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  1. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic 1-8 '69 nitrous pro mod camaro   

    Dave, your new 1:1 toy looks amazing. Should be a fun "E" ticket ride when finished.
  2. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic 2015 Vintage Supermodified   

    Ken, have fun with your new hobby," VINTAGE RACE CARS". Be safe and have FUN !!!!!
  3. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic 1974 Beck Pavement Sprinter   

    Ken, another absolutely great build.
    CHEERZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Madd Fabricator
  4. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic 1/16 BANTOM   

    RAT-T. Just a quick note to let you know that TDR has the Bantam body in the design and developement stage. We are doing the complete stock body front to rear. Once it's ready for market, it will be available through TDR, in 3D printed material in sizes from 1/8th to 1/32 scale. There is also the possibility that it may be made available in 1/8th scale in fiberglass cloth and resin to help push the cost down on the large scale version.
    We'll inform everyone in the modeling community when it's placed in production, so stay tuned for more on this topic.
  5. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic 3d printed chassis   

    Thought you all might like to see what the TDR Camaro Pro-Mod body can look like as a finished model. The car model was created prior to TDR developing the 3D printed chassis.This award winning model was created by a friend of mine Ron Holman, of the Kansas City Slammers model car club.

  6. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic 2011 USAC NonWing Sprint Car   

    Ken, about the decals, are they water slide or stick on vinyl ? Are you at liberty to say who made them, and will they do custom work for other modelers?
  7. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic TDR 8th Scale Barracuda   

    There's always room for more body designs, so have at it and get something interesting started, and then share it with the rest of the " biggy" world. All of the previously marketed kits are getting a bit stale, and it sure would be nice to see a couple of new kids on the block.
  8. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic Next Race car   

    Ken as you are well aware, we here at TDR are designing and getting ready to produce some 1/8th scale midget 12" wheels and tires, Halibrand style quick change, in and out ( dog) box, along with some other chassis goodies for those builders that just love midget race cars. Proposed plans include a 110 Offy and V8-60 engine ( equipped with Eddie Meyer speed components). We are also working on the vintage Edmund's and Kurtis Kraft style midget bodies to be produced in Fiberglass cloth and resin from the MADD FABRICATOR. So all you midget race car fans, stay tuned.
  9. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic Dirt Late Model Stock car.   

    Ken, when you attend the show make sure you take your " build book" with the photos of the scratch building process. The book shows just how much work and effort goes into building something like this from scratch.
    Great job. Looking forward to seeing your next build.
  10. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic 1924 1/8 dodge "dud"   

    Ken, what a great looking build. Lots of imagination showing on this one. I suppose we will be seeing this on the Large Scale table at the Heartland Nationals here in Kansas City in June.
  11. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic GT 350 decals in 1/12 scale. What to do?   

    HPI a company which manufactures bodies for R-C cars produced a GT-350 body with sticker style decals. You might want to check out their web site at www.hpiracing.com and talk to them about what scale the body is. It appears to be about 1/12th scale, but that's just my guess. Other than that, you might write Revell and see if they still have any decal sheets available for the kit in question. Some of the kit manufactures used to keep extra decal sets on hand because of a replacement request from somebody who had trouble with the originals in the kit.
  12. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic Vintage Sprint Car   

    Syd, just use a Dremel tool with a cut off wheel and make a huge opening in the grill area, cutting slots in all directions without cutting into the outline of the opening. Then use a small sanding drum in the Dremel to finish making the grill opening outline.
    It's all pretty simple, as the fiberglass cuts and sands very easy. Just wear a dust mask ( a cheapy paper kind), and have the shop vacuum going at the same time to collect all the grinding and sanding dust.
    Hope this helps.
  13. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic hey what happened to TDR?   

    Tim, we here at TDR should also mention that we have been selling a lot of mechandise to model builders world wide, many of which are not members of any modeling forum. Therefore, those of you who are, will not see alot of what is being done with TDR components.
    For those of you looking for finely detailed parts such as Heim joints, studs, and,bolt heads with attached washers check out our latest offerings of those components in the Shapeways Catalog. These 3D printed components are very lifelike, unlike the two dimensional photo etch parts that are offered elsewhere. Even though most were designed for 1/8 and 1/12 applications, many of them are very much suitable for smaller scales. You just have to do some scale calculations to determine what parts fit your need.
    And as Tim stated, stay tuned as we are constanly developing new items, many of which will be readily available in the smaller scales.
    Last but not least, we'd here at TDR, would like to say thanks to those of you who have purchased TDR products, and have expressed your satisfaction both through the modeling web site forums, and private messages to our company.
    CHEERZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The folks at TDR
  14. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic OLD BIG SCALE JAGUAR QUESTION?!?!?!?!   

    Even though you may not be interested in large sale or Jags.,think what it might mean to your Father, seeing something he built with the help of his Father, brought back to life. Sometimes a person needs to jump outside of their own comfort level and do the right thing. It might just make his day. It's what I, the MADD FABRICATOR, would do in the same situation.
    Even better yet, why not ask him to help you with the restoration process, if his health allows him too.
  15. MADD FABRICATOR added a post in a topic 1/8 planetary transmission   

    Dave, the inquiring mind is now satisfied. That is one wicked looking drag car. As you well know I am very familiar with the " IF we can pull it off thing". I know Tim and TDR will do it's best to make it happen. Good luck with the project.