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  1. You're welcome; the L20 would be the easiest choice since I'm not aware of any kits that used the other engines.
  2. No such luck; there were 3 or 4 different 4 cyl's used during that time. The 70's trucks had an L20 similar to what was used in the 510; early to mid 80's used a NAPS-Z 4 cyl followed by the KA24E that was also used in the early 240SX.
  3. Excellent work so far: I'm looking forward to seeing it finished!
  4. Awesome builds, looking forward to seeing the finished product!
  5. My dad had a 1:1 '59 El Camino - yours looks a lot nicer than his did!
  6. I got wood; picked up some shelving and other hardware that will lead to a better work area for building. Also made some progress on the plumbing for the airbrush.
  7. Mike B

    Shelby Cobra

    Nailed it indeed; awesome build.
  8. No problem voting; there was a whole bunch of stuff I'd like to see, and I voted for a few oddballs simply because it would be awesome to have them available.
  9. I know! I spent waay too much time going 'Oooh, shiny!'. Good thing I can get away with stuff like that at work The irony is that while I had load ideas floating around in the back of my mind, at that moment I was looking for diesel engine detailing ideas. Google works in mysterious ways.....
  10. Ran across these guys today; not inexpensive, but in scale and a good variety. http://www.3000toys.com/catalog/products.asp?TYPE=CONSTRUCTION&ORDER=M&SCALE=1/25&setup=
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