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  1. On 4/18/2022 at 10:09 PM, mademan said:

    AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalrighty.... back from page 5 with some Minor updates. Mostly stuff that nobody will even notice. Having a 1:1 63 Nova with an aftermarket front subframe (Heidts)  .... not the one pictured but similar.  I couldn't just mount the support tubes to the firewall without proper mounting plates. So I shaped some out of flat styrene and am now waiting for my etch bolt heads to arrive. I've also been messing with headers and have had no luck with big block fenderwell headers ( looking for a set from the Monogram Spirit of 57 Gasser kit)  so I found these 3d headers I had laying around..... which may work with a bit of modification. I am going to dump them right at the toe board anyways so I wont need to worry about exhaust at all.





    On 4/18/2022 at 10:09 PM, mademan said:

    AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalrighty.... back from page 5 with some Minor updates. Mostly stuff that nobody will even notice. Having a 1:1 63 Nova with an aftermarket front subframe (Heidts)  .... not the one pictured but similar.  I couldn't just mount the support tubes to the firewall without proper mounting plates. So I shaped some out of flat styrene and am now waiting for my etch bolt heads to arrive. I've also been messing with headers and have had no luck with big block fenderwell headers ( looking for a set from the Monogram Spirit of 57 Gasser kit)  so I found these 3d headers I had laying around..... which may work with a bit of modification. I am going to dump them right at the toe board anyways so I wont need to worry about exhaust at all.




    If you're looking for a set of headers from the Monogram "Spirit of '57" kit you can quit now. Mainly since that kit was/is a rerelease from MPC/Round2.😉 But seriously now, there's a guy on Ebay that does 3D printing that among numerous other things produces a lot of different headers and his small block fenderwell exit headers are dead on perfect, (at least for the Cyclone one's I'm copying) he's "3dscaleparts" I'm not sure if he has a big block set but it doesn't hurt to check, who knows maybe you'll find something else that you just can't do without.

  2. On 5/13/2022 at 5:18 PM, Ace-Garageguy said:

    I'm assuming these are the "big" Offy engines like the 270-252-255...NOT the little 91 c.i. midget engine?

    Another question...what gearbox is represented?

    The little 91 ci  engine didn't have a transmission just used an in and out box in almost every instance, but at least one of them had a transmission and competed on a road course against the sporty car types and if I remember correctly it even beat them at their own game. This is the big engine and as used in the Indy cars used a two speed gearbox AND a clutch with first gear being used to get rolling and second gear was a direct one to one drive. 

    I'd like one with just the adapter plate as I want to build a track roadster version of a 1:1 car I saw at a car show, it was a very over engineered street roadster and had a small spool quick change behind a C-4 automatic transmission and an open driveshaft. It really impressed me!😳😛

  3. I have seen one of these sedan deliveries listed on Ebay a while back but haven't been able to find one recently and I could use one to make a replica of a 1:1 version I was supposed to do for a friend when I still was in the body and paint business.

    Anyone know where I can find one? Thanks in advance for the replies, Del.

  4. On 4/28/2022 at 8:32 AM, bytownshaker said:

    Larry Check out action-shopper  on E-Bay they have it. 


    That one even looks like it has the '55-'57 adaptor bellhousing that was in the Chevrolet pickups for those years. I don't know if anyone can remember but the panel delivery wagons for those years were allowed to use that transmission in stock classes by NHRA since they were considered to be "commercial" vehicles even though they were never offered as an option in the wagon body style deliveries.

  5. On 4/19/2022 at 9:52 AM, John M. said:

    Atlantis listed the 57 Chevy Nomad in it's 2021 catalog alongside the 57 Chevy 2 Dr. The Chevy 2 Dr. was green lighted for production but not the Nomad. I checked the company's 2022 catalog and the Nomad isn't in it. I'm speculating it's issues with the Nomad tooling.

    Any idea if they managed to get the '56 Chevy sedan from that same tri-five series?

