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  1. ProStr33t added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    How to..
    I was wondering if there are any instructions or "How to" on this site for painting a car. Rattle can or air brush.. Thanks. If so, it should probably be a sticky..
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  2. ProStr33t added a post in a topic 69 Mustang Weekend Warrior   

    Seems like no matter how lightly I try to apply the paint I still get a little orange peel. Am I wrong in thinking that it is possible to put paint on with out having this happen? Or do they always need color sanding/wet sanding? This is the first paint job I have done in probably 4 years. Some tips or advice would be greatly appreciated...Thanks

    Here is my process. Prep the car body, Prime the car body lightly till it covers. Wet sand primed body, Place spray can in warm water for about 10 minutes. Spray a light coat, spray additional coats every 15-20 minutes till car is fully covered. then I do 1 more final coat. then color/wet sand. Should I be sanding it after every coat even if it isn't fully covered?
  3. ProStr33t added a post in a topic 69 Mustang Weekend Warrior   

    Thanks. I know it isn't what a lot of you guys are posting up. But I think it is good for someone that isn't as experienced to post up builds. Because those are the ones you can learn from..
    Here is an Update !!! got my colors in today and so far have worked on the flat black hood and the car body color. Both have 2 coats of grey primer and 3 coats of color. I will be wet sanding both of them once they are 100% dry and depending on how deep the color is afterwards may or may not do a 4th coat of color and final wet sand. Will also be clear coating the body and not the hood. Keep in mind this is just the raw paint, it hasn't been wet or color sanded yet.. Let me know what you think..

  4. ProStr33t added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    69 Mustang Weekend Warrior
    First let me just say that it is good to be back on the site. I was a regular poster on here with an occasional crazy idea or tut. but then I got busy building a 1:1 car, had a daughter and got very busy.. Good to be back!!
    My first project is a very simple but custom (atleast for me) build. A little about this model. This model had been sitting around my house in a drawer for years and is the AMT 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Kit. As far as the model and its quality I would give it a 6 or 7 out of 10. Lots of body imperfections as well as compromises. the transmission isn't even a full transmission. Stuff like that etc... Anyway on with the project. I wanted to do a car that you could likely see on the street back then on the week end. Or maybe at a vintage drag day in modern times. Looking through my box of wheels and tires I came acrossed some nice tires and some steelies. After a quick mock up I soon realized the wheel fenders would need to be cut. I ended up cutting about 1/8 all the way arounf the wheel fender and removing some of the wheel well for the fitment I wanted..

    Then I assembled and painted the roll cage. Here is a pic or mock up for fitment..

    Here is the final stance as well as the cage mock up inside the car..

    Still have a lot of work to do as far as the body and etc goes. Waiting on my paint colors to get here in the mail. As well as my finishing papers.. The car color is going to be Grabber Blue with steel colored rear steelie rims. The engine going into it is a blown 427 side oiler. Should turn out OK. please if there are any suggestions feel free to express them.. I am all about constructive critism.. thank you..

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  5. ProStr33t added a post in a topic Laquer Paint on enamle primer...   

    Yeah.. I didn't think so.. oh well.. Sux that my local HS doesn't carry laquer primer.. nor does my local Home Depot... Guess I'll be going by pep boys when the time comes....
  6. ProStr33t added a topic in General   

    Laquer Paint on enamle primer...
    Well bought some paint yetserday and realized the primer was enamel and the color and clear was laquer... MY Local HS does not carry a laquer primer.. will I be OK using a laquer color on top of a enamel primer?
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  7. ProStr33t added a post in a topic Revell 1969 Nova SS   

    K, I'm not that skilled yet.... So I am gonna have to go with the smaller width slicks I guess... In Real life there are cars that do amazing things on a narrow tire so this will have to be one of them
  8. ProStr33t added a post in a topic Revell 1969 Nova SS   

    The Kit is the Revell '69 Chevy Nova SS 2 n 1 kit .. K, so just bought this kit and it looks great. I love the rims for the prostreet version.. Hoever the tires are very skinny IMO....
    The engines include the stock 350 or you can use the superstreet 383 stroker.... I'll be using neither.. i plan to go with a twin turbo Lt1 .. There doesn't seem to be much room alotted for wider tires... Can anyone who has built this kit give me some tips on possibly making room for a beefier tire?

    Here is the box cover ...

    here are all the pieces... 136 total

    Here is the body...

    Here are the tires.... I will be making the super street version.. however the tires that they offer for this version are nice quality slicks.. they are just too skinny... They are barely wider than the front tires....

    comparo with front tires...

  9. ProStr33t added a post in a topic How do i build my own turbo?   

    K, cool...
    I can't seem to find either or those sizes.. went to home depot today and they didn't have any 1/8 id pipe or 3/32 id pipe
  10. ProStr33t added a post in a topic Free drag slicks.. Sorta   

    Thank you
  11. ProStr33t added a post in a topic How do i build my own turbo?   

    What are you guys using for the turbo piping? I know hoe to make the headers and ect.. Know how to make the turbo.. but what are you guys using to make the down pipes and the intake pipes and etc..???
  12. ProStr33t added a post in a topic WIP Trio   

    There is a Brumos Museum here where I live and I get the luxury to see all the historic Porsche race cars and I can actually look inside them and get right up to them... Our AC company does the AC maintanance there and it is a Private museum..They also have a race shop and sometimes dyno the cars or tune them.. Very loud LOL Lucky me
  13. ProStr33t added a post in a topic Free drag slicks.. Sorta   

    Sorry guys for the late replies... The waters bottles are the Nestle Pure life water bottles... I have encountered the clue problem also. I'm now using the contour putty.. Much better IMO........ The screw driver is basically just a small flat head.. the head is maybe 1/8 wide.... I'm sure you could use a normal sized one... The sidewall on the tire works out great for me.. I'll post a side by side comparison with an actual drag slick... Also.. Grind the edges off the bottle caps before adhesion .. Sorry guys.. I was posting the thread as I was experimenting... Will have pics of the finished version soon... I came up with the idea the same day as the Original; Post so.. I am also doing a trial and error here, but I got it figured now.. will re edit the OP..
  14. ProStr33t added a post in a topic How do i build my own turbo?   

    I have a few turbo car kits.. Have a turbo Pontiac trans am pace car kit... Dodge stealth twin turbo.... Berreta GTU turbo.... Turbo's look sorta small and they aren't as in your face as these big V8 Turbo's...
  15. ProStr33t added a post in a topic Dark Beast!!!!   

    Very nice.. Rims are perfect