somebody on this site is going to mesh a Williams F1 car with a VW I think. Oh yeah, Bosses are the holy grail for 'stangers. This is gonna be a fun topic. Later, Greg
  16. Ismael, I really enjoyed the links. You took a modest kit, and made it really cool. A lot of RoG's F1 kits leave a lot to be desired, but for the subject matter alone it is worth it. I like the fact that they also cover some of the, well, non-podium cars too. I'm hoping that the reissued Hasegawa Ferraris are a sign that they will do the same with some of their others from that era. They do have a lot! All in all, a great build of a great car. Something tells me that JV will get bored quick with NASCAR. Oh yeah, one quick question, which brand of composite decals did you use? F1 Specialties has a bunch of original kit decals including the ones from the Williams too. If I ever get off of work and get a chance to build, I'll try and shoot some pics of my wip, it is the MSM creation conversion of a Ferrari F2003GA to a Sauber Petronas C23. I'm not sure how accurate it will be. While I'm rambling again, I saw in the coming attractions at Stradasports a conversion to the Redbull Star Wars car! I am also a big fan of corvette racing, yesterday and today. I am going to try and get over to Houston (3hrs away) to see them at the ALMS race next month. I have yet to see them live. Thanks again. Regards, Greg
  17. Ismael, Thanks, and AWESOME! Your FW19 is fantastic. I've heard that kit is a booger too. Looks great! I never even thought to look in youtube. My kids are going to tell me "duh" when I tell them. It is so cool to see all that footage. A lot of that I had to read about, or see in highlight footage. I was in the Marines back then and therefore perpetually sans TV. Why they wouldn't let us have one with a sat dish in the back of our amtraks, I'll never know. Back to modelling.... Australia will be my version. Same wings, camera, refuelling etc as kit. I just need to find a way for the atrocious kit decals work with some mild sevens. Totally doable. As I am rambling, do you have the FW19 build posted? I actually have one of those in the pile too. What is your next F1 project going to be? By the way, can you tell that there is no one to talk to about F1 racing let alone modelling in San Antonio? Thanks again, your Williams and the F1 footage has made my day. Regards, Greg
  18. Thanks again for the info. The B195 pic is great. I actually have this kit and the mild sevens from F1 Specialties. They are great people there. As for the Bitburgers, the kit came with them. It seems that they were on the car the last few races of the season, but I can only find pics of the French version without the mild sevens. Rear wing is incorrect for that car, so I can't even build it right from the box! I actually found, and for sale I might add, chassis 08 that won several races, and even shunted Damon Hill for the 1pt win! I would like to model that car, but I don't have the Benetton Sport Systems decal for the side pods! Dilema if I want to build it right. It is truly a great life I have if this is the was the only dilemas I had! Talking about, cars and doing car research, I guess life is good. Thanks again, and I hope we can share F1 info, and enthusiasm for the sport. Regards, Greg ps- nice to know that there are other F1 fans here too!
  19. Hey Brendan, thanks for the heads up on GPMA. I am now waiting for my application to be approved. I did see a couple of B194's on their site, but they are not the scheme I'm looking for. I'm pretty sure once on, that I'll learn a lot. It always does help to have someone who has built a particular kit, tell you the pitfalls and give a few pointers. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that at some point. All I can do now is recommend where to spend your money at! Thanks, Greg
  20. I guess this is more of an intro, since I have been pretty much a spectator until lately. I am a 38 y.o. fireman for the City of San Antonio, Texas. I have lived in San Antonio, and been a fireman since '98. I am NOT a native Texan. I wound up here via the USMC and moral turpitude. Currently between wives, so I must buy as many models as I can while that lasts! Even though I live in the jerkwater of the motorsports world, I am a big fan of auto racing, and sports cars. And, of course, I like to model those subjects. It is hard to believe that the hobby is in bad shape with all the money I spend, ha ha! That is a boat that I'm sure we are all in! Seeing how I am, and probably always will be inept at using smiley faces, feel free to imagine the appropriate smiley in the appropriate places above! Love cars, love the hobby, and yes, the forum too. Long live Model Cars! Regards to All, Greg Broadbear ps- I don't have a Revell '49 Merc on my bench, lol.
  21. Oops, I misspelled awesome, what a dork. Sorry.
  22. Hello Mike, www.stradasports.com and mshobbies.com both carry a neat selection of mesh. Diamond, square, different sizes etc. Manufacturers like S27, and Accustion etc. I hope this helps. Both places have awsome customer service too.
  23. Hey there F1 fans and hopefully experts, I am wanting to build a Revell Benetton B194. I have heard of the "decals from hell" saying might have originated from this kit. Even with several F1 books, and even one specifically on Benetton, I can't seem to get a good record of sponsors vs wings etc. I want to build a version with the cool "bitburgers" on the sidepods, and use "mild sevens", not the "benetton" markings. I don't even know if it raced in this configuration, but if so, I would like to see it so I can get it right. The version that Revell gives you doesn't even exist from what I understand. So, I am going to have to make some changes anyways. I certainly do appreciate the help. I have been a big fan of F1, and modelling for a while, and now I am trying to combine the two. I have had a harsh learning curve with the peculiarites of F1 kits with the Revell Renault, and Sauber Petronas kits. Still, it beats the ###### out of buying a diecast! Again, I do appreciate any help. If not, if I post pics of this kit when done, I BETTER NOT HEAR FROM A SINGLE DARN RIVET COUNTER! Post facto experts after asking for advice,well, grrr! Kidding of course! Everybody, have a great rest of the week!
  24. Dear Gregg, I am returning to the hobby after a few years off. Now that I'm back, I would really love to see a category on sports cars/ road racers/ F1, and other open wheelers. While browsing the other categories, the amount of information, and inspiring pictures are great! Regardless, the forum is great! Regards, Greg ps- I would also love to see another european sports car issue! Loved the Sauber Petronas you built awhile back too!
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