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  1. stupiddog added a post in a topic How many kits do you have in your stash?   

    In the mid 90's I decided to count my kits and inventory them. My wife helped me by documenting the kits on paper. I found out at that time that I had over 500 kits. That is a lot for some guys and not very many at all according to others. I felt that it is a lot and I could never finish building them all in my lifetime. However, this did not deter my kit purchasing what so ever. It did however curtail my counting of said kits.
    I do not know how many kits are in my stash. I do not want to know ( it might scare me). I do know this: I can buy model kits a whole lot faster than I can build them.
  2. stupiddog added a post in a topic Bench Time = Therapy   

    Bench time=therapy. Yes for sure. All I have to do is enter my hobby room and sit in my chair. I don't need to work on anything. If I just sit there and look around at all my stuff,I fade into a state of relaxation that I can find no where else.Just sitting there puts my mind at ease and soothes my body. If I turn on the stereo and open a beer, I advance into uphoria. This all happens before I even open a kit box.This hobby does not have this effect on everyone but it does to me.I love this hobby as it helps me cope with the rigors of the real (messed up) world.I can not imagine not having this hobby in my life.