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  1. Holy Moley! Has it really been since June!?? Well, I needed a break from my Ranchero build so I rotated this one up. 

    First things first, I had to scratch build this guy. 


    I cut and sanded some sprue to get the desired shape


    I added a small piece of sheet styrene


    Then it was cut off and painted. I found a similar decal in my stash and added that. I also painted and added the compression fittings and plumbed it with braided fuel line.



  2. I then added the first round (of many) of putty and sanding to rough it in a bit. Using .040" sheet styrene, I scratched out a roll pan for the rear. Once I had it securely put in place, I cut a center section out for a license plate. The previous builder built the car with a custom rear bumper from a '61 Thunderbird so what I did was I cut the molded license plate recess from that bumper and then added it to my roll pan. It's finally starting to look like something!


    IMG 2108-vi



  3. So I've been all over the map in trying to decide what to do to the rear of the car i.e; what tail lights to use, etc. I thought I pretty much had it figured out when randomly, I opened the wrong drawer to my parts cabinet and low-and-behold, my answer was staring me in the face. So I pulled out this piece and decided it was my answer but I had no idea what it went to or where it came from. Then, a friend of mine told me that it was a custom piece from a '61 Ford Galaxie. It then dawned on me that I had a '61 Galaxie promo with a warped and busted up body that I bought for parts for a '61 Starliner I have. Beings that the body was trashed anyways, I had no problems with cutting it up. And I went to work...









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