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  1. I have bought some alluminum tanks on Ebay, but they were solid and very heavy, Jamie from Moluminum makes his hollow so they are light, He does top notch work.
  2. Scott, Fantastic job! If I didn't know any better, I'd say you been building these for quite some time. The colors are real good together and she is really clean. What you need for them outside shots is an asphalt shingle turned upside down with the tabs cut off to make it look like a road. Personally, I vote for the lowboy, but then again, I've built a few of those and am kinda partial to em. I think she'll look great pullin' anything. Tim
  3. Future is the real deal here, it seals and is a great finishing coat. Here is a black molded model that I just clear coated in future with a foam brush, no paint, just future. Hope this helps
  4. The last Peterbilt Alaskan hauler I saw sell on Ebay went for around $120, I have one and have built one, they go together pretty good and are a nice lookin truck as a tridrive. This is just my opinion. Can't tell you what about it is authentic, only that its a nice big truck!
  5. I don't like the looks of the molded belts either, so I turned some pulleys on my lathe and made the belts out of black electrical tape cut to the right width, and they stick on nicely.
  6. lol I'll prolly have to get more pics of it then. The black and red Mack was for sale by the way, $3000 OBO, would be fun to restore. Tim
  7. A little off topic, I ran across a couple old Macks the other day. any idea what this is on the fifth wheel? Just curious Tim
  8. Dave, I think I got my ideas from trailking, and then kind of did my own thing, I used the suspension and wheels from the AMT lowboy kit,(of course that wont help you in 1/16 scale). http://www.trailking.com/trailers/files/TK_Advantage_Series_Hydraulic_Detachable_Gooseneck.pdf Tim
  9. Dave, Congradulations! Job well done. It looks excellent! I don't know enough about these engines to know what liberties you took, so to me, it is perfect. I would sure hate to hide it in a truck, but then again, that's what makes the truck look so real. I am looking forward to seeing your version of a lowboy. Tim
  10. juha, Welcome to the forum, nice clean build there, love the color choice. Tim
  11. Sergy, This looks great so far, Your work is very impressive, thanks for showing us how you are making modifications. Keep us posted. Tim
  12. Chris, This is a beautiful trailer, love the beams and the wood decking, if I had to make a suggestion, it would be to add or paint light buckets around the tail lights to help them stand out a little better and maybe some marker lights on the sides, everything else is top notch. Tim
  13. Both kits look good Tim, even the light green one seams to change colors for the camera a little, but the dark green is my favorite by far.
  14. Welcome aboard, your kits look good, sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Good luck, and keep us posted Tim
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