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  1. Thanks guys for your response. Curt's wheels look great. Flat spokes (PE) are not super realistic. The kit wheels are not even a possibility to me. I've thought about using guitar strings before.
  2. Has anybody ever started making aftermarket PE wire wheels for dragsters yet? I've been out of the loop for a while. Thanks
  3. Thanks for that Muncie. I'll have a look at these.
  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I had built a couple of AWB cars before. But they were earlier Dodges (one not finished) and of course the Chevy II that was an AWB kit (Rat Packer I think?). But something told me in 1966 things were more complicated than just hacking up a stock chassis as the above comments demonstrate. I was thinking of something like Don Gay's 66 GTO. Which I don't think is a flip top. Something more like the above Doug Thorley Chevy II is what I pictured. Does anybody know what would be a typical frame for one of these? Anybody know of a similar build thread? An
  5. Hey everyone. I had started an altered wheel base 66 GTO a while ago and just recently broke the box out again. I'm not sure how the chassis would typically be built for this. I didn't want to make a flip up body or anything like that. I like the thoughts of a mostly steel body. I was wondering if the whole frame would have been rebuilt with square tube and a new floor constructed or if they would have maybe rebuilt the front and back end working around the factory chassis/ floor pan? Thanks
  6. I've watched Rik build these highly detailed models for years now. I'm really glad to watch him do an old school drag car. I hope the Tudor above is his next project. Altered cars are so much fun.
  7. I hope this works. I haven't posted anything for ages. Truck Tractor/Yard Mule Armoured Car
  8. This is looking very good. I am a sucker for steelies myself.
  9. Thanks guys. It sounds like somebody may could sell a few handfuls of these if they made them. I have thought about replacing the kit spokes with fine guitar wire. Maybe I should try that.
  10. Thanks for your input guys. I see what you mean, I should refer to it as a box trailer. I made a mistake. It was this Peterbilt that we got him. And this is the trailer I was talking about. It sounds far from perfect but may do the job.
  11. Hey guys. I was wondering who is making a good set of aftermarket 1/25 wire wheels for the front of a dragster? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hey guys. Last year we got my grown up step son a Revel 1/25 Freightliner truck for Christmas. To our surprise he actually built it. So this year he wants a container trailer to go with it. I see Moebius has a very nice 53' trailer. But it is also very expensive. I see AMT makes one but the reviews do not sound great. Do-able but not great. Can anyone suggest other possible options? Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. Oh ya, I should have mentioned. I only use lacquer rattle cans. Tamiya and Duplicolor work well. I don't have a lot of luck with enamel. I find lacquer paint dries quickly so is better suited to the outdoor scenario we are talking about.
  14. Where I live here in Canada we usually get the odd warmer day. You can hold off until such a day occurs. Another idea that may help is to shoot paint one layer at a time which I believe is a good idea anyway. After a good primer coat do a thin layer barely covering the body. Bring it inside and let it dry. If it needs a sanding do so, wash and repeat. If you do it in 3-4 goes you can catch mistakes before the final coat. If you have enough paint on after your final coat and still have a blemish, you'll have a good enough coat to do a light sanding without cutting down to the plastic.
  15. Thanks guys for the comments. Thanks 6bblbird for your knowledge I know was gained form years of experience being around a drag track. I think I'll go with what I have, call it a mid 60s gasser that may have been lucky enough to squeeze the frame through an AHRA event (or something like that). I kind of made a goof with that frame. I do make Altered builds sometimes so maybe I got confused. I suppose this car could be thrown into an Altered class at an NHRA event, where it probably would not be very competitive. But then again with it's weight it would have been in a lower class anyway. I kn
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