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  1. I'm finding that in resto/refurb work, I'm often trying to honor the OB's vision, at least insofar as it doesn't completely disagree with my own. Drive on!

    Exactly! The original builder had some good ideas but lacked a little bit in execution. Lol

    You're a brave man, Greg! I'm sure you'll make it look killer.


    I sure hope so!

    Right you are Rich!!  Ol' Greg's at it again!!


    I can't believe how nicely that thing cleaned up!  Great workmanship on the rebuild.


    Thank you so much!

  2. Wow! Thank you for putting it that way! It's very flattering! If you look at the first couple of pictures after the car was stripped, you can see some blue paint on the roof. The layers of paint went: black, silver, blue, then black again. I believe the black to be primer, the silver the base, and blue must've been the desired color. When that didn't work out, the blue was then primed over again in black. Judging by the cracking in the black, I would guess that the primer was too hot for the blue and crazed which most likely ended up killing the progress of this car. Sorry to go all CSI on you but in keeping with the original builder's vision, I will be painting the car blue.

    IMG 2217

  3. I made several attempts to match the paint color using Testors paints and I got pretty darn close (so much so that I painted it) but it was only that close under fluorescent lighting and not under regular lighting. UGH! So I stripped it back down. I saw another '65 Satellite being built on here and it was painted with Duplicolor primer and Duplicolor color and he had no issues. I have NO idea why I've had so many problems but it pushed me to try it ONE more time. It didn't craze this time but I ended up getting a pretty rough surface. I figured I would throw some clear on the hood and see what I had and so far, it's looking like it should work. I'm thinking that I'll be able to knock down the roughness and smooth out the clear top coats with wet sanding and I should be in good shape. Hopefully. Lol. Anyways, I'm applying BMF and decals and then I'll be hitting the body too. Wish me luck!

    IMG 2171

  4. This is how the taillights/rear bumper rested against the body where it was originally glued and then the original builder went crazy with the putty. I wanted to pull them closer into the body.

    IMG 2180

    And by grinding away at the backside, I was able to do just that.

    IMG 2184

    Just like the front, the rear will need to be narrowed to fit the body as well. So this is going to be my method. I will shorten it from the ends rather than section it in the center. More to come. Stay tuned...

    IMG 2183

  5. I think I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do out back so I moved back there. First, I started by smoothing out the tailgate and shaved it of it's emblems and the hinges. I also filled the gaps on the sides of the tailgate as it will be "welded shut". There were a couple of sink marks where the locating studs are to screw the body to the chassis plate. The black marks were to remind me where to put filler to fill those in. 

    IMG 2179

    IMG 2185

  6. That Ranchero was so ugly that it deserves to be restored!  :P

    I'm amazed that it came up that clean.  I'm always afraid of exactly what the putty may have been since early modelers used all kinds of interesting stuff. The last one I redid, I didn't dare soak it because I detected different materials, and even something that was still putty like on the underside of the rear area.

    Yeah, I was shocked!

  7. Thats going to be a fun Kustom when you are done.

    So how many projects do you have on your bench right now? Or do they not count if you put them in a display case?

    I've got 6 going and that's an all time high for me. I'm getting pretty close on a couple of them though and this one popped up out of nowhere. Lol

    Greg, I love these old Falcons. Yours is going to be pretty unique with those custom parts.  I'm looking forward to seeing the build up on this one. 

    Thank you!

  8. The front grille piece is from AMT's '57 Chevy and the rear piece is from a '61 Thunderbird I believe. They're both wider than the Ranchero body by a good 1/4" on each side if that gives you any idea how much putty they used! They completely smoothed the sides out to where I didn't see any of the coves on the sides, door handles, scripts...nothing! There must've been a good quarter of a cup of mud-like putty at the bottom of my container when I pulled this poor thing out!

    In this picture, you can see how the front grille/bumper was married to the car. The sides protrude out from the fender. That's not going to work.

    IMG 2111

    IMG 2112


  9. Well, I must be a glutton for punishment!

    I happened upon this poor '61 Ranchero in a recent vintage kit score I purchased. I took it to last Sunday's club meeting because I thought it was cool to see somebody's unfinished custom from back in the 60's, but I also wanted to offer it up to anyone in the club that wanted to take on the challenge of finishing this bad boy up! No one stepped up. And I can't blame them! Lmao!

    I was literally walking it to the trash can the next morning when the voice in my head ...said "Oh heck..."

    So in the tank it went and I'll be danged if it didn't clean up pretty good! The plan is to follow the original builder's vision but to do it up right this time and add a couple of things here and there. I'll post pictures as I bump along.

    Here are a couple before and afters:

    IMG 2058

    IMG 2105

    IMG 2059

    IMG 2108

    IMG 2064

    IMG 2109


  10. I's looking good, Greg! Pretty sure this will be better than the first one. ^_^

    I sure hope so! Lol

    Hi Greg......was great hanging out with you at GSL this year......you got 2 years to get this build ready for GSL 2019.......looking good so far


    I had a blast with you guys! Looking forward to doing it again! Thank you!

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