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  1. Ricko 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyder 1/18
  2. b]How it looked before [/b] After
  3. solido 1/18 autobianchi - a112 abarth
  4. Maisto 1/18 Datsun 240Z
  5. 1/18 MB 190 SL from Maisto and Ertl modified to racing before and after
  6. Good idea Jim, like Fiat 600 BTW did you read my reply?
  7. Modification: tires, wheels, decals, removed bumpers and back seat, lowered suspension, roll bar, hood locks Before After For more pictures go to link Below:
  8. Burago 1/18 Jaguar E-type Modification: wheels, decals, removed bumpers , seat, body paint, roll bar,
  9. Modification: removed bumpers , body & interior paint, wheels , lowers front suspension
  10. 1/18 Burago Jaguar E type Modification: tires, Rims, decals, removed bumpers, lowered suspension, roll bar
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