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  1. 1/20th scale CJ-7 built to replicate my 1:1 - A 1/16th scale is on the bench. Dodge RamCharger - LA County Sheriff's Office Rescue Bronco (from the TV show 240-Robert) - Chevrolet Blazer in Chicago Police Department livery - Jeep Cherokee in New Orleans Police Department livery -
  2. Must have been the light. I had my desk lamp on in the first set and not in the others. It's a true yellow, just not a day-glo. I hadn't noticed the difference until you said something. :-)
  3. Peterbilt 379 - 103 (per the GPS; scary as hell) 1995 Crown Vic (when I was with the sheriff's office) - 122 @ the governer 2000 WS6 Trans Am - well over 125 2002 Harley Night Train - 100ish Petty Ride Along at Daytona - 170+
  4. Please keep us updated. I had on of the Super Boss when I was a little modeler and had no idea what it was.
  5. Gotta love Dodge's two tone paint schemes!
  6. I do like the "Rollin' up and truckin'" on the rear of the sleeper.
  7. Nick, I have found eBay of all places to be a wealth of information on some of the vehicles I build. You can usually find a similar make with all kinds of pics. Although it's not perfect, here's a Snowman rig on evilbay.
  8. Kinda of a test fit... Started working on an old trailer that is in pieces. Didn't like the color, so I'm laying down some aluminum tape. The ribs are a pain, but a vinyl decal applicator and lots of patience helps. Scratched some taller stacks out of aluminum tubing. Started on a windshield out of a piece of clear stock. It wouldn't be too bad other than that famous curve at the edges.
  9. Very nice job. I hope my 352 comes out that clean...
  10. Quick update- I used the decals from the "R' Model Mack for markings. Some body detailing and my first try at using Future as a clear coat. Frame painted gloss black and engine painted International Flat Grey (really looks like a paint that might have been used). Putting right along...
  11. Who's to say they didn't sponsor him? There are a ton of associate sponsors out there...
  12. Super nice! Those decals cannot have gone on as easily as you say...
  13. Went to Hobby Lobby today to check out the 30% off sale. Didn't really see anything that I just had to have, but on the endcap, they had some open box stuff. Lo and behold, but a 1/12th Revell Ferrari Testarossa had been marked down from $69.99 to $15.49. Checked it out and all bags, decals, and instructions are present. Guess what followed me home and got stashed before the wifey found out...
  14. After working on the Patron Tequila Porsches last year, I saw how much rubber gets built up around those wheel wells. My guess, judging by roadhawg's pic and the cleanliness of the inside of the rear bumper, is that the tubs are part of the rear clip and detach as such. Other than that, absolutely beautiful job! Thats me just behind the orange car (Mid-Ohio).
  15. Josh, Thats a good looking CJ5. A friend of mine had one that was in a lot rougher shape, but we just couldn't kill it, try as we might!!!
  16. I did one of these way back when. Mine had the base and the headlights and taillights worked. Heck, I still have the instructions sheet long after the kit disappeared! If I recall correctly, you may want to think about putting a heavier spring in the front suspension. The ones provided are relatively weak and make the front end sag after being displayed for a short amount of time. I'll be watching this build!
  17. Thanks for the compliments. I'm kinda debating on squirting some green on the body a'la Days of Thunder: If I do, I'll paint the tank ends the same color. Whatdoyathink?
  18. My roomie bought the Lindberg kit (some of his build can be seen here.} He's relatively new to modeling and I've helped him along some. His first attempt at using Dupli-Color was less than stellar, although not completely his fault. He just moved from Florida to Nebraska and cold weather is something new to deal with. The kit seems to be moving along ok, but there are some weird issues I've noticed. The multi piece bed it a pain in the behind. After paint, we noticed a huge sink mark in the roof of the cab. Sanding took care of most of it, but after a reshoot, it was still noticeable. What kind of problems are you having?
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