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  1. hey awsome builds they come out crystal

  2. they still In business or closed up who owned It?any Ideas?
  3. Hi man all depends on what you wanna do I dont use tamiya primer but I use there paints.you can use all the laquers all the way across the board either way from what I personally have found out.someone out there may of had a reaction on some of the stuff but not me.I myself get the best reults painting outside at 25 degrees. sounds nuts I know but thats what does the best for me.the enclosed willys was painted with high flake silver testors base and tamiya laquer clear blue then cleared with testors laquer systems,car was lightly polished out afterwards It was painted at 25 to 30 degrees my nickname Is (slickpainter).enjoy [
  4. alive and well back to building again

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