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  1. Interesting, in the US we have some CAT trucks built on the IH chassis, but they have a completely different hood. I haven't seen one that is basically just a rebadged Prostar.


    Nice work so far, the grill looks great.


    As you can see Aaron it is very prostar, but the subtle differences are no side skirt, square tanks, no international badging, different front bar, etc,

    The US version is ugly, but easy to build if someone wanted to have a go, mod the prostar cab and scratch the hood

  2. Interesting, what is under the hood of the Cat versions?

    They are fitted with a C15, I'll chop the max force and scratch the head of a C15 to make it look close

    Well now this is neat! I also find the CT610 interesting as it uses the IH extended cab; wonder if there is a small bed back there or more seating?

    In Australia we don't lounge around, the sleeper is just that a sleeper, it has a bunk in it

  3. "Any feedback on the project is always welcome, even suggestions on it are also. I hope you enjoyed this update. "

    Ok, you asked for some feed back, well I think this is just terrible, the frame is a mess, from someone wanting to make a accurate model, using a shelf bracket is far from that, and steel at that, cutting it with a dremel and marking with a marker pen is not an accurate way to build a frame, nor is it reliable for consistency,

    Suggestion, I suggest that you throw the steel frame away, and start again with sheet brass, brass when treated with the respect it deserves can be built far nicer than any other material, it has the strength and lightness to out do plastic, as well as steel, and it will give you a better finish and far easier than trying to weld a rusty shelf bracket, but the key is, it can produce a far more accurate frame than a steel shelf bracket, for the amount of time and effort that you have put into this you could have had someone fabricate the 2 C channel sections for you

  4. Nice so far, heres a little trick that you could use for the tanker, the plastic really doesn't need to be heated, if you are using something like PVC

    pipe, (we call it storm water pipe) try this experiment, cut say 4 inches of pipe, then cut your self a bit timber, or acrylic of say, 1/2 in thick and as wide as the tank you are making, apply pressure to the top to squash it, and slide the timber or acrylic into the centre and let go, watch what it does, the timber will be self centring, and will hold the shape real nice, obviously experiment with what you need to get the correct shape,but it won't alter over time or move when fixed, but you can infill if you want to, or fill with expander foam to hold shape

    Heating PVC pipe with a flame releases very dangerous chemicals, including arsenic be careful with that stuff

  5. I'm surprised as well. There's not many in progress on here yet. I better get one as well. I've already bought and built 2 lonestars. One out of the box and the second as a t904 kenworth with an auslowe conversion kit.

    Hi Guys,

    While at the IPMS Orlando show this weekend, I had a chance to speak with one of the Mobeius reps. He said surprisingly that the Prostar was a very slow selling product! He added that the Lonestar was a good mover for them, which surprised him, as you see very few on the road. I thanked him for all their hard work aimed towards us truck and automotive builders. He did add that they have many products ready for production, but must wait for the manufacturing facilities overseas to actually produce and ship the finished kits. Picked up my first Prostar and am waiting for "Cargostar" Dave to release his Prostar day cab!

    Any hints given for future truck releases from moebius?

    I'll give you a hint, made by Kenworth, and very Australian, but not one, two different trucks, one starts with a T and the other a K :D

  6. Tony,

    Very impressive project, I don't know how I missed this one! The KFS kits certainly build into fine models. I have a couple of the KFS Michigan loading shovels to build some day. Just might have to get one out and start getting some ideas together.

    Thanks Dave, I have just brought another original cat kit, this one will be super detailed, as a demo machine, with opening panels, I am going to make all the panels in fibreglass so the doors are thin and light, and add all the hydraulic and engine detail, can feel a 3 year project coming on

    and yes I would like to see what you come up with for the Michigan, Warren Kostick has converted 2 now, log loader, and a rubbish compactor, both into Cats

  7. Bob,

    A detachable gooseneck lowboy might very well out sell any trailer kit ever produced. The fact that no model company has ever attempted one in styrene makes me wonder if it's because of the amount of parts involved or if it's the fear of a lack of interest by truck model builders. I think most truck builders would welcome both a DGN Lowboy and any construction equipment. I think we as truck builders can agree that there is an interest in these subjects, the problem is getting a manufacturer to comit to such a project.

    Anthony, keep watching this space, there is something brewing...........

  8. To the best of my knowledge, no reissue of the CAT D8H kit has been a run of more than perhaps 5,000 to 7,000 kits. That's not nearly enough, from what I know of the model kit industry, to suggest that a new kit in that field would generate enough sales to pay back the cost of tooling it, particularly in 1/25 scale.

    On the other hand, it's been mentioned in this discussion of a company having put out some 1/35 scale kits of construction equipment. Well, that scale does have a huge following, as it's the primary scale for modelers of military armor and soft-skin vehicles--but even that segment of military modeling (think IPMS types, who do aircraft, armor, ships and military figures & diorama's) is not nearly the market there at aircraft kits are--for whatever reasons. In addition, 1/35 scale construction equipment would be pretty much a natural fit with 1/34 scale diecast model trucks, as that is still a pretty decent market from what I can see.

    And yes, of course, times have changed, but one thing hasn't--plastic model companies are simply NOT in Fortune 500 territory--and never have been (although Monogram was owned by Mattel for a number of years, and that toy company was on the Fortune 500 list in those times). For any model company in the US, tooling a new model kit is a major investment--for that reason, the number of new kit releases yearly are fairly small compared to a lot of the general manufacturing industry, and the development/tooling costs are still a major investment, per tool, per a year's announcement of new kits.

    Sure, jumping in to do any new model kit release is a risky jump over a cliff--but any model company exec worth his salt to his employer is going to do as much as possible to minimize the risk of losing money on any given product--they simply have to, first of all, for their own job security, and the company itself for its own profitability, even perhaps its own survival in the long run.


    I guess with that sort of business attitude, I'm surprised that any company has the insight to produce anything new, but one company did, they listened to what a small minority group want and produced a brand new truck kit, the same company invested the so called $100,000 to tool up and produce these kits, but had enough insight to get value for money, by having the plans for a second kit, and wait for it, a trailer, not many second type kits from that

    The same said company also marketed the kit in such a way that it generated enough "excitement" in such a 'so called" small market place that people pledged buying 2 or 5 or 10 kits at a time before it hit the selves, they kept the "limited" market place informed on how they where going, they also gave the test builds the a select few that where active members on other forums, so they could post and review the "NEW' kit, so people where waiting for it to be released,

    that is good marketing, and many other well respected companies do the same, get the public excited about it before hand so people are ready and have it on there must have list

    The Lonestar kit retails anywhere from $60 up, here in Australia they are $125, yeah I have 2, to use as a donor kit, and to think that you can get a re issue 1/16th kit for the same money

    Meng Models do the same, they are also a relatively new model company that is investing in some excellent kits, very well detailed, with a philosophy producing the best they can, why would they invest in so much tooling if there was no return

    There are many people that only build one or two subjects, and when you are building $10 or $20 kits, investing $2-300 in a kit is pointless to you

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