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  1. This model originally came from Supercar Collectibles. However, there's was the injected version which only raced one time and I wanted the more common blown version. This is my modified version.
  2. This is probably one of the most difficult modifications I've ever done but stands as my favorite.
  3. Thanks for the compliment. Fuel tanks were removed and replaced with moon tanks. In most cases, the tanks were in the trunk area.
  4. Looking good however, I hope you don't mind some constructive advice. If your intention is to make it more accurate to the original AWB Mopars, the wheelwell isn't moved forward enough. It should be much closer to the door.
  5. This is extraordinary! I love what you're doing with this build! Really good stuff.
  6. For many years, I've always wanted a 1965 altered wheelbase Mopar. When they first emerged in 1965, they were so radical that the drag racing community was just universally enthralled with their match racing mission and their very odd look! In '65, as a 14 year old I modified and built an AWB funny car from the Ramchargers AMT kit. However, as an adult, and primarily a 1:18 diecast collector, I wanted want in my favorite scale of 1:18. For years, I've written various diecast makers trying to convince them to build an AWB car. Every time I mailed a request, the response was always a politely worded "not in our plans in the foreseeable future." Since none were coming, I decided to build my own in 1:18 scale. I began with a '65 Plymouth made by Highway 61/Supercar Collectibles. Here's the interesting part and a true story! While the paint was drying on this model, (literally, not figuratively) Supercar Collectibles announced they were coming out with a line of AWB Plymouths including the Butch Leal car! After years of wanting one of these models, a manufacturer finally stepped up and decided to build these remarkable cars!
  7. Thanks for the compliments. However, to be fair I think you're giving me a bit more credit than is due. It's important to understand that my Yankee Peddler was made from the basic Dave Strickler AWB Dodge. So the AWB treatment, interior, and engine compartment are standard from the original car and received zero modification from my efforts. My work was making the sedan from a hardtop, paint, decals, headlamps, and fuel tank. I do have some AWB cars that I've done like the Butch Leal car. I'm posting that today. BTW, the original Dave Strickler model was produced by Supercar Collectibles at supercar1.com. They recently announced they are producing the Yankee Peddler model and are taking pre-orders.
  8. Yes, I did do that model. I'll post it sometime in the future.
  9. The roof came from the GMP '67 Ford Fairlane. The Stage 1 Logghe chassis was modified from the Stage 3 Logghe from the Arnie Beswick funny car. http://s535.photobucket.com/user/marlowemar/library/Comet Project?sort=6&page=1
  10. I'm betting many of you have seen my custom modification work on other sites. However, today I just got reintroduced to this site and I haven't posted here in years! At any rate, here's one of my builds. It started as a 1966 Comet convertible.
  11. This model was created using an existing AWB model produced by Supercar Collectibles (supercar1.com). I used their existing Dave Strickler model, removed the roof, and added a roof from a 1965 Plymouth sedan. I made the decals using Photoshop. Now, my model is unique but won't be for very long. Recently, Supercar Collectibles announced they are producing the model in 1:18 scale and they're taking pre-orders.
  12. I haven't posted here in years. A friend encourage me to check out this site only to discover that I was already a member. I love building mid '60s funny cars but in 1:18 scale diecast. 1:18 Scale is my favorite so all of my work is in that scale. I hope you like this model and others I will post too. The model started as the first photo and then I modified it to create the Dyno Don Comet. It is the only version done in 1:18 scale.
  13. The engine looks great. Your project is progressing nicely.
  14. Truly remarkable! The car looks fast and it isn't even moving!
  15. Dick Landy was one of my favorite drivers. Any chance you can post more pics of your AWB Landy Dodge?
  16. I simply lack the words to describe my total awe of your build. Simply amazing!
  17. Stunning! This is magnificient and an incredible build! I'm looking foward to seeing more photos.
  18. I may be just a tad late to the party, and perhaps someone else might have mentioned it, but the Tommy Grove '69 'Stang had a Logghe chassis with a Ford SOHC motor. The '71 is looking great! I'll be most interested to see it after it's finished. It's gonna be great!
  19. I always wanted a Mazmanian Willys. A 1:18 scale company, Precision Minatures produced one. I always intended to buy their model to add to my collection but they went out of business without my purchasing. I checked on eBay to buy one but they were selling for over $200. I had an old Willys that I never really liked so I decided to build my own. Here's the before and after pics. It's 1:18 scale and diecast.
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