  6. On 4/11/2022 at 6:04 PM, Plowboy said:

    I'm probably the only one that doesn't like the Duvall windshield. But, I just use them for parts. So, that doesn't matter.  

    I don't care for them either, if they want to give us some vintage style bits then I want to vote for an Auburn instrument panel and gauges of the same era, and maybe an early Ford axle housing style quick change and a chassis with buggy springs instead of the airbags in this instance.

  7. 5 hours ago, Jhedir6 said:

    With Covid opening the eyes of a lot of business, not just the medical field, I think, over the next decade we might see a lot of manufacturing coming back to NA. The superconductor chips is just one sector that they're already trying to bring back so the automotive industry doesn't take the huge delays like they have the last year or so again in the future. It's possible we'll see model manufactures come back too.


    The only problem with that is the molds for our toys are in China and it will probably take a military invasion, or some kind of international espionage to get them in the hands of the U.S. or whoever wants them. I guess the big block would be a disagreement over the actual ownership. Do they belong to the ones who are responsible for the design and holder of the copyright licenses, or to the ones who did all of the manufacturing of the tools and also currently have possession of them. Wanna bet it comes down to a big argument about the one who has possession is going to claim possession is 9/10s of legal ownership, and since it is going to be really hard to sneak items that size out in your luggage getting them back to the United States will probably not be in the books. Not to mention that I would be willing to bet that the tooling itself would require either a major redo to work with the American equipment or a complete redo of the equipment we have to actually fit to the Chinese built tools. or

  8. 4 hours ago, Straightliner59 said:

    Speaking of Donovans...I just made a mold of this one, the other day. I used Plastruct letters. I built it using the original article from Hot Rod. I may yet add dimples for the head studs. Once I get some new resin, I may cast a couple up, and see just how detailed I can bet with it, separating the girdle, and taking the mill to the block--maybe.





    Unbelievable job on getting the detail on that Donovan block, it would be nice if someone would work up one of the Aluminium 410c.i. blocks that is a copy of the Small Block Chevy. But all the extra milling around the bell housing area and the sides of the block where water inlets are and the milling done to cut weight off and the dry sump inlets and suction ports would drive a preacher to drink.😉 I'm looking forward to seeing what the finished casting looks like.

  9. On 3/8/2022 at 9:38 AM, Dennis Lacy said:

    Exhaust cut-outs have been on my mind since doing the initial work Sunday. 😉

    When I would want to open the exhaust up on my '56 Chevy either for the extra power or just to hear that sound of a high rpm small block all I'd do was unbolt the exhaust at the collectors and move it until it was clear and then bolt it with a single nut and bolt to hold it out of the way. I got busted one day for the open headers on the street and they wouldn't pass it unless I welded the collector nuts to the bolts so it was impossible to just unbolt them when I wanted to. But I had a friend that went through the same thing and we did mine like his, we put a tiny part of a stud into a nut and welded it in place then put everything back together and cut the bolts that went through the collectors and flanges down enough that they would just thread into the nuts enough to tighten them up without bottoming out against the dummy stud inside the nut, and then to make sure that the officer would sign it off (welll, that is what we told him) we welded each nut to the exhaust side of the header collector flanges.  Made the cop really happy since he knew I'd have to use a torch to open the headers. And I was happy because I could open or cap them up a lot easier since the nuts were welded to the collectors it would only take a single ratchet and socket and one hand to uncork'em.👍😂

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  10. On 3/7/2022 at 7:39 PM, Dennis Lacy said:

    Along those lines, one of my customers had a 1932 Ford 5-Window in high school in the mid-60’s. Car had a blown Chrysler Hemi, LaSalle gear box, Halibrand quick change, disc brakes and magnesium Americans. He got caught street racing (who’d have imagined!) and his dad sold it as a punishment. He said he didn’t talk to his dad for a month! 🤣

    You mean he EVER talked to him again!? It would have made thanksgiving dinners really strange because I would have just put any food passed to me on the floor next to my chair so I wouldn't have to ask him to pass anything to me.😂😉

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  11. On 3/15/2022 at 12:35 PM, espo said:

    Great kit to work with and your gold base coat would look good with just clear. Candy red or green maybe?

