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  1. The deterioration of the USPS is by design. The goal is to privatize it eventually. Mr. Dejoy is the point man for this effort.
  2. I watch some of these now and then. The vegetable oil swap was the best. Some folks just don't bother to think much.
  3. Sounds identical to my method, if I ever start building again.
  4. Why not just shoot the clear and polish it? I'd be concerned about putting any paint over a polished part for fear that it would not adhere properly.
  5. Yes, we all suffer loss. That's part of living. I'm so sorry for your loss. Peace.
  6. Go to Harbor Freight and get one of their small vices. Dark green, rubber covered Jaws, small, cheap (less than $15). I've got two and mounted them to 2x6s. They work great!
  7. I love that Toyota. I'll have to get one of those.
  8. Beautifully done. You and Fabio have extraordinary skills.
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