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  1. Yes i looooove blue and white Chevelle`s... And many other colors on it too! Well repairman was little drunk when he changed oils Thanks again
  2. Yes, my very first airbrush paintjob. Well i been painted by spraycans before, its not so differend. Vin tag etc,decals come in that kit. Need to build a new Revell Challenger too, but i dont have it yet Thank you for comments
  3. Thank you both about those nice words. 454SS is one of the coolest cars ever!! I like Chevelles in any yearmodel. Specially the `66 year model is sweet!!
  4. This one i builted like Chevelle to look used. Its my first airbrush paintjob ever! Not so shiny, but looks prettynice. Hope you like it. All comments are welcome
  5. Here is one of my older builds. I builted it about 2 years ago, when i started this wonderful hobby again. I wanted it look used, well i dont know about realism but i like it. All comments are welcome!
  6. I forget interior pictures when its finished, but here its in progress. And here is whats coming up next. Just wait that i finish it Its Duster!!! Here is the body. Ill have to paint it again, there is some dust and runoffs in paint. Any tips or ideas for it? All comments are welcome
  7. WOW!! Really nice paintjob and color is beautiful. I like other details too!
  8. Thanks for comments! I am happy that you like them
  9. Thank you! Color of Shelby is Humbrol enamel, 222 was number of can. In 32 the lowerbody is covered by aluminiumtape, its almost like chrome but not so shiny. Then i just brushed red, green ant that almost sraight blue stripe. Engine and chassis is blackwashed with some brown dust. With 32 i spent 2 days to make it So it was superfast-project...
  10. Yes, 55 is painted by brush I blackwashed wheels by humbrol gloss-black straight from can, so no thinner etc.
  11. Great job I like that car, and movie too!
  12. Very nice Cuda. Very good paintjob on it. I like it, and i dont hate this kit
  13. Thanks! Paint is Humbrol enamel colorcode is 222.
  14. Fantastic job!! Totally awesome detailing and paint
  15. Thank you all for comments! My next project is AMT `71 Duster, so Mopar stuff is coming out My WIP`s are in FCMA forum www.fcma.fi just klick "keskustelualue" that you find forums, and in there klick "autot" that you find lots of finnish make modelcars. Welcome, there is english language area too. But in future i put my finished modelpics at here too, so hope you enjoy them... Cheers..
  16. Well i have an airbrush too, but sometimes i just like painting without it. Thanks for comments.
  17. Hello again. I promised some pics of my Shelby when its finished. Well its completed now. I did make some mods on it, like lowering the stance and put differend wheels and tyres on it. Those wheels i stoled from `69 GT500 kit. Engine is painted like older Fords used to be, i like it better on that way Sorry again my bad english, but hope you guys like my GT500`s Together with `69 I really liked this kit!!
  18. Thank you guys for all nice comments. Idea in 32 was the paintjob what is near of fighter plane P-47D-30 Thunderbolt. Just some fun "what if" stuff Shelby is gonna have friend witch is `07 Shelby in same colors. Then i have nice new and old combo
  19. Thank you guys for all comments. By the way 55 Chevy is painted by brush using humbrol enamels Raul: GSX is "what if" stuff just for maked some differend. Coming soon `07 Shelby GT500.
  20. Belair is oob build but GSX is stock-class dragracer. Hope you like them. Cheers...
  21. Hello! I am new in here. I`m from city of Kemi, Finland. My english is not good, but hope you like my models. Ford "Thunderbolt" `32 Shelby GT500 `69 Cheers...
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