    Or maybe some Lemon Yellow transparent for a pure bright yellow kandy, I remember years ago when the ISCA National Grand Champion show car was a radically customized '57 Bel-Air hardtop that had a small block with a crank driven Potvin blower and everything that was bolted on the frame and body was all engraved and 24 Karat gold plated. It was beautiful and was done in the yellow over gold kandy, I hear that it's making a new round of the show circuit but has a gold pearl base for the yellow know and people say it looks like it's glowing under the lights. 

  12. On 3/16/2022 at 3:31 PM, mademan said:

    The 1/12 has the same Grump Lump scoop haha. It's my favorite. Street Machine build, all 3d printed details, vinyl top. Not decided on color yet but the top will be white.


    When I had a body shop and was still playing with the 1:1 scale pieces I painted a '69 Camaro for a friend and he let me do my own thing and I ended up doing the flat panels (ya know, the ones that are laying flat, facin' up) a silver mixed with nothing but  the coarsest aluminum flakes that Imron had and a dab of Yellow toner, just enough for a slight gold tinge in the valleys, and the sides the brightest red on their chart, and to separate 'em about a 3/4 to 1" stripe and the striper added an orange stripe around the yellow. It was a pretty attention getting piece then I buried it all under a full gallon of Imron Urethane clear to give enough to work with for a perfectly flat surface that looked deep enough to take a nap in.

  13. On 3/12/2022 at 6:47 PM, Snake45 said:

    I'm planning to go the other way with mine, mounting the axle on top of the springs so it sits a bit lower in the front. NHRA rules stated that the lower edge of the body could sit no higher than the centerlines of the axles, front and back. Although if you look at period pictures, this rule was often violated. 

    I'm going for the lower look too, but I think that I'll use the front suspension from the Beatnik Bandit II. It has the best Mustang II style front suspension in plastic. I have a couple of the R&D Unique cast metal independent front suspension kits but I still lean towards the plastic parts since if I need to add to something along the way it's easier to do and any time I can get good results without having to do something hard that'll be my path😉.

  14. On 2/19/2022 at 11:45 AM, Casey said:

    Saw this complete, original 1/25 AMT 1966 Mustang GT Fastback kit on eBay, so have a look at the (partial, I didn't save every image) contents. Might be useful for comparison when the re-created '66 Mustang Fastback debuts later in 2022 from Round2.






    I'd buy it just for the Webers, and valve covers they'd be perfect for a replica of a local Super Modified from the mid to late '60s that the local Ford dealership actually donated a complete from pan to air horns 289 Cobra engine as a sponsorship. Pretty competitive against much bigger engines, one Sprint car even ran a 427 fuel injected Ford power plant.

  15. On 2/28/2022 at 5:58 PM, Zippi said:

    Thanks James.  I ran into a small issue.  The rear tires need to be moved further out towards the fenders.  Tomorrow I'll modify the differential to push the wheels out further.



    I know it's too late but the little bit of space would be needed since you have to remember that you're going to need enough room to slide the rear tires and wheels off the studs and more than likely have to tip them in at the top to get them in and out of the wheel well openings and the car will move side to side over the tires when cornering not to mention how much the sidewall flex on them big ol'slicks are gonna have if you ever get even a little bit out of shape😉.  

  16. On 2/27/2022 at 4:32 AM, bluestringer said:

    I've decided on a 396 chevy engine for mine and am waiting on one I ordered from ebay. Have you decided on a color for yours? 

