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  1. For those that are interested, the build thread is located here (and I had incorrectly thought it was a '75 when I started the build):
  2. I found a guy on Facebook that was doing these insanely awesome airbrushed murals on model cars. Knowing that I would never be able to achieve these results no matter how good of a painter I thought I might be, but wanting one of these creations in my collection, I reached out to him and he agreed to do one for me. I did all of the body work and had the body in primer when I shipped it off to him in Germany. I gave him full artistic freedom to paint it however he pleased. Opening the box upon it's return, I had no idea what my van would have painted on it. Unbeknownst to me, he had been watching my son's 2018/2019 football season via my Facebook posts. The Seaside Seagulls had an amazing year and made it to the State Championships! Needless to say, I was blown away! So what was to be a mural-painted build for me became a tribute build for my son. After I received the painted body, I did everything else you see here. My son absolutely LOVED it and that is him on the side #5!
  3. Ooo La La!! I love that!!!
  4. I'll bet I looked at 20+ of these vans and never saw any stainless trim around the windshield! Lol. Oh well.
  5. Then it was time to move on to installing the glass. The windshield had tire burn in a couple of spots. I tried my best to polish it out but I wasn't getting the results I wanted. So I tossed it out and made my own using clear acetate. I'm actually happy I went this route as I feel it looks so much better than kit-supplied glass.
  6. There was no stainless trim around the windshield on these vans so I used BMF to mask off the window gasket and then painted it flat black.
  7. I trimmed all of the mounting flange away so that they mounted flush in the opening.
  8. Next up was to deal with the porthole windows. These were designed to mount from the outside just how you see here. There was no way that was going to fly so I went to work.
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