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  1. fastbackfiero added a post in a topic Help with my carbon FXX?   

    No ones built this kit?
    Please, the project is on hold at this point!
  2. fastbackfiero added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Help with my carbon FXX?
    Please help me!
    I love this kit but some of the instructions confuse me (which isnt all that hard!)
    Im putting the rear suspension together which is step 14 in both the tamiya instructions and the SMP intructions.
    My question is: when putting the # 82 a,b,c shock mounts of the SMP kit, I cant figure out how many to use. It seems that if i glue parts B, and C together, the stem wouldnt fit into the shock's mounting hole?!
    And there is a lot of those peices (18 in all).
    Please explain the proper way of using these parts.
    Thanks in advance,
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  3. fastbackfiero added a post in a topic painting my carbon fxx   

    Thanks for the feedback!
    All three cans are lacquer. Everytime ive ever messed with something for automotive, its gone....bad!
  4. fastbackfiero added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    painting my carbon fxx
    Hi everyone!
    I'm about to do the body on the carbon fxx from scale motorsport and I need some help.
    I bought model master primer, black lacquer, and ultra gloss clearcoat (also lacquer).
    Are the carbon decals compatable with these paints? I dont have good, quick access to tamiya paints and I dont airbrush. These were the best I could get.
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  5. fastbackfiero added a post in a topic ...add real lighting?   

    AWWW MAN!!!
    I havent figured out how to post pics!
    I can get them from my phone to my computer but thats it!
    I even tried to change my profile picture but it kept rejecting it.
    Sorry man.
  6. fastbackfiero added a post in a topic ...add real lighting?   

    Thanks! I found a while ago some "upgrade kits" on sale at toysrus for a fastlane R/C generic truck. They are to turn the generic style into either a hummer or a ford pickup. I bought them simply because the tires and wheels were awsome and they were only like two bucks! The point of that is, they were also wired with leds. The headlights and tailights were attatched to the body and run to a very tiny circuit board and then to a small plug that i assume you'd just plug into the chassis of the original truck. I removed these and all the wires. I just need to know if i can use them and how i would do that?
  7. fastbackfiero added a post in a topic ...add real lighting?   

    BUMP for any more advice/help?
  8. fastbackfiero added a post in a topic ...add real lighting?   

    Thanks for the supply web sites guys!
    Id like to have it in a case with an external power switch so i can light it up when desired.
    Anyone know how to hook them up and all those kinds of details?!
  9. fastbackfiero added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    ...add real lighting?
    Whats up everyone!
    I've not posted in a long time... very busy with life and all that junk!
    My 89 batmobile kit was lost for at least a year until I found it while cleaning out my model storage space the other day!
    I started to open all the vents and louvers and since theres no real engine detail to speak of, I wanted to make it as neat as possible.
    I have never messed with led lights before and I was wondering if someone could give me a run down on how to do it, where to get the gear, ect.
    Thanks in advance for the help, im going to try and post some pictures in the "on the workbench" section later.
    P.S. anyone know when the tumbler kit by Moebius will be released?
    Later kids,
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  10. fastbackfiero added a topic in General   

    Photo etched parts question
    Ok, I swear I posted this question, but when I looked for responses, the post didnt exsist!
    If its here and you answered it, I'm sorry.
    My questions are these: can I use super glue for the PE parts? And, whats the best method for removing them from their trees?
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  11. fastbackfiero added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Help with PE parts
    Working on my two tamiya kits (the aston Martin DBS and the Lexus LFA) and Im to the point where I need to use the PE peices.
    I've never used them before, can anybody tell me if I can glue it with superglue?
    Also, whats the best way to detach it from the tree?
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  12. fastbackfiero added a post in a topic do most of you guys detail with paint or use bare metal foil?   

    I think BMF is great looking and to me, its very easy to use. I use it for all kinds of details from trim to wrapping exhaust tips and turbo piping! I've never entered in a contest. so I wouldnt know, but I would think that anything that gives a car a better appearence should be ok.
    Besides, I dont think it would be cheating since the hobby is ever changing in order to make models look better.
  13. fastbackfiero added a post in a topic Painting question?   

    I know the old "black pearl" color was translucent and you had to use silver, or gold under it, but I wasnt sure if this was the same color, just in a different name.
    I definitely want the yellow to be as bright as possible!
    Thanks again,
  14. fastbackfiero added a topic in General   

    Painting question?
    Just two quick questions for you guys!
    I used to use the Testors "black pearl" paint several times long ago, but I recently couldnt find it anymore.
    I was able to get online a can of Testors Model Master "black metallic". My first question is: do I still need to paint a coat of silver before the color with this paint?
    Second question: do I need any metallic base coat under the Tamiya "chrome yellow", or can I just paint a base coat of flat white?
    The black is for the Aston Martin DBS and the chrome yellow is for the LFA (what ever happened to actually NAMING cars???!!!)
    Thanks in advance for the help!
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  15. fastbackfiero added a post in a topic cheap models   

    Mine was also selling the lindberg clear display cases for $4.99.
    Even though the add in the paper said "4 pack", they wrote a thing in the store so you couldnt catch them on it and walk away with four for $4.99!
    Still, a good value!