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  1. It’s just over a hundred miles from me. Where in Memphis is it held?
  2. Foul smells around here lately has been skunks 🦨..
  3. We always lose them in threes. Wonder who’s next?
  4. I can’t speak for anyone else but I have never been able to go back and repai on the body after a small period of time. I just never had any luck Lacquer or enamel. Sorry about your bad luck John.
  5. Very nice touch with the photo etch letters, I hope you when something sir!
  6. Amen too that, great guys just like a brother!
  7. Looks great Joe, always clean work and very detailed …
  8. Looks very nice Bill, looking forward too seeing more!
  9. Real nice interior color. Nice smooth paint finish on the body John.
  10. Like a light Breakfast everyday…
  11. I hate to hear that I like a few of their songs. I did not know they were Canadian..
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