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  1. Sounds good to me,you can count me in! Really a great idea!
  2. Zuki- He picked the colors and I suggested blue exterior w/ a green interior but he wanted both on outside so I picked where to split it.I like the two colors together cause its different, Diy-I like the idea of a stripe in between especiallly since the paint wicked behind the tape and I need to clean up the transition anyway.The kit comes with siver flames decals which I,m thinking of using.I thought the green front end is a little overpowering. Red ranger- I hear ya, just feel a wee bit outta my league but thanks for the welcome.
  3. Sweet model Charles. Paint looks so good it looks edible
  4. Thanks Jason and I am having a ball Zuki I like the 50/50 and I'm going to try that next paint job!!
  5. I thought of baby moons too and I have a pair.I plan on getting another of this kit and may take your advise.I appreciate it as I dont really know alot about what type of what goes with who and when if you follow!
  6. Thats a mean green machine!! Sorry for the tired quote but its all that comes to mind.Great job of rebuilding it looks like it came out of the box.I really like the rims and interior,interior is clean and realistic and not overdone.
  7. Sounds like a great idea.Although beyond my scope I hope this comes together for you as it will produce alot on insight on how these wonderful models are produced.
  8. Sam it is a mini-fridge under my work bench.A few days afetr I completed the garage a family member was moving and didnt have any use for it anymore.
  9. I just finished up this kit and already thinking about another.I did big wheels also,and your color choice is sharp. Really cool with the doors,trunk and wheel wells. Looking forward to seeing this complete.
  10. I just finished up this kit and already thinking about another.I did big wheels also,and your color choice is sharp. Really cool with the doors,trunk and wheel wells. Looking forward to seeing this complete.
  11. Thanks for the info. Man, there are quite a few don't understand why I haven't come across them.And again nice work.
  12. Started with the undercarraige getting 2 coats of rubberized auto undercarraige paint The interior I used a sandstone textured paint which i picked up at "homey d" awhile ago for a house project.I recenty used this on interior of another Mustang I built and was very pleased with the results.This was the last of it so I wil pick up some more and hopefully a different color aso. I've painted the body with Dupli-color sandable primer,coat of Tamiya Italian Red and a coal of Testors Candy Apple Red.Pleased with the shade. I'm probably going to go with these wheel they are close to bulitts I do like the "ninja" rims on the mock up,In scale they say 20s and even tho I wouldnt put 20's on my mustang in 1/1 I might on my model.
  13. This one was a bear in painting stage,started out tamiya pink but due to poor results it took a bath in the purple pond.Fial color is Tamiya pearl light red ts-59 over Dupli-color sandable primer. Installed aftermarket wheels and a photo-ecth sign in back window along with Kens fuzzy fur in pink. Thanks for looking,I really enjoyed this one as it was my first big bodied car.
  14. As I browsed thru Micheals crafts waiting for my wife to pick out swaorski crystals for bracelt making(her hobby).In the kids crafts section (yea right lol) I came across a 98 saleen convertible model kit(similar to my 1/1, 04 gt vert).I was struck with found memories of my childhood doing models.I figured I could do this with my 9 yr old son and it woud be good quality time. So we picked up the kit,few small bottles of testors,can of white spray(my 1/1 color),glue etc. $40 for some quality time no biggie.We brought it home,lil' greg had no interest besides the spraying part.I completed it in a few days with his help of painting the body. Not the end of the story,3 months later I have done 8 models alone,I have accounts at several online model suppliers,a tub full of unbuilt kits and assesories, a garage that has been sheetrocked,painted,drop ceiling and turned into a hobby room and a serious addiction(hobby) I strive for the elusive perfect model,my results are far from it so I believe I will be here awhile!
  15. A few mustangs I've done over the past couple months.These are way good meaning they look good from a ways.So no detail pics.
  16. He wanted a model in his two favorite colors, green & turquiose.He also wanted both on exterior so thats my motivation. I painted shell as I worked on a 53' chevy that i finished tonite.I will post some progress pics as I make progress. **this will be about my 8th model in 3 months and the previous are glue bombs.I'm having fun and keeping busy but in no means know what I'm doing.I don't mean to offend the talent on these boards with my work.If theres a amatuer site you want to point me towards I appreciate it.**
  17. Very nice caddys. Can you point me in right direction to purchase cadillac models. Only one I've found is donk from model express. Local stores have zilch. Interested in 60's to 90's Thanks
  18. Hi Steve, Thanks for all the info. I do have a assortment of pics I would be honored to post. They are all old photos in albums that I will work on scanning. Also have some motorcycle pics. As I mentioned highway patrol was always an "elite" unit that worked high crime areas,riots etc. My Dad was at two MOVE incidents and so forth. At one time Frank Rizzo was the Mayor and HP were his goons so to speak They had a 6' height requirement and had different uniforms that resembled the Gestapo with jack boots and leather jackets. Also they were allowed to carry their own firearms so whe .38 specials were the norm a lot of guys on the unit had nickel plated magnums. They were an intimadating bunch. My Dad was on patrol from 71-93(the city was broke and offered early retirement instead of layoffs). Sorry for the long story if its of no interest and I understand its french to people not familar to phila and our history. I will work on pics. And thanks again.
  19. Trunk looks good and youe paint work is very creative. Greg
  20. Its like the homeless man who wakes up everyday and polishes his shoes(which are split at the seams and the heels are seperating) just to sit around the train station.Its a small expression of self respect and making the most out of what he has.That is why people who may drive a car that in someone elses eyes is a clunker may put wheels on it or a paint job.Alot of these cars will run until the wheels fall off but have things like unhinged glove boxes or dents on the body.Does this make it time to dispose of it? Unfortunately in this society it does.
  21. Hi Steve. Any ideas on the release date. I have 3 on order to start. My dad patroled i-95 for many years in x23. Back then it was a Plymouth Fury. Also as of last year philadelphia highway patrol has been pulled off of the highways and replaceed with the Pennsylvania State Police. They are now doing patrols in high crime areas/narcotics.
  22. Thanks Jim. I will look for a storeclose to me. GREG
  23. Does Hobby Lobby have internet ordering?I tried and was unable to locate such service. Thanks, Greg
  24. I have two decent shops in my area,Philadelphia. One is a Allied hobbies,(I'm not sure if this is a chain?) which has a fair amount of kits but not too much else related towards this hobby other then paint and glue. Then I found the motherload Cappeli's hobby and stamps,located at historical 3rd and Market Sts. so you have to find a meter and take a nice stroll to get there though, its well worth it.He carries a assortment of models from every era and a large assortment of accessories and what i find very helpful is that Mr. Capelli is a plastic enthusiast who shares his knowledge and time and with 48 years in business it is vast.If your ever in the area be sure to drop in.
  25. Lenny (mailman) brought me a can of alclad spray, 5 tamiya colors in spray and 2 cans of testors high gloss clear all from e-hobby. And the nice fella rick@scaledreams gave me 5$ back since he had enought shipping money. Know I can order sometying else!
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