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  1. Wow! Beautiful car. That light is pretty cool too.
  2. Thanks guys! This is exactly what I need. I'm really fired up about getting this thing done finally!
  3. This is definately the best grille so far!
  4. Holy ######! That looks like a lot of work. Mark me impressed!
  5. Greg Pugh

    1967 Chevelle

    Very nice! Good to see in such a unique color.
  6. Slick lookin' paint jobs there. Welcome aboard!
  7. So here is everything primed and ready for paint minus my two front wheels and backing plates which I must have used for another project. I'll order those and the paint this next week. Also, I'll be using a Ross Gibson engine for this one.
  8. And then....FINALLY....some current progress pics I took from yesterday and today. Feels good to actually get something done on it!! I couldn't find a dropped solid axle that I liked so I decided to put an idependent front suspension from a '57 Chevy under it. I'm building this truck as a traditional rod so I figured '57 Chevy suspension would be kinda cool. Here you can see where I hacked out the original cross member and where I installed the Chevy cross member with A-arms.
  9. Here you can see what I've done to the frame. I got rid of all of the molded-in "detail". I also shortened the frame up in the rear so I could snug it up a little closer to the truck so to help with lowering it. I think it will look better without a rear bumper anyway. You can also see the bracket I made for the master cylinder. And here you can see where I took out all of the molded-in wood. I left the last portion until I'm done tweaking everything. I figured it would give it a little bit of strength. It will receive a real wood bed.
  10. So yesterday I finally pulled it out and blew the dust off of it and I thought I'd throw up a couple more pics showing where I'm at with this thing. This is the first time I've looked at it in probably at least 3 years.
  11. Here is another couple of old shots. This is sitting on the wheels and tires that it will sit on. If memory serves me correctly, the wheels and tires are from The Modelhaus.
  12. So here are a couple of mock-up shots I took probably 5 years ago or more. You can see where I had to add styrene to the firewall to fix the hood to cowl gap. I also (carefully) shaved/smoothed out the trim and the molding that went down the center of the hood. I wanted to save the louvers. Getting the hood to sit right and close up gaps all around was a real chore.
  13. So here is my arch nemesis! I have a strong love/hate relationship with this pickup. I purchased it in a hobby shop over 10 years ago. It was an opened/half started project that I got for next to nothing. I rushed it home and started almost immediately. Fast forward......Yes, I'm still trying to get it done 10 years later! I was not happy with the detail level of the kit so I'm undoing and redoing everything Monogram did from the factory. This is part of my problem and why it's taking so long. I thought I'd post this up here so I'd be driven enough to finish this darn thing. Please keep me going. I want it done so I can get onto the next "long-lasting, hasn't been touched in years project".
  14. I finally got a chance to take some pics. Hope this helps...
  15. I used a chrome-plated transverse leaf spring to mount the rearend to the frame which was Z'd in the rear. I'll see if I can't take a picture for you.
  16. Thank you! You should definately build one. It was probably the most enjoyable one I've built to date.
  17. I know it It sticks out to me as the one thing that I'd either like to redo or wish I would've done differently. I would like to thin it out and have it plated but I'm afraid that if I go to pull it off at this point that it will pull paint with it. It kinda drives me crazy though 'cuz I'm a bit of a perfectionist.
  18. Thanks for the kind words everyone.
  19. I figured I better post this before everyone is sick of seeing this color. It seems like I'm seeing it everywhere these days. I picked this one up not too long ago in a purchase I made of about 40 kits. This one was an old 2n1 AMT kit from the 70's and all of the parts to make it a hot rod were all gone. Only the parts to make the stock version were still present and a lot of them were missing also. I figured I could throw this one in the parts pile or I could take on a major project and build it. I have never scratch-built anything or taken on a project like this so it was a big challenge but here she is. The body and seat are the only pieces used of the original kit. Everything else is either aftermarket, kit bashed, parts box or scratchbuilt. Scratchbuilt items include the complete frame rails and floorboard (styrene sheet and half of a Bic pen for the transmission tunnel). The frame was Z'ed at the rear and the body was heavily channelled over the frame to get the low look. The seat-bottom was split to allow for the transmission tunnel due to the heavy channelling. The dashboard was extended in length to allow for gauges. I had a blast building this car. Feel free to make comments or ask any questions. Thank you.
  20. The only problem is the vents at the back of the hood. If I could find any easy way to make those, I would do just that and modify the SS hood.
  21. I've searched high and low and was wondering if anyone knew of a resin hood for a '68-'69 Chevelle. Like what the Malibu and base models would have. I've only been able to find the usual SS hood and a large cowl type. Any help would be appreciated.
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