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  1. Really enjoying your build, will have get mine off the shelf one of these days. Chuck
  2. Thanks alot for the info and link. It will help alot!!! Cheers Chuck
  3. Live long and Build them ALL!!!

  4. Airbrushing does take a learning curve. I teach classes at my local Hobby shop and the #1 problem that I see when it comes to painting with the AB is that the paint is not thinned properly. I started long ago with using a AB and thought that I was never going to use my airbrush again after the first couple of times but with more experience it came easier and my avatar is a good example of what I am able to do now. Just Dont Give UP!!! Cheers Chuck
  5. Hi all Had good luck getting help with my last question decided to try again What is the designation/name for a rail like this? Hope to build it up in model form and wanted to find addition reference on rails like this. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks Chuck
  6. Thanks so much to everyone, I knew there would be many helpful modelers out there!! Chuck
  7. A friend just emailed me and wanted to know the car kit that was a covered wagon...I thought at first it was the Chuck Wagon but that is not right. Any help is greatly appriciated Cheers Chuck
  8. Great models! Keep up the good work.


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