    I had a couple of the AMT '57. Pro Street kit and decided that the frame and suspension parts would be a perfect fit under the '55 body and with the tires and wheels from the AMT '67Chevelle kit I am almost ready to get real serious about it. Addendum: got a supercharged big block with fenderwell exit headers from a Chevy Monster Truck kit and since it has a street type set up for cooling AND a modern automatic to use I'm just about ready to start mocking things up, still haven't decided if I want to use the big block base engine and heads from the '57 so all mounts won't need to be changed around, and I was looking for at the front clip from the AMT '70 1/2 Camaro to update the chassis in the front or if I really want to use some put back rare things I have a complete Mustang II front suspension set up from the Revell Beatnik Bandit II and that would be even a little more up to date for a street driver type because if I really want a Pro Street car it would require building (or robbing) the more modern McPherson strut type front suspension from a modern style Pro Street but I'm not building a Lutz type tri five all out race car, just a loud obnoxious in your face old style Pro STREET, emphasizing the STREET for its main purpose, it's a big stop light cruiser that would be one of my "bucket list" cars .😊

  17. On 3/6/2022 at 9:25 PM, Dennis Lacy said:

    Yesterday I ran down the road a few miles to Pegasus Hobbies and picked up the all-new and much anticipated Moebius 1964 Nova SS and 1965 Chevy II Gasser kits. 


    Even though I had studied the contents in @tim boyd excellent reviews I still had to dig into both as soon as I got them home. And, as I perused all of the parts my wheels started spinning and I had my parts bins open. My original thought  was that I’d build the gasser basically out of the box (at some point) but those of you familiar with my model projects already know that’s an impossibility. I mean, just look at what happened with the AMT ‘63 Nova Wagon!

    I know there’s going to be plenty of 60’s era builds based on this kit so I wanted to do something a bit unpredictable and the theme I landed on was a (somewhat privileged) high school kids (somewhat) beater Street Freak with a healthy rat motor. The kind of impractical all-business car a gear head dad would build with his son in the late 70’s/early 80’s. 

    A while back on eBay I bought the complete Chevy Big Block engine out of a Revell 1967 Chevelle Pro Street which comes with a dual quad intake, velocity stacks, tuff looking Moroso valve covers and long tube headers. When it first occurred to me to try the BB I didn’t have any expectation that it would actually fit and to my surprise it did! It’s tight, for sure, but it does fit and the slivers of clearance scaled up would be acceptable. In the first picture is the kits front motor mount cross member and you can see (look close) the minimal areas needing trimmed colored with black marker.  Then following is the basic engine and headers sitting in place. 





    The transmission cross member has a raised half crescent piece sticking up for the kit trans to register on. I removed that and added a .040” thick block then added an alignment pin in the center that registers in a corresponding hole I drilled in the transmission. 


    Since this car would be a teenagers local driver it couldn’t stay open headers or he’d be asking for constant harassment from The Law. The new ‘64 Nova SS kit builds factory-stock but as we saw in @tim boyd review there are extra parts in the kit not mentioned in the instructions, one of which being a very nicely rendered larger diameter full aftermarket style exhaust system. The extra exhaust is for a later version of the kit and is clearly designed to mate to a set of long tube headers. As luck would have it, the spacing at the front matched the big block header spacing exactly, the pipes just come up a bit short. I don’t care for the way the header collectors severely neck down so I chopped them off and replaced them with some resin pieces from my friend Ed at Drag City Casting. Then I trimmed them to the appropriate length, drilled and inserted alignment pins. The two Nova kits share the same floor pan and just need to have the exhaust system mounting holes opened up. 







    Great looking build, but being one of those kids who built their own street rod, the straight axle big blocks were way out of our meager income of the day. Mine was a '56 Chevy with a transplanted '57 Corvette long block, but with an Edelbrock C3-B intake, T-10 four speed and swap the ol' 30-30 Duntov cam for a little more radical Isky cam and the addition of Cyclone fenderwell exit headers. For most of us a (almost) new Chevy II was just too much money, never mind the cost of the big block.😉 

    But for one build tip for anyone following along, if you just lengthen the shaft coming out of the column down to where the motor mount is on the frame rail and putting the U-joint back at the end right there then shorten the bottom shaft and adjust the angle between the two U joints the steering angle would work fine, especially with the double type joints used, and I found out the hard way that using a gold or clear yellow on the Moroso valve covers isn't quite the right color, but light coats of clear orange (quitting when you get the right shade) will give you the perfect Gold Anodized Aluminum finish that they used for the original version. My version will be to swap the engine from the Revell '69 Z-28 Camaro and the body from the two door hardtop version to build a replica that belonged to a friend and raced it in C/MP                    (C-Modified Production) class locally and it was seldom beat by anything in its own class and even a lot of supposed "better" cars were even able to best it.

    Oh, I almost forgot, since the Revell '67 Pro Street is a 1/24th scale kit, using the engine from the AMT '67 Chevelle Pro Street might not have the slight interference fit., Looking forward to watching this build, keep up the great work and ideas and thanks for letting us watch you do your "magic". Del.



    So, other than Tim’s build review of the pre production kit a couple of months ago it looks like I’m the first one on this forum to dig into a production version. 


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  18. 1 hour ago, TransAmMike said:

    Hey there Roger. The half round on the drip rails and side trim came out perfectly. I want to put side trim on the '40 Willys Pick-up. For whatever reason there is no side trim on the kit. I see you used .020  for the side trim. In looking the Evergreen stuff there are 2 different .020 half-round sizes. If you still have the package can you let me know what one it is you used?

    If you reread the article you'll notice that what he used to replace the trim on the side of the body was .020 rod, and not half round, BUT he did use .020 half round for the drip rail replacement, I have used both square stock and .020 angle stock for drip rail, but it depends on if I want to represent drip rail channel, or just a blending of the drip rail into the roof like he did on his beautiful job. I hope that helps you get clarity on what your question was.

  19. Just saw this, it's one of the celebrity losses I missed somehow. He had several different scenes where I was laughing so hard I had to ask what I'd missed but one scene I really could understand and sympathize with his statement was when they were hit by the tornado and they found Johnny cowering alone in his own hiding spot where he told them that he had been in a mobile home that had been hit by a tornado and added "God HATES mobile homes. Sorry my wife and I had one for our first home of our own I can totally understand what he was talking about. R.IP. Howard/Johnny you're going to be missed but we can try to find old replays of WKRP in Cincinnati. Best we can do, it'll have to do.

  20. On 11/11/2021 at 6:15 AM, Smoke Wagon said:

    That’s just part of the fun. Especially when say, the oil filter looks the same as the starter in the instructions. 😁

    It's even worse when the same is true for the parts themselves, on some of the Ford kits it's like they used the same mold for the starter, oil filter and it's old enough the generator too.

  21. On 1/8/2022 at 1:15 PM, tim boyd said:

    OK....since we are dreaming....


    Newly tooled off patterned off original annual kits (like the '63 Nova wagon and the IH Cabover)

    * MPC 1968 Coronet R/T HT and Convertible

    * MPC 1971 Impala HT 

    * MPC (nee AMT) 1928 Model T (if indeed crucial parts of the original tooling cannot be found)  

    * MPC 1972 Dodge D100 Adventurer SE

    * AMT 1967 Galaxie 500 XL HT and Convertible

    * MPC 1970/71 Cyclone Spoiler and GT

    * AMT 1969 Gas Ronda Long-Nose Mustang funny car 


    All new tooling/new subjects:  for all, full stand-alone engine and powertrain detail, partial or omitted engine componentry unacceptable!!!! 

    * 1962-1964 Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso 

    * 2020- present Ferrari Roma Coupe 

    * 2021-present Ford F-150 Raptor and upcoming Raptor R

    * 2021-present Ford Bronco 2dr, 4dr, and upcoming Raptor

    * 2018-2022 Ford Mustang GT, GT350, Bulllit, Mach 1, GT500 in HT (and where applicable) convertible versions

    * 2021-present Corvette Coupe and Convertible 

    * 1970/71 Cyclone (off Revell Torino tool, if Round 2 does not do as above)

    * 1970/71 Ranchero GT and Squire (off Revell Torino Tool) 

    * 1968-1972 GTO series, HT and Convertible, including 1970 Judge and the first-ever correct 1/25th scale RA-IV engine componentry 

    * 1970 1/2-1973 Firebird 400/455 Formula and Trans-AM, including 1971 455 HO and 1973 SuperDuty 

    * 2022 Ford F150 Lightning

    * 2023 Chevy Electric Silverado 

    * 1968-1972 Javelin and Javelin AMX (with correct 390/400 engine)

    * Generic (but all new tooled) 1966-1970 front engine rail with licensing from top drivers of the period 


    Modified reissues:

    * MPC Dyno Don and Gapp&Roush Pro Stock Pintos ({by far, the most authentic in MPC's Pro Stock kit series)  

    * AMT-Ertl 1971 Charger Rod Shop Stocker 

    * MPC Charger III

    * Moebius/Model King 1965 Super Stock Belvedere as campaigned by Butch Leal from 1972-74 

    * AMT Nitro-Charger funny car

    * Current top fuel rail dragsters (based off Revell's early 1990's tooling which could be adapted to current rail dragster format/technology) 

    * Polar Lights 1969 Camaro Dickie Harrell Logghe funny car (project was under consideration during original Polar Lights ownership)  

    Several others I've already mentioned to Round 2 and should probably not mention here. 



    PS- there are at least 2-3 others I would mention here, except they are already under development (but not yet announced) by the modeling companies...

    Tim, wouldn't that MPC/AMT '28 be a Model A, instead of a Model T? I would settle for the three venturi Weber carbed Corvair. They really came alive with those Porsche goodies, and I'd really have to agree wholeheartedly with you about the Pro Stock (or any of the small bumper sedans) Pinto kits but PLEASE use the MPC '74 sedan and toss in the small bumpers and valances so we could build our choice of years. That '74 version is the only sedan offering that has the optional deluxe trim package with side moldings an chrome trim. Now if only some intelligent person would produce some of the A-50, and D-50 BF Goodrich Comp T/A's in 13" sizes . Like I saw in an earlier post, a fella can dream can't he? It would really be great if the Round2 group would dig out their flat bottom and hydro molds so we would be able to afford some decent performance type boats without getting bent over the railing.

  22. On 12/25/2021 at 2:12 PM, doorsovdoon said:

    Love the '77 AMT Pinto. Although a horrendous kit right out the box regarding fit issues and a completely botched up front end update from the original annual, it's a fun build if you like "sculpting"! I hinged the hatchback on mine and detailed the chassis with tie rods and anti roll bar.

    '77 Pinto.jpg

    As a fan of the Pinto's and having a body shop at the time this body style came out I can tell you that the factory pieces didn't fit all that well either. I always thought that the use of the same front fenders was the main contributing factor. But it made it easy for me to make a later year Pinto out of one of ours when it was totaled in a deer/bank collision. (The wife swerved to miss Bambi's mom dropped the right front wheel and tire off of a really tall shoulder causing the car to make a violent right turn. The only thing she could think of was I had told her if the back end ever started to come around to stay off the brakes and steer it. She didn't realize until later that she had braced herself on the gas pedal and was climbing a hill in third gear and when it came around with the throttle wide open it just smoked the tires and really wore off the outside edge of the left rear tire, (a brand new D-50x13" Comp T/A Radial) and bounced off of vertical bank three different times before she got it stopped. But it was a good thing kinda because the other side of the road was a vertical drop of around fifty feet.

  23. On 11/28/2021 at 12:56 PM, bluestringer said:

    I have those same instructions, but I don't have all those extra parts needed. And it doesn't go into detail on how to install the big meats on the back. The mags that are in the kit don't fit far enough into my big tires, so the axle is not long enough. I will try and find an axle that will work. I hope I can come up with some other engine options that will work also. Also fitting the body and interior onto the frame doesn't seem to work very good without the fender section on there. I'm studying on it though. 

    The interesting thing about those older AMT kits is that any of the engines from any of the same period engines will fit without any modifications as they all used the same mounts on the frames.

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