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  1. Very nice work.  Perhaps something could be done where the lower front fender meets the nose.  It looks rather abrupt - how about rolling it into the front pan? maybe a filler piece...

    That was always the plan. I had only had a chance to hang the front end on and rough it in in the earlier pics. I spent some time yesterday finishing it up a bit. Still some work to do but it looks so much better now.



  2. The original wheels and tires were too far gone, so in keeping with the original builders vision, I went back with chrome reverse wheels and thin whites, courtesy of Pegasus. I didn't have to do much to get the ride height dialed in as it was already set up "just right". I just had to make sure all four tires were on the ground this time around. 


  3. I know this isn't that exciting but I've been so busy lately, that any progress is exciting to me! I was able to get the interior tub, the tonneau cover, and the chassis plate painted yesterday. I'm hoping to have some more spare time in the next few months so I can get back going on this. 

    IMG 4528

  4. Ya know John, I think this is why I love your work so much. We think a lot alike. Lol. I was staring at the car and the roof scoop quite a bit yesterday and I had this same thought. I think it would make a huge difference to lower it's height. I think it would flow better. Great idea!

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