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  1. 14 out of 19, all those studes' and some of the mopar's threw me off !!!
  2. I will definitely be praying for all of you guys going through these tough times. The important thing is to cherish the times you do have left, and never forget the memories
  3. vizio93


    What's up Mike, I probably said this on the Workbench thread but that '32 is still looking awesome !!! Nice color on Phat Ardun too :D
  4. Wasen't there a commercial for a tire brand recently, that had a guy in a ship building a model car ? He was building it while the ship was going threw a storm and the idea for the commercial was that even the tires on the model car could stick to the surface while he was building it. I'll try and find the commercial on youtube.
  5. I too have been having some problems, but It'll be worth waiting for !!! B)
  6. vizio93

    '41 Willys

    Wow, both of those Willy's look great Yvan !!! Nice job
  7. Nice job, I like the wheels, did they come with the kit ?
  8. Great job Curtis !!! I'm currently working on the SS, it might be finished in the next couple of days . Anyway nice job
  9. Nice job, I like the 599 and the Aston a lot !!!
  10. Wow I hope next year I can be as productive as you !!! Nice builds man, some of them I remember, some I do not :lol:
  11. That sounds pretty cool too !!! I can't wait to see how you figure this out
  12. Looking good, are you planning on putting a roll cage in this one ?
  13. Nice job man, I like your Firebird !!!
  14. Nice job I like the color alot !!! I see you also play GT5 :lol:
  15. I agree those wipers look amazing, nice job and welcome !!!
  16. Ohh WAIT !!! I got another idea, how about make a water heater out of a "C" or "D" battery and there is your battery for you lights? A good place for the water heater could be under the stairs ? You could probably make a cover that looks like a water heater for the battery to sit in so when the battery goes dead just take the cover off and replace the battery. Ideas just keep popping into my head
  17. That would be pretty cool if you could have a working miniature fuse box like your talking about ! I bet it would be expensive to get it from a doll house site. Maybe you could just get an on/off switch from a cheap RC car or radio and some how configure it to look like what you want. Put it behind a small door and you would have a functioning fuse box. Just a couple of ideas to think about
  18. Wo those headers came out really nice !!!
  19. That bed came out beautiful, nice job so far
  20. Wow, that Ford is sweet !!! I really like the rims and the color scheme
  21. Beautiful job, I like the paint color
  22. Really nice job, I like the fuzzy dice on the rear view !!!
  23. Wow that looks great man !!! I was beginning to make a garage a little while back, but I haven't finished assembling it yet. This one has gave me some great idea's though !!! I can't wait to see how you get the lighting to work on this one.
  24. That looks pretty sweet man, what engine are you planning on stuffing in it ?
  25. vizio93

    1966 Mustang

    Wow that old 'Stang is simply beautiful !!! I love the engine detail you did for this one B)
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