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  1. I tried a cheap one from Harbor Freight. I didn't care for it. YMMV
  2. Welcome, Guy! My wife's family is a trucking family.
  3. Sounds like the advice I needed to go ahead and order some Tamiya compounds. Thanks.
  4. I deal with the same problems. I suggest getting a small vise to hold parts you're working on. This is what I use. I bolted it to a 2 x 6 to provide some heft. https://www.harborfreight.com/2-3-4-quarter-inch-articulated-vacuum-vise-3311.html The articulated head let's you position pieces level to dry after gluing or hand painting. When I do precision work, I use both hands, using my left to steady my right. Getting old has it's challenges.
  5. I've started another discussion to compare Novus and Tamiya polishing compounds.
  6. Another topic briefly discussed Novus and Tamiya polishing compounds. I'd like to hear a discussion of the two and your impressions. I have Novus but have never used Tamiya. The Novus usually requires the use of micro sanding cloths (3200 through 12000) and then the Novus to get a good finish and shine but I have achieved good results. Just a little labor intensive. What are your opinions of the two?
  7. I've got some BSI 5 and 30 minute epoxy and a big ol' bag of microballoons. Think that'll work? I keep running into that problem.
  8. My biggest problem is usually patience. I'll try the masking tape idea. The only problem I've found with the label maker tape is it only works on straight lines.
  9. Thanks, I'll look for them tomorrow. The seam at the bottom of the trunk was super shallow. I slipped a couple of times and buggered it up trying to deepen it.
  10. What do you use to make your paste in? There's always several builds going at the same time. 😀
  11. One issue I see is that you didn't put enough paint on the edges. It's easy to sand through the color coats if you don't.
  12. Has anyone ever done a tutorial on repairing door/trunk seams? I'm building a 40 Ford and got a little careless and heavy handed rescribing the trunk seams. I'm looking for advice on fillers to use and techniques to make the repaired area look like right.
  13. And she was so Tawny with the southern accent. Too much woman for Jerry. đŸĨĩ
  14. I had a decent build going on one of these and the decals were awful. It wound up in the bottom of my stash pile. ☚ī¸
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