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  1. for power, i am using 2x chevy 350 motor, also received in 2 rc4wd radiators, still waiting on mufflers and fuel tanks . on this part of the build is where i made a small change and i am going with twin engine rather then a single engine . i think this would make the engine compartment so much nicer to look at
  2. next was to mount the transmission, 1st i had figure out where i want to put it. then i had to make mounts, make shims, and add the drive shafts
  3. transmission time, i want to use a 3 speed, so i went with an tamiya tractor transmission, if you the know transmission you will know that it is for a rear truck only, but my truck is an 8x8 . i could of used the tamiya f350 but it is very tall and bulky looking. so what i did was i took the lower shaft out, drill out the tip, tapped a 4mm hole. i used a spindle and screwed that in and cut off what i didnt need. les make and alum housing so i went with this too,
  4. today, i worked on the steering bell cranks and linkage. also worked on the cross members
  5. little by little parts are coming in . today the red tips and red came in , added the steering links too
  6. today i received in my tires and wheels from rc4wd. they are a 1.7 size and is a correct size for this scale build, the tires are a hard compound and be able to support the weight. i also started on rear suspension. still along way to go on the chassis , it very hard to find pictures of this chassis, haven't seen one picture yet . any body find any please post them .
  7. omg! thats awesome, this is the panther not the simba, but 2 engines, give me great ideas though. might have to upgrade the simba engine compartment. if you can get anymore pictures of the engine compartment that be great, thank you so much
  8. INFO NEEDED , does any body know what kind of engine is in this kind of truck? i am having a hard time find this out
  9. so there has been 1 step forward and 3 steps backwards as always building something like this , i am trying to keep it detailed, functional and what available for parts. really hard to do. but i think i have it under control again
  10. i bumped this post up just to show what i did last and that i am at it again. with a simba europian fire truck in another post . off to the next build
  11. hey guys, its been awhile heres a build that i have wanting to build for a long time, winter is here so time to get started , here is a picture of the real truck i started with alum rails, started drilling all the holes there is dip in the front section, so i cut it out and attached to the bottom next i needed to prefitted the cross members and suspension, but the chassis has to be widen up, here i add the axle, now i see where i can widen the chassis here i widened the chassis , and added a few suspension parts, now it all has to come back apart and i have to make cross members, add some skin to the frame rails here i made sure all holes are drilled and i stared to add some styrene skin
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