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'68 Impala SS 427


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This is a restoration I did a few years ago. It's an original MPC promo that I got from a forum member. It was complete right down to the wheel covers and red line tires. But, it was missing a chunk out of the right front wheel opening, the windshield was cracked and it had what seemed like a hundred nicks and scratches in it. I first stripped the bumpers and wheel covers. I then opened the grille, smoothed the bumpers and sent them to be rechromed. 

In the interior, I cut the front buckets loose, repaired the floor pan, reshaped the bottom of the seats, added brackets to them to raise them off the floor, flocked and painted it with Model Masters Artesian Turquoise with Bright Aqua accents.

On the body, I just repaired the hole in the wheel opening, fixed all the nicks and scratches and painted it with the same Artesian Turquoise and clear. Then polished it out. Wheels are Pegasus T's. Brakes are resin copies I cast from an unknown kit.

It's still one of my favorite restorations and it gave me a whole new appreciation for the '68 Impala and MPC. What I like best about this old model is that I can remove four screws, swap wheels and tires and totally change the look of it.









Thanx for checking it out! 

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That's a mighty super clean '68! It's also another one I can kick myself into letting go as I had the convertible. To me this looks so much better than what AMT did with their '67. MPC seems to have captured the rear fender shapes much better.

And yes Steve, the '68 should have been a no brainer with their '67 as a base but no...........it never happened. :(

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