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  1. It's not only the great detail that impresses me it's the stance of the chassis that is so hyper realistic. Well worth the 7 year waiting :-)
  2. In the Injector linkage and chute pack I see a great opportunity to be somehow included in some sort of a display with the finished car. In my dreams I even see a cut open 6-71 blower case as show case or stand. What a great built (or is it build?)
  3. What a great built. And in 1/25 makes it so special to watch your progress
  4. Ok, I know i/m getting ahead of myself but when its finished it needs 1 thing when on display; a starter motor mounted. I know, just asking!
  5. I think the trans is way to light. Maybe because of using flash it seems almost aluminium color but all the Lencos i have ever used were more a greenisch gray.
  6. Hi Chris, I'm wondering what glue you are going to use. I've used super glue but is gasses and sometimes ruins the paint, even after a long time.
  7. I often wonder why you sand and paint several part again and then, after you're done, I realize they look so much better than before. Because of the enjoyment you bring me with this built I myself picked up a kit that I had laying around for at least 15 years. I also know I can never can get at your level of quality, but its the pleasure I'm having with it. Thanks again for sharing this with us.
  8. Very nice built, I love all 1/16 th builts overhere. One question: I have been looking for the 4 hole injector for ages Is that an available resin part or did you make that yourself??? Hans
  9. I enjoy this topic so much. Check in everyday to see if there is any progress. Thanks for sharing!!
  10. I was refering to this page. Take a look at one with body open and taken from behind the engine http://www.snakeracing.com/74-army-vega.asp
  11. As your drive shaft and coupler thing intrigued me I looked at some other pics of the real car and notices that in your mid motor plate mount the oil pressure gauge is missing. I can hardly live with the fact that you omitted that on purpose ;-)
  12. You probably got them all but some pics of the Vega showed some nice details (although not the drive shaft) http://www.speedhunters.com/2010/10/car_builder_don_prudhommes_snakes_nest_pt1/
  13. In real life i'd mount the seat so the driver would sit comforable. I cant remember (in 25 years) that tech ever checked anything on the seat angle. They checked mounting, seat belt slots, padding, foam insert and stuff like that. The first chassis we bought was second hand, the orginal driver was a short guy, my driver was rather tall. Just layed back the seat. This was in Pro Mod, Europe, always 1 season behind NHRA on rules, not funny car. Maybe the above is of any use.
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