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  1. Took me a while to get used to the not being able to work hard these days ( Drs orders) cause I have always worked hard all my life and since I was 12 years old. I can't stand to sit for more than 2 mins. I did try to work a little harder couple of times over the pass year and got sick. The goal now is to live with my bad liver til times up ( I don't ever want a transplant) and so far, doing fine. I cook a lot now using water and spices instead of using grease and soak up grease from meats with paper towels. Nothing is ever easy, it does take lots of discipline but thats something everybody should do everyday no matter what you are doing even building models. Having discipline does make you a better person. My 91 year old Grandmother is ready to plant her spring garden but its still too cold! That tells you a lot itself. Khart, Turkey Bacon is indeed good!
  2. Its real and looks real. I say it makes a nice Indy car and/or Salt Flats racer. Air flow control science seems to be the idea here as well as safety. Cool pic!
  3. By the way, do ya'll really think those itty bitty blower safety straps would work? As for the Mustank umm Mustang with a tank engine in it...the Torque produced by that engine would....oh never mind! The engine would be better used in a monster truck. I would love to see that Mustank run! I have seen some of the most unbelieveable things guys would do to cars and trucks and the most unusual engines to do it with all my life. I'am not knocking them at all cause they do things others wouldn't try and thats how American was made in the older years. Be creative and different!
  4. Thanks for the video! But...I want to see action and numbers. The sheer brute amount of air sucked in that engine, fuel issues and a ton of other problems just don't add up. Heck, it might even run slower! I wonder why they didnt show it running at the drag strip eh? I have seen guys putting carburetors inside blowers....I notice the wheelie bars were loose just before it flipped with the "normal" engine in it..if it had the train blower on it working just half the power, what do you think it would of done?.. Those blowers have many uses in small ships, switcher locos, construction equipment like gaint dump trucks. Still, whatever the story is, there is NO WAY that I would stand within 50 yards of that thing while its being fired up! That guy is loco!
  5. Well, my memory is a little fuzzy but I do remember the AMT Novacaine kit but fuzzy if it was the funny car kit or the Nova SS Pro Stock kit? No idea on the funny car kit but it could be the AMT '69 or is that '68? kit with the Pro Stock option and IF I'am right, it used the stock frame from the stock and race version kit and its parts. I notice you mention, separate front fenders? The AMT stock/pro stock kit came with separate front fenders and 2 hoods was also released as the "Old Pro" race car Nova kit. What year does the body look like? a '69? early or later than a '69? If it was the Street Freaks kit ( Model King did re-release this kit about 2 years ago), it would be the "Rat Packer" or "Twister" '64? Chevy ll kit frame which will fit on just about any car kit with some work. Most of those street Freak kits all shared the same custom frame and engines. I be glad to help if I can. Thanks Some other clues might help me get unfuzzy! A pic of the stuff, body or is it a normal wheelbase body that looks stock?
  6. As a man that knows Trains, trust me, that real blower has been setup as a fake cause otherwise it would blow up that Chevy or is it Mopar? engine to moon! And the whole darn Camaro for that matter! Looks freakish....whatever that means..
  7. Funny Harry! Still here! Its just like the guy thats been smoking and drinking for 80 years and still alive I reckons! How does anyone explain that?
  8. It works! I'am never hungry and I can eat all I want too. I snack in between too. I'am not even trying to lose weight and the only reason I do this is cause I have a damage liver ( cirrhosis) from taking medicines for another problem i had years ago. Now, I'am in better shape today at 50 than i was at 40. Still have to take pills and can't do hard work tho thanks to the other Drs for giving me that bad medicine in the first place. Yes, its way down and my sugar is 90, blood pressure is on the low side and I'am still about 20 lbs over my weight ( 5'9 190 now) LDO & Guys, great topic! Its all good and fun and like I notice everywhere else, some people don't have a sense of humor eh? Have fun!
  9. Thanks Oldscool! I have many family members in Jacksonville and they run a machine shop making truck bodies for the tree service companies. Great seafood too! By the way guys, its not always just ham, sometimes we have a fish fry, steak and always plenty of pork like bacon to go with the food I mention and of course, good ol' grits with cheese or not,cheese biscuits,slices of thick tomatoes, hushpuppies too! Lifes short and hard, I do my best to enjoy it!
  10. Actually, thats all I eat on Sunday! I eat one meal a day starting about 2 years ago and today I weight 190. Two years ago, I weighted 260! In my family, a Sunday breakfast was always big even if we ate it in the late evening! Nothing beats a good ol' Southern breakfast and the more people eating it with you, the more fun we all had. Sadly, in todays fast pace world, its a dying tradition but I still keep it alive. Thanks to both of my wonderful Grandmothers! ~ Jeff
  11. Ya never know these days, some fool texting, eating a cheap awful fast food bland sausage & biscuit while driving might run over ya! Best make your last meal ( at least til next Sunday if u survive that is.) the best one! For me, its my old homemade Southern cooking featuring a 16oz.ham steak, bunch of big ol' biscuits, 5 eggs sunny side up, gravy, fresh tater slices with onions, homemade jam, OJ and 2-3 cups cups coffee and after that, take a nap while watching NAPCAR! Yummy! And now, for supper .... Have a good Sunday! Next
  12. Thanks Chuck and Jody! I had notice no lug nuts and was trying to figure out what do you use for that and plus, just had to check that beautiful pic of the Fenton's again! Its almost like a model kit itself! I'am always on the hunt for resin Cragar SS and Fenton/Ansen wheels and had no idea that someone actually machined Fentons! I understand the high price cause of the effort needed to do it. To me, its the wheels that make or break a model car/truck besides just the paint and how well its done. After 40+ years of building models, those kit wheels are just not cutting it anymore. Always have to sand them on the outside edges which messes up the chrome. I love those ARll slotted rims but are hard to find now. Thaks! ~ Jeff
  13. Looks good to me. The wheels need toned down with a few drops of water mixed with water base black paint. Just wash it in the wheels and wipe it up should do it.You can also buy a similar product called "The Detailer" black wash. I use it on all my wheels to give that deep realistic look. Other than that, good work. ~ Jeff
  14. Wow, Beautiful wheels! Do the wheels come with lug nuts and front center caps? The 2 best aftermarket wheels I ever loved, Ansen's ( similar to Fenton's) and Cragar SS! I wonder how good machined aluminum Cragar SS wheels look in 1/25th scale? or could it be ever done? Thanks for sharing it with us! ~ Jeff
  15. According to my book of Dodge Trucks History by Don Bunn and Tom Brownell from Motorbooks International, the grille shows its a second production 1965 and 1966 model. Hope this helps. That resin cab really looks great and Thanks for posting it. ~ Jeff
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