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  1. Well, this is what I came up with. I think it cleans it up quite nicely.

    IMG 2665

    I was able to remove the custom top from the roof by working it very carefully as to not to do any damage to the roof itself. It will require some filler to fix the pitting caused by the glue that was used but it went pretty good. 

    IMG 2666

    I removed the upholstered panels from the rear-facing scoop and I will end up just attaching the scoop as seen by itself.

    IMG 2667

    IMG 2669

    IMG 2670

  2. John, I'm going to use it but I'm going to have to go through quite a bit to do so. Admittedly, I really like it. But it doesn't fit worth a darn. And it's really glued down! Lol.

    So, I'm going to have to carefully grind it off using my dremel. Then I'll use the one from the newer kit but I'll work it over so that it snugs down nice and tight. I will be painting the whole roof white and on the Klingon, I'll paint the center section a gloss white and the upholstered part will be done in a flat white.

    Although, another idea I have is to just use the center section and graft it onto the roof, leaving out the upholstered wings. Mmmmmm....

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