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  1. Thanks gents. I should have known to look ahead. I'm usually in the car section and have a better idea what's going on over there.
  2. I'm planning on converting my `66 Suburban into a `60 4X4 and that's going to involve cutting off the front end to install the correct wraparound windshield. My question is where would you cut? I'm thinking right down the middle of the front doors. Any easy tips on lifting and 4WD conversion tips MUCH appreciated too. Thanks.
  3. Yeah. The IDx would have been a stand-alone front engine/rear drive platform so deep down I grudgingly understand why they won't do it in today's market. Still...wouldn't it be great if people started buying cars designed just for the sake of enjoying them? Personally, I'm getting sick of the idea of purchasing a car just because it's a practical necessity and I'll always root for anyone who buys something different like a new Pony car. Automakers have designed enough CRV and Camry-esk type cars to thrill the walking dead market. For a change, build something exciting for people with a heartbeat.
  4. There are two current concept cars which aren't going to be manufactured...an absolute heartbreaker for those of us who love cars that just plain stand apart from the rest of the boring, uninspired new junk. I would love to see these two done in kit form given that I can't have the 1:1. -Ford Torino Shelby GT -Datsun 510 concept (Nissan IDx)
  5. That's great to hear! Always loved your pre-wired distributors. I'll get back to you soon.
  6. Took me a few years to find a cheap "Star Truk" to build but when I got it I found that the grille was for a `76 F Series despite the box art. Is there anyone out there who makes a decent `73-`75 grille? I would love to build my old High School ride.
  7. Awesome! The plan is to take salvageable parts from an old paint/glue-bombed and impossibly unstrippable Open Road Camper kit and 4X4 it to the rest of the new kit. Might give it a two inch lift or so. Nothing wild but hopefully super-snazzy in the end.
  8. I'd like to convert my AMT Chevy Rescue van to four wheel drive. Anyone make a conversion kit for this?? Tia
  9. I'm sorry Christian. I had a rotten weekend and I misinterpretted your post. I really should be above such moments especally when it comes to a hobby board and for that I sincerely apologize to you and the board. To answer your question, my facts are a little out of date. Here in the States, the only real publication there was for Land Rovers was a magazine called Land Rover Enthusiests which I understand doesn't exist anymore. The focus of the magazine was geared more towards people who own Series I's, II's, III's, lightweights and 101's and weren't as particular to how they power an old Rover as long as it's on the move. Every issue they would find some old gem which was all origional but again the majority of articles seemed to be more interested with thier interchangability so my knowledge on factory specs. is spotty at best.
  10. Well Christian, please forgive me for being mistaken about the Diesel engine and the triple-core radiator. Obviously, I'm not an expert when it comes to Land Rovers and I should keep my enthusiasm to myself unless I'm absolutely certain of what I'm talking about. In the future I'll be much more careful about what I post.
  11. That kit is one that I've been trying to get my hands on for years now. They go for a premium so I guess I should just bite the bullet and buy one despite the high cost. What kind of engine does it have? Would you mind posting pics of it? If I remember correctly, they came with four different engines. A gas in-line 4 or 6 cyl. and diesel-powered 4 and 6 cyl. engines. All of which were very underpowered by today's standards. Some even came from the factory with three (yep, three) radiators for desert and/or MOD work.
  12. If you're looking for a resin kit of one of those, there's one which usually pops up on Ebay every once in a while. I'm almost certain it's made by R&R Resin and/or username, "miteymouse". I've always hoped someone would mold a `59-`61 myself.
  13. I had an impossible time stripping this one old built kit I bought on-line. Whoever built the kit painted over the origional paint job and then later primered OVER that for whatever reason. After going through my entire arsenal of strippers without luck, I finally found a way to do it although it's very time consuming and messy. -I would soak the body in brake fluid for several hours. -Take it out, clean it with dish soap, let it dry. -The paint would then crack and chip and I would take a wet toothbrush to it getting as much of the loose paint that I could. -Then, I would repeat the process several times until there was enough gone to spot-sand the rest off. Never thought the body would survive such an onslaught but even though this particular project is stalled at the moment, it's finally ready to be built right.
  14. I built up one of the Duesenbergs and aside from not being able to fit the floorboards in (they're omitted on the box art too), I was very pleased with the quality of the kit. Also, the directions are something one would wish the industry would make a standard of. They come with actual in-build photograghs and also include detailed painting instructions; something almost unheard of when the kit was molded. I've had very good luck buying some on the cheap because the demand for them isn't as high as other vintage kits. That could change though so if you have the interest you should grab them now.
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