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  1. rlucky73721 added a post in a topic 1 problem & 1 question & 1 compliment   

    thanks everyone, seems like i shoulda asked before i painted
  2. rlucky73721 added a topic in General   

    1 problem & 1 question & 1 compliment
    my 1 problem is that i painted my body and my hood saprately.
    the hood is noticably darker.
    is there an easy fix for this as i love my paint jobs.

    my question is
    when working on smaller parts and the under side of the car do i still need the laquer?
    will paint smudge when i handle the parts to glue them in their final resting places?

    also the idea of putting small amounts of glue on the work area and using a tooth pick to apply glue works better then i could have imagined.
    cant remember who told me that but thanks!
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  3. rlucky73721 added a post in a topic unidentified carbs   

    thanks everyone!
  4. rlucky73721 added a post in a topic unidentified carbs   

    thanks for the link Casey!

    and the engine was pulled out of a 1970 olds 442
    and here is a pic of the vega i want to put it in.

    yeah its die cast, but i cant wait to show off my 69 copo
  5. rlucky73721 added a post in a topic unidentified carbs   

    awesome, thanks!
    ill do a search on Webber Side Draft Carbs

    hmm, did some research and i see older then the muscle car era cars and even old toyotas.

    would this application make sense for a 67-present after market power adder?

  6. rlucky73721 added a topic in General   

    unidentified carbs
    hi, i want to do an engine swap on my 74 vega and i found this engine out of a jada i didnt want any longer.

    my question is what type of carburators are those?
    are they real or just fictional?
    it only matter cause i dont want fake parts on this car.

    also, i wanted to do some searching but i have no idea what these are called or where to find info on them. i was on google for hours trying to mix and match key words but i have nothing to show for it.

    the car is a masito so its kinda to scale 1/24 that will recieve this engine.


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  7. rlucky73721 added a post in a topic new builder with questions along the way   

    ok, thanks everyone

    now i just gotta save more to buy some bottles of paint and a brush.

    oh, before i typed this i disconnected the back of the wheels that need to be painted yet.
    anybody have a 1 time fix for this?
    my wife suggested maybe letting the tire backs dry on aluminum foil?

    oh and also, (sorry for all the questions)
    im going with a black interior, so is there any bottled paint colors you guys generally stock up on so i dont run to the sme store in the middle of painting my small parts?
  8. rlucky73721 added a post in a topic new builder with questions along the way   

    im sorry i dont understand some of your terms.
    what is a sprue?

    also all i have is spray cans.
    is it advised to only use a brush for the small parts?


    is sprue pronounced as spur?
    if so then i believe i know what you mean.

    but still wonder if a brush paint is the only/ best way to go with small parts.
  9. rlucky73721 added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    new builder with questions along the way
    hi remember me?
    im am this guy 1st model ever

    well i was told to treat each piece as its own model and i have really taking that to heart as in found an awesome 427 69 camaro b-motion.

    i painted the body with tips from Jody who emailed me and the body looks fantastic! (thanks jody!)

    my 1st issue was the fact that i was painting on a chair rather then elevating the body up (using a small pop can & setting the model on top for painting helped a ton & please let me know if there is even a better way) while painting.

    also this time around i washed the parts and scuffed the body and hood.

    now im on the smaller parts.

    my 1st set of questions are,

    is there a way to elevate the backs of wheels and engine parts for painting? (if not how do you do it so they dont dry to the table or box or what ever you paint them on?)

    do you still scuff and 3-5 coat small parts like the engine and back of wheels and such? (clear coat?)

    last time i used glue from a tube and applied directly to the piece. i saw a video on you tube that sticking the top of a tooth pick in the tube was all you needed. is this true? (glus was also an issuse for my last disaster)

    thanks in advance!

    i also figured id post any future question in this thread rather then spam up your forums with my 1 build here.

    ps. for those who are intrested, id love to show off some pics of how this model is comming along and a comparison side by side with my 1st attempt at building skill 2 models. so can anyone give me any advice on how to light my models for the best detail in pic quality?

    thanks again

    looked foreward to your mentorship!
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  10. rlucky73721 added a topic in General   

    quick decal question.

    do i:

    put decals on after paint has dried for 24 hrs?
    put decals on after i apply laquer and laquer has dried?
    put decals on after i apply laquer and laquer has dried and then apply another coat of laquer on top of decals?
    or something completely diffrent?

    thanks so much in advance!
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  11. rlucky73721 added a post in a topic 2010 Taurus SHO   

    wow, thanks for sharing.
    i get motor trend but i misses my last 2 issues as it expired and i just renewed but i havent seen anything about this.
    im a huge muscle car fan both modern and 60s & 70s and your post excites me!
  12. rlucky73721 added a post in a topic '66 GTO   

    wow, i just adore that car.
    looks so real!
  13. rlucky73721 added a post in a topic my very 1st skill 2 build   

    i cant thank you all enough.
    each post gets me more motivated to buy my next model.

    and i will check out your club Daniel Peterson!
  14. rlucky73721 added a post in a topic my very 1st skill 2 build   

    yeah, that looks sweet.
    i was just not sure what to expect.
    you know sometimes you run into forums where people dont want to give you the time of day if you are not as knowledgable as them or what not.
    this 1st post was a great experiance for me.
    thanks to you all
  15. rlucky73721 added a post in a topic my very 1st skill 2 build   

    THANKS both of you.
    i havent seen a bad model on this website and was a lil intimidated to post my pics.
    i sure wasnt showing off, i was hoping for some of what you guys offered so i can not be offended at anything said about this mess.
    i believe my paint was testors enamel black and my laquer was also testors but im not sure what type.

    i have alot of cars but mostly diecast 1/24.
    tbh i think i have all the die casts they actually sell in the stores that i like.
    when i stumbled upon this site and seen what could actually be done with models i felt like i hit the jack pot.
    so many more 1/24 cars to add to my collection.
    i feel that when i build my next car it will look much better then this one turned out but still not on par with any of the pics ive seen here.

    thanks for your comments and if your just reading this topic please feel free to add.

    1 thing that really bothers me is the paint on the passenger side.
    i was very careful to spray equally, allowed 36+ hrs dry time and then sprayed laquer.

    thanks again