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  1. All I can say is that thing in the opening post is just a reason for THIS...
  2. After seeing the bottom of the box in the pic in the link Joe had posted and I obviously had missed when I compared the two, I did not realize the stock and roadster versions used the same roadster body, that was my mistake. I normally don't even build hot rods like this, but since it has the multiple options of not only the hot rod but the stock T as well and the stock version does interest me, that is the only reason these kits inhabit my stash.
  3. Yes it did have parts for two cars in it, because as I said in my previous post the ONLY difference between the 25 Roadster kit issued 2001 and the Double T kit issued in 2010 was the 2001 issue did not have the chopped T body. Other than that I have both kits and I have compared them and parts are there to build TWO COMPLETE CARS IN BOTH KITS!
  4. Even though I never drove any cabovers Hermann, I spent 18 years driving trucks across the US before medical issues forced me into retirement, so I know a little about them! 🤣 I'm glad I could help you out with the info you needed.
  5. If you are speaking of this 2010 reissue of the Double T Rob there was a reissue prior to it in 2001. The only difference and possibly the missing mold you were referring to is the 2001 issue does not have the chopped T body in it, but I have both kits and have compared them and with the exception of the chopped body, they are the same.
  6. Though it is nice to see the stock form, I'm hoping Revell keeps the Baja Claws and the off road pieces also. I know for one I'd buy a few of these not only for some building variations of the kit, but just for putting some of the Baja Claws in the parts box.
  7. I'm happy to see this coming out because it has been one I've wanted but not wanted to pay the crazy prices to buy to build, and even happier that I didn't sell a resin Outlaw style hood I got in a resin parts lot for this kit! It was going to hit the chopping block because I thought I'd never have this kit but thanks to the reissue it will find it's way to the shelf.
  8. It would be just under 13'6" Hermann, almost as tall as the trailer would be. I'm not sure what that would convert to in meters for you across the pond, but here in the states our trailers are 13"6" and most of the condo style trucks like that are a couple inches shorter, so as long as your total height would be around 13'2" or 13'4" at the back of the cab you should be fine for close enough. As for the dimensions you asked for, the best I could give you is a guess of maybe 8 1/2 feet to 9 feet from the bottom of the cab to the top of the roof, but since those are more or less found just like in your pic rotting away in a field or just already junked and recycled, I would say the best way to make it would be mock the cab up on the frame and measure from the ground to where the total height measurement I gave you would be and mark that on a piece of cardboard and start your scratchbuilding from there.
  9. That was why I mentioned the 70 Coronet Pro Street kit Scott, you get the full length Dana from the Roadrunner kit in it as spare parts.
  10. This, because it was always said the cab molds were destroyed in the 80s to be modified into the T600A truck kit.
  11. I found this Ray and there is no orange offered in all the Chevy car lines according to the paint code chart list at the bottom of this link even for Corvette. http://camaroworld.macswebs.com/1967/paint.htm The ONLY color chip chart I found in a Google search that showed an orange listed for 1967 in a GM lineup was for their commercial lineup, which was just listed as orange.
  12. The CHP Dodge only has one USABLE light bar because there are only light covers included for the new Federal Signal Twinsonic bar and none included for the old Federal Signal Aerodynic bar that has been in the kit for years.
  13. I don't know but from the few of those I had, there wasn't much really shared between the two frames except the floor pieces for the bottom of the cab and bed, so it could be possible. The interesting thing I am noting in that is that it is marked as a "1988" which if the permanently modified tooling could be the reason why all the reissues are always monster trucks, you would think the same would hold true with the grilles because the 88 would have this earlier style small 4 headlight grille.
  14. Yes, but again as with the Trans Am, Revell totally missed the mark with Jon's Chevy because not only is it not a stepside, but by the box art photos and especially the one of the rear 3/4 view, is it just me but am I seeing a K5 Blazer??
  15. Rockford's Firebird, other than a tie in to the TV show, can be built from available kits. The series used multiple model year Firebirds according to this Wikipedia article and these photos: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rockford_Files The 74 through 76 cars would be somewhat pricey to replicate since the only kits are the old MPC annual kits that car can be built. The same goes for the 77 and 78 versions since there are numerous kits available of that car, and all that would be needed to be done is to leave the Trans Am pieces off the build and also fill the shaker hood hole and vents in the front fenders. As for Ponch's car, with a little work the recently reissued Revell 70 1/2 Trans Am (Firebird) would make a decent replica of his car. At least the 70 1/2 would be a lot closer than this feeble attempt of it in 1981 from Revell all it shares is the "CHiP's" connection and the fact that it is a gold Trans Am! 🤣 If you couldn't tell also, even though I realize the whole licensing aspect between the Firebird and Trans Am names, I have loved these cars since I was a kid and have owned two of them, both a Firebird and a Trans Am GTA, so I call them by what they are properly called despite model company licensing. I have even bought many older kits with good decals that may have reissues with much better and expanded decals, such as the recent 70 1/2 from Revell just so I have the proper Trans Am markings to use with the newer kit that does not have them.
  16. Yes, this is 100% correct and so much so that all the previous issues of the Monaco I have in my stash I'm seriously thinking of only taking what I need from them such as the decals and other light bar in the case of my TJ Hooker and DOH cars and dumping the rest for the new releases. The new parts in the newest reissue is the best thing Round 2 ever did to that kit because at least now it has a proper looking pushbar and proper looking wheels and tires. I know another just to back up what James said, I know I had read complaints about Moebius not having the back of the boxes finished on the bed for the service truck. It might be OK for most of you, but for us that build light commercial and have worked around and used those trucks and know how those are supposed to look, that is a big error that was overlooked and ignored because many had brought it up in the test shot phases while it could have been corrected.
  17. Rick, I'm not sure what dry vans you've been in but all the ones I've been in have had wood floors. I'm not saying that they may not be a special purpose trailer, but every one I hauled during the 18 years I drove truck were just like the ones Brian posted above. You are correct, over the years, the floors to show their signs of wear, but the aluminum floors in reefer trailers do too as do the steel rub rails at the bottom of the walls in all of them. The real fun is having an older trailer and listening to that wood floor creak and moan as the forklift goes in and out just hoping it stays together!
  18. In addition to the AMT Roadrunner Mike mentioned, you can also source that same Dana 60 from the Pro Street Super Bee 70 Coronet as that stock length Dana and its cover were left in the kit from the stock 70 Coronet Super Bee.
  19. Also add into the TV/Movie market the Back to the Future kits from AMT (which was a reboxed Aoshima kit) and also Knight Rider KITT variations from Aoshima that blow the AMT version out of the water (and also makes me wonder why AMT didn't rebox those as the did the DeLorean), but kits like this not only appeal to modelers but to fans of the movie or shows who collect anything and everything connected with it. The same also goes for all the dread Coca Cola kits we poke fun at because while we want the kit for the vehicle inside, a Coca Cola collector would want it just for the fact it has Coca Cola on it. The only thing I would like to see with those kits would as in the recently reissued GMC General truck kit that has not seen the light of day since last century, have some non Coca Cola decals included also because while I want the reissue of that truck, I don't want to build a Coca cola truck out of it and those are the only decals included in it, nothing to make it just a nice everyday rig.
  20. As far as I know, go to that link on YouTube at 4PM Eastern Standard Time, which since you are in BC and should be 3 hours behind the US east coast should be 1PM your time in the Pacific time zone.
  21. I had seen it when it was first posted Mike with the first couple posts focusing on the Mercs and the other rally type cars and that was as far as I read on the topic because those type of cars are not in my wheelhouse. I now see the thread has now diversified to better match its title rather than the what was in the opening two posts, thank you! Also, now that you helped give me more information on the CJs, you opened up a new can of worms as now I'm wondering about how true the box art is this time on the 40' container trailer! 🤣 I know the one I bought years ago showed a standard tandem axle assembly on the box where the chassis in the kit has a spread axle assembly that is not commonly seen on container chassis trailers here in the US and I modified it to a US spec trailer, the AMT reissue shows the chassis as it actually is, and the one in Italeri's 2020 announcements is showing a tri-axle chassis.
  22. I noticed a few in the list that definitely are going to be on my watch list for more information on like the Jeep CJ7 Golden Eagle and Renegade in Italeri's listings but with no release dates. As I was going through the pictures, I about had my eyes pop out of my head at the sight of the beautiful twin steer wrecker even though I'm not into European trucks I could have seen it donating the bed for an American rig! That is, until I noticed the sign behind it and seen the R/C on it! 🤬🤬🤬
  23. As much as an Argosy cabover would be interesting to see in kit form, I would much rather see a kit of something like a Freightliner Cascadia or Kenworth W990 or other modern equipment on the roads today than a dated 20 year old cabover. The reissue a few years ago of the Kenworth W925 was one that Round 2 made a new tool for the cab and I believe the hood also. The reason it was thought that kit was never going to see the light of day again was after the last reissue of the Moving On truck in the late 80s, the mold for the cab (and again, I believe also the hood) was basically destroyed to be modified into the Kenworth T600A.
  24. Depending on who you say that to Jonathan, that could get you slapped! 🤣
  25. Here is a link to Ryan's RMT Parts Facebook page Andrew. https://www.facebook.com/rhiino9904/ I've gotten a few parts from Ryan and his work is top notch